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All Products

Product Name Model Price  
1 ADRIAN bakelite earth and crescent moon dangle brooch B64032 $395.00
2 ADRIAN rare bakelite carousel brooch in red, butterscotch, green and dark brown OOAK $498.00
3 ADRIAN rare bakelite earth and crescent moon dangle brooch in dark green and butterscotch 64032 $398.00
4 ALEXIS BITTAR brown carved and frosted four-sided Lucite bangle 66760 $58.00
5 ALEXIS BITTAR carved and frosted gray Lucite bangle with metallic studs 66765 $68.00
6 ALEXIS BITTAR carved and frosted Lucite bangle in frosty white 66761 $68.00
7 ALEXIS BITTAR carved and frosted Lucite bangle in gray and teal blue 66763 $68.00
8 ALEXIS BITTAR carved and frosted Lucite spacer bangle in aqua green 66757 $32.00
9 ALEXIS BITTAR carved and frosted Lucite spacer bangle in frosted white 66756 $32.00
10 ALEXIS BITTAR frosted Lucite spacer bangle in a beautiful green 66755 $32.00
11 ALEXIS BITTAR frosted Lucite spacer bangle in lemon yellow 66754 $32.00
12 ALEXIS BITTAR luminous gold tone Lucite c-cuff with aqua accents X66728 $138.00
13 ALEXIS BITTAR soft golden caramel carved frosted four-sided Lucite bangle 66759 $48.00
14 ALFREDO VILLASANA Mexico sterling swan brooch blue N39464 $58.00
15 ALICE CAVINESS necklace and earrings with lavender rhinestones X40080 $268.00
16 ALICE CAVINESS purple & pearl earrings C10139 $32.00
17 AMBER earrings set in sterling silver 41929 $98.00
18 AMBER necklace set in sterling silver with sun spangles inside the amber 41927 $228.00
19 AMBER pendant necklace set in sterling silver 41928 $138.00
20 AMITY leather Arts & Crafts purse with unusual berries and flowers design 26647 $238.00
21 AMOURELLE black glass beads necklace & earrings by Frank Hess X39282 $138.00
22 AMOURELLE brooch with orange glass beads, green enameled leaves X35271 $238.00
23 AMOURELLE by Frank Hess very rare convertible necklace/brooch and earrings set with glass pearls, clear rhinestones and gold tone chains, rare 1960s 37437 $898.00
24 AMOURELLE glass pearls, clear rhinestones convertible set, very rare X37437 $898.00
25 AMOURELLE large flower brooch in honey and cabochons, 1960s X23034 $248.00
26 ANTHONY by Antonio Aquilino gold washed sterling silver fish brooch in gold wash with clear rhinestones 41702 $338.00
27 ANTHONY by Antonio Aquilino sterling vermeil fish brooch with clear rhinestones 41701 $338.00
28 ANTHONY PINEDA Mexico sterling and amethyst cabochon pea pod brooch N37221 $458.00
29 ANTIQUE basket brooch with colorful rhinestones, pressed glass leaves and tiny enameled flowers 41822 $138.00
30 AQUA pierced swirl design brooch with a beautifully faceted square aqua rhinestone center 42198 $168.00
31 ART Arthur Pepper snake bracelet with blue and black enamel work over a gold plated finish and with red rhinestone eyes 42376 $128.00
32 ART Christmas tree brooch with clear rhinestone candles X66380 $115.00
33 ART Christmas tree brooch with kidney bean shaped openings X66378 $26.00
34 ART DECO style sterling black onyx, green and marcasite brooch Q38778 $398.00
35 ART NOUVEAU set of two miniature sterling silver oyster pins, each with a woman’s face and a raised silver “pearl” in it 42258 $28.00
36 ART NOUVEAU Victorian MISTLETOE embossed mirror silver plated slide-open mirror 41226 $198.00
37 ART pendant with brilliant colorful aurora borealis and rhinestones 38988 $158.00
38 ARTS & CRAFTS leather purse with Jemco frame P34526 $150.00
39 ARTS & CRAFTS hand made leather purse with a wonderful rose design c 1920 P39831 $98.00
40 ARTS & Crafts leather purse, 1930 P28102 $138.00
41 ARTS & CRAFTS Meeker “Madge Bellamy” purse 1920 P37222 $238.00
42 ARTS & CRAFTS Meeker hand made leather wallet P39833 $20.00
43 ATTRUIA Christmas tree brooch in pastel blue aurora X66160 $58.00
44 ATTRUIA Christmas tree brooch with blue aurora borealis rhinestones 64747 $58.00
45 ATTRUIA Christmas tree brooch with brilliant aqua aurora borealis rhinestones X66163 $58.00
46 ATTRUIA Christmas tree brooch with chartreuse X66161 $58.00
47 ATTRUIA Christmas tree brooch with pastel blue rhinestones 65773 $58.00
48 ATTRUIA Christmas tree brooch with red and green X65724 $88.00
49 AURORA BOREALIS brilliant rhinestone bib necklace and earrings Y39391 $88.00
50 AURORA borealis brooch with paisley shaped rivoli in red and pink rhinestones 41783 $88.00
51 AUSTRIA enameled pendant with enameling, marcasites, beads Q39287 $498.00
52 AUSTRIA luminous blue rhinestones necklace with blue cabochons X39665 $298.00
53 AUSTRIA Schoffel blue rhinestones and aurora borealis necklace X39689 $328.00
54 AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN antique saber or sword brooch with turquoise and garnets and an animal claw 42038 $448.00
55 AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN antique sword in a sheath brooch with beautiful garnet colored glass stone 42040 $368.00
56 AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN brooch with lovely enamel work in white, aqua and rose and aqua glass beads 42117 $398.00
57 AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN citrine bracelet with lovely faceted oval citrines in a heavily gold plated silver filigree setting 42299 $338.00
58 AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN earrings with long oval agate centers accented by turquoises and set in 850 silver with 10k ear wires 42050 $298.00
59 AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN earrings with lovely enamel work in white, aqua and rose and aqua colored glass beads, purple rhinestones $398.00
60 AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN genuine AMETHYST Renaissance inspired necklace with mother-of-pearl accents in a gold plated silver setting 42298 $698.00
61 AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN locket red paste, turquoise & pearl front Q38355 $238.00
62 AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN pendant necklace with green garnet doublettes and natural pearls – BENJAMIN SEE NOTE! 42119 $398.00
63 AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN Renaissance inspired rich blue rhinestone necklace with a combination of both natural seed pearls and glass pearls 42297 $390.00
64 AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN Renaissance inspired turquoise and garnets earrings in an 800/1000 silver setting 42296 $228.00
65 AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN Renaissance Revival antique heart shaped garnets and seed pearls brooch 42041 $298.00
66 AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN Renaissance Revival cross pendant necklace of purple stones, a shell center, and a chain with alternating pearls and faceted purple glass beads 42048 $498.00
67 AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN Renaissance Revival garnet cross pendant necklace with natural pearls 42121 $298.00
68 AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN Revival earrings with green center rhinestones and enamel work 42123 $32.00
69 AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN small round brooch, delicate white and aqua enamel work, red stones and natural pearls 42120 $138.00
70 AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN spectacular natural AMETHYST necklace with alternating green emeralds, all but one green rhinestone replacement, accented by black and white enameling 42118 $1,298.00
71 AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN St. George and the Dragon necklace and pin combination with a smooth oval agate center with turquoise, pink stones and enameling 42046 $398.00
72 AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN Victorian antique brooch with garnets, turquoise, 1867-1872 42042 $338.00
73 AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN Vienna Victorian antique Renaissance Revival necklace of oval shaped links, enamel work and turquoise 42047 $498.00
74 AXT marked sterling mechanical pencil V27921 $88.00
75 BAKEITE earrings with three laminated layers of color B66687 $32.00
76 BAKELITE “PD Designs” russet red rope twist carved bangle 40407 $148.00
77 BAKELITE 3-row laminated bangle citrus orange & lemon yellow swirl B64843 $138.00
78 BAKELITE 3-row laminated bangle marbled citrus orange & red B66252 $88.00
79 BAKELITE 4-row laminated bangle in red, black, deep green and butterscotch 65483 $138.00
80 BAKELITE amazing purple pineapple and leaves carved bangle, circa 1940 B35250 $258.00
81 BAKELITE amazingly marbled blue thumb carved bangle, 1940s 40223 $238.00
82 BAKELITE and Lucite black and clear hat brooch B65366 $148.00
83 BAKELITE and wood laminated bangle B63985 $68.00
84 BAKELITE and wood Navy sailor brooch, hanging the wash 13642 $250.00
85 BAKELITE apple juice & red reverse carved pansy set, 1940 B32507 $998.00
86 BAKELITE apple juice and black bow dress clips B65367 $98.00
87 BAKELITE apple juice and butter yellow stretchy bracelet, 1940 B36706 $895.00
88 BAKELITE apple juice and tortoise colored carved wedge necklace B62938 $248.00
89 BAKELITE apple juice carved bangle with carved slashes and eyes 40973 $228.00
90 BAKELITE apple juice chunky bangle with reverse carved B63337 $398.00
91 BAKELITE apple juice chunky reverse carved brooch B16811 $85.00
92 BAKELITE apple juice colored pumpkin bar brooch B65368 $98.00
93 BAKELITE apple juice dress clip with colorful red, green, blue and yellow rhinestones 12680 $98.00
94 BAKELITE apple juice pebble or cobble stone bangle 40686 $348.00
95 BAKELITE apple juice reverse carved bouquet brooch B34042 $228.00
96 BAKELITE apple juice reverse carved brooch B32602 $150.00
97 BAKELITE apple juice reverse carved clips B32603 $150.00
98 BAKELITE apple juice reverse carved stretchy bracelet, 1940 B32505 $798.00
99 BAKELITE apple juice rope carved bangle, a great mixer with other bangle too 40760 $348.00
100 BAKELITE apple juice stretchy bracelet with reverse carved and painted floral front 32504 $998.00
101 BAKELITE apple juice vine reverse carved bangle 40734 $118.00
102 BAKELITE apple juice wide domed bar brooch B63099 $78.00
103 BAKELITE apple juice wonderfully wave carved bangle 36223 $398.00
104 BAKELITE apple juice, red reverse carved clips, set of 2 B36590 $168.00
105 BAKELITE apple juice, red reverse carved flowers bracelet, genuine 1940s made B34565 $798.00
106 BAKELITE apple red gouge carved bangle B35264 $78.00
107 BAKELITE apple red rope carved bangle 40474 $238.00
108 BAKELITE apple red simple bangle B40273 $30.00
109 BAKELITE apple red swirl carved bangle B65805 $148.00
110 BAKELITE apricot translucent clamper bangle with wonderful swirl and slash carving 13692 $348.00
111 BAKELITE banana yellow chunky bangle with painted carving B33367 $128.00
112 BAKELITE bangle citrus orange with cream marbling, deeper orange accenting the line carving 40697 $138.00
113 BAKELITE bangle in a dull honey color carved with waves and criss cross designs 24295 $298.00
114 BAKELITE bangle in a lovely citrus orange carved pineapple and waves criss cross design 33316 $298.00
115 BAKELITE bangle in citrus orange cut back to butterscotch in finely carved slash lines 40475 $248.00
116 BAKELITE bangle in citrus orange with cream marbling, overdyed deeper red-orange accents line carving 40698 $138.00
117 BAKELITE bangle in corn color with alternating carved triangles 40767 $238.00
118 BAKELITE bangle in deep burgundy color cut to red, Diane von Furstenberg style 41793 $238.00
119 BAKELITE bangle in deep red, well carved, circa 1940 B39933 $198.00
120 BAKELITE bangle in delicious red and well carved B39932 $188.00
121 BAKELITE bangle in eggplant purple cut back to butterscotch in finely carved slash lines 40543 $338.00
122 BAKELITE bangle in marbled caramel and paprika, fully rope carved all the way around 40372 $138.00
123 BAKELITE bangle in marbled olive and paprika red, partially rope carved 40373 $128.00
124 BAKELITE bangle in marbled paprika with alternating carved triangles 40766 $168.00
125 BAKELITE bangle in marbled swamp and Vaseline colors B66671 $28.00
126 BAKELITE bangle in Mississippi mud with rope slash carving B31986 $118.00
127 BAKELITE bangle in opaque butterscotch carved flowers, leaves and texture B33623 $268.00
128 BAKELITE bangle in peanut butter tan with alternating triangle carving 40768 $168.00
129 BAKELITE bangle in slightly translucent green with wonderful deep thumbprint or spoon and slash carving 41720 $228.00
130 BAKELITE bangle in spinach green with flower and vine carving and black over-dye 41723 $128.00
131 BAKELITE bangle in sunrise and pineapple color carved with waves and criss-cross designs 36649 $298.00
132 BAKELITE bangle in transparent apple juice over dyed in red, wonderful cross hatched and diagonal carving 35438 $528.00
133 BAKELITE bangle in transparent raspberry with lovely carving of thumbprints and swirls 40342 $398.00
134 BAKELITE bangle in yummy milk chocolate brown with leaf carving 40429 $348.00
135 BAKELITE bangle olive greenish brown with swirls & cross hatch motif carving B39937 $88.00
136 BAKELITE bangle with a transparent green dye cut to apple juice lines carved on the outside 40716 $338.00
137 BAKELITE bangle, a deeply carved end-of-day orange with lots of tan, yellow and black marbling 40424 $258.00
138 BAKELITE bangle, deeply carved end-of-day swamp green with lots of peach and black marbling 40425 $258.00
139 BAKELITE black & cream photo ring B34964 $135.00
140 BAKELITE black and marbled dark green carved earrings, cut-back to green B40253 $28.00
141 BAKELITE black bangle with six marbled brown dots 66741 $128.00
142 BAKELITE black carved and pierced oval brooch B64629 $168.00
143 BAKELITE black carved bangle, diagonal design B17707 $148.00
144 BAKELITE black carved criss cross bangle B63925 $158.00
145 BAKELITE black flower carved and pierced bangle 40789 $248.00
146 BAKELITE black flower carved brooch B64256 $68.00
147 BAKELITE black flowers bar brooch B64215 $128.00
148 BAKELITE black leaf and vein carved brooch B65516 $198.00
149 BAKELITE black or very dark brown bangle carved and pierced, circa 1940 B39939 $138.00
150 BAKELITE black over dyed bangle with three windows B40519 $110.00
151 BAKELITE black over dyed carved bangle with three windows B40520 $110.00
152 BAKELITE black rectangular cameo brooch B61641 $78.00
153 BAKELITE black rope carved bangle B35860 $158.00
154 BAKELITE black rope or tire tread carved bangle, circa 1940 35860 $168.00
155 BAKELITE black slash carved bangle B29014 $58.00
156 BAKELITE black tire track carved bangle, slight green cast, LARGE size B64501 $148.00
157 BAKELITE blue green swirl rope carved bangle B35861 $78.00
158 BAKELITE blue moon marbled bangle B40274 $34.00
159 BAKELITE blue moon marbled daisy or scallop carved spacer bangle 40975 $88.00
160 BAKELITE blue-green marbled daisy or scallop carved spacer bangle 40974 $88.00
161 BAKELITE blueberry and custard marbled and overdyed bangle with thumbnail carving 41050 $328.00
162 BAKELITE boxed poker chips set with three sets of old playing cards B40132 $198.00
163 BAKELITE Brad Elfrink carved and painted bakelite Halloween brooch witch flying across the moon with her broom 40504 $398.00
164 BAKELITE bright blue marbled rope carved bangle, circa 1940 35861 $238.00
165 BAKELITE bright butter yellow rope carved bangle B64212 $98.00
166 BAKELITE bright cherry red bangle with carved and tumbled flowers and leaves 40458 $238.00
167 BAKELITE brown carved and resin washed bangle B39512 $88.00
168 BAKELITE brown carved, textured and black washed bangle 39512 $138.00
169 BAKELITE brown fern carved bangle with a black over dye 40799 $88.00
170 BAKELITE brown fern carved bangle with a lovely custard over dyed 63722 $128.00
171 BAKELITE brown maiden size carved bangle, 2-1/4″ B40316 $26.00
172 BAKELITE brown spacer bangle with stars & lined carving B40263 $24.00
173 BAKELITE butter yellow bangle, hand painted B33372 $98.00
174 BAKELITE butter yellow wavy carved bangle 40701 $78.00
175 BAKELITE butterscotch and black leaf and grapes brooch B64285 $168.00
176 BAKELITE butterscotch and Lucite carved military theme brooch B64356 $98.00
177 BAKELITE butterscotch bamboo bangles, set of 2 B65437 $228.00
178 BAKELITE butterscotch bangle with a rust over-dye and black gouge carved thumbnail dots 40791 $248.00
179 BAKELITE butterscotch bangle with close and intricate herringbone carving 65435 $68.00
180 BAKELITE butterscotch bangle with dots B64492 $198.00
181 BAKELITE butterscotch bangle with leaf slash carving B63113 $28.00
182 BAKELITE butterscotch bangle with sunflower and diagonal carving B61905 $138.00
183 BAKELITE butterscotch bangle with two wood inserts B63344 $68.00
184 BAKELITE butterscotch bangle wonderfully carved with concentric circles all the way around 40730 $128.00
185 BAKELITE butterscotch bangle, painted B66129 $98.00
186 BAKELITE butterscotch beautifully carved leaves bangle B33393 $298.00
187 BAKELITE butterscotch beautifully leaf carved bangle 33391 $298.00
188 BAKELITE butterscotch brooch with carved flower design B28903 $85.00
189 BAKELITE butterscotch carved brooch with a ball B33378 $28.00
190 BAKELITE butterscotch carved flowers brooch B12446 $148.00
191 BAKELITE butterscotch carved spacer bangle B35591 $48.00
192 BAKELITE butterscotch circle pin B64087 $38.00
193 BAKELITE butterscotch deeply carved bangle, roses B36225 $248.00
194 BAKELITE butterscotch extremely well carved brooch & earrings B33853 $98.00
195 BAKELITE butterscotch flower carved and tumbled brooch B40599 $98.00
196 BAKELITE butterscotch flower carved bangle B35894 $138.00
197 BAKELITE butterscotch flower carved hinged clamper bangle B35531 $358.00
198 BAKELITE butterscotch flower carved ring B35880 $98.00
199 BAKELITE butterscotch flower carved side hinged clamper bangle 35531 $358.00
200 BAKELITE butterscotch hinged clamper bangle, applied brass B39931 $98.00
201 BAKELITE butterscotch matte and overdyed bangle B63102 $88.00
202 BAKELITE butterscotch nicely carved leaves bangle B34208 $188.00
203 BAKELITE butterscotch resin wash earrings B36541 $28.00
204 BAKELITE butterscotch rose carved buckle B33314 $98.00
205 BAKELITE butterscotch spacer bangle with three carved starbursts 40416 $68.00
206 BAKELITE butterscotch spacer bangle with vertically carved lines 40275 $42.00
207 BAKELITE butterscotch spoon carved bangle B35373 $168.00
208 BAKELITE butterscotch thumbprint bangles matched set of 2 B37951 $398.00
209 BAKELITE butterscotch translucent honeycomb faceted bangle B34678 $128.00
210 BAKELITE butterscotch tube bangle carved & with brown overdye B39945 $88.00
211 BAKELITE butterscotch well carved bangle with sunflower B34036 $258.00
212 BAKELITE butterscotch well carved flower leaves clip B63219 $95.00
213 BAKELITE butterscotch with root beer swirls clip back earrings 36541 $26.00
214 BAKELITE butterscotch worm carved and pierced bangle 40732 $138.00
215 BAKELITE butterscotch, green & sienna stretchy bracelet B33396 $395.00
216 BAKELITE caramel and cream marbled and wavy carved bangle 40488 $138.00
217 BAKELITE caramel and cream marbled wavy carved bangle $138.00
218 BAKELITE carved apple juice bangle, carved on the outside and reverse carved 40708 $158.00
219 BAKELITE carved bangle in blue moon with black marbling B63124 $148.00
220 BAKELITE carved bangle with alternating segments of rich apple red and apple juice colors 40867 $498.00
221 BAKELITE carved green swirl native exotic face brooch B60936 $58.00
222 BAKELITE carved logs & leaves brooch apple juice & root beer B36418 $498.00
223 BAKELITE carved nobleman’s face brooch in butterscotch B32421 $238.00
224 BAKELITE carved pineapple carved sunflower dress clips B63170 $88.00
225 BAKELITE carved translucent green bangle with three white flowers B40514 $198.00
226 BAKELITE cherry juice Zia sun carved bangle 40307 $138.00
227 BAKELITE cherry vanilla red chunky bangle 40356 $248.00
228 BAKELITE chocolate brown bangle deep flower & worm carving B40441 $158.00
229 BAKELITE chocolate brown bangle with horizontal ribs 66770 $46.00
230 BAKELITE chocolate brown bangle, beautifully leaf and knot carved 65973 $158.00
231 BAKELITE chocolate brown bangle, diagonal carving B40270 $34.00
232 BAKELITE chunks charm bracelet in shades of marbled colors B40602 $38.00
233 BAKELITE chunky bamboo carved bangle in caramel marbled with mahogany with black over-dyed line carving 42065 $248.00
234 BAKELITE chunky bangle in a matte finished deep butterscotch with stylized flower and leaves carving 63120 $128.00
235 BAKELITE chunky bangle with a very light peach over-dye B40290 $168.00
236 BAKELITE chunky butterscotch slash carved bangle B64497 $88.00
237 BAKELITE chunky carved bangle in gray with black, cream & white marbling B40250 $338.00
238 BAKELITE chunky corn colored bangle with deeply carved flowers B40432 $350.00
239 BAKELITE chunky cream corn bangle B61717 $98.00
240 BAKELITE chunky marbled bamboo and black line carved and over dyed bangle 40546 $238.00
241 BAKELITE chunky marbled bamboo and black line carved and over dyed bangle 40720 $238.00
242 BAKELITE citrus orange bangle with carved and tumbled flowers and leaves 40459 $238.00
243 BAKELITE colorful transparent buttons necklace B65145 $348.00
244 BAKELITE corn bangle cross hatch pineapple & ferns carving AS IS tiny chip 40446 $88.00
245 BAKELITE corn bangle with 4 horizontal carved sections, each having either a tiny dots and thumbprints 40801 $138.00
246 BAKELITE corn bangle with four horizontal carved sections 40695 $138.00
247 BAKELITE corn color carved bangle with pineapple tips and slash cuts 33857 $198.00
248 BAKELITE corn color pineapple and leaves carved bangle 33881 $238.00
249 BAKELITE corn color slash carved bangle B64494 $58.00
250 BAKELITE corn color unusually carved bangle with scoop and textured carving 40983 $158.00
251 BAKELITE corn colored bangle carved & pierced B40434 $88.00
252 BAKELITE corn colored bangle carved with knot and leaves 40769 $168.00
253 BAKELITE corn colored bangle with sucker circles carving & pierced B40435 $128.00
254 BAKELITE corn colored bangle with thumbprint carving 37951 $168.00
255 BAKELITE corn colored bangle with thumbprint carving creating wonderful shadows 40545 $198.00
256 BAKELITE corn colored pineapple and leaves carved bangle 34095 $198.00
257 BAKELITE corn colored pineapple and leaves carved bangle deep carving B64712 $238.00
258 BAKELITE cream corn bangle, hand painted flowers B33385 $88.00
259 BAKELITE cream corn carved roses and pinwheel bangle B36902 $238.00
260 BAKELITE cream corn colored carved spacer bangle 40258 $42.00
261 BAKELITE cream corn swirl and dip carved bangle B64842 $98.00
262 BAKELITE cut back dark burgundy bangle butterscotch carving 40688 $110.00
263 BAKELITE dark chocolate brown bangle that is carved and pierced 66792 $88.00
264 BAKELITE dark chocolate brown carved spacer B65136 $48.00
265 BAKELITE dark green carved and pierced bangle B40447 $138.00
266 Bakelite dark yellow cross hatched bar pin B16153 $58.00
267 BAKELITE Deco big butterscotch, black photograph frame or bangle stacker B34983 $165.00
268 BAKELITE Deco condiment set in apple juice & green bakelite B38423 $88.00
269 BAKELITE deep apricot carved bar brooch B35631 $58.00
270 BAKELITE deep butterscotch carved bangle B33377 $88.00
271 BAKELITE deep butterscotch leaf & flower carved bangle B61718 $128.00
272 BAKELITE deep caramel carved bar brooch B33387 $58.00
273 BAKELITE deep matte butterscotch bangle B35288 $98.00
274 BAKELITE deep moss green sunflower carved vintage bangle B62478 $128.00
275 BAKELITE deep peach colored carved bangle with knots B36647 $258.00
276 BAKELITE deep yellow bangle with carved leaves and slashes B63121 $78.00
277 BAKELITE deeply and well carved bangle in dark green with some yellow marbling 40428 $258.00
278 BAKELITE deeply and well carved bangle in swamp green with peach and black marbling 40423 $258.00
279 BAKELITE delicious cherry red marbled daisy or pillow carved bangle 40399 $238.00
280 BAKELITE delicious marbled cherry vanilla red daisy carved spacer bangles 40400 $218.00
281 BAKELITE delicious raspberry bangle that has a lovely polish B66676 $68.00
282 BAKELITE delicious tomato red hinged clamper bangle starburst B40430 $320.00
283 BAKELITE Diane Von Furstenberg bangle in carved & cut back B40352 $258.00
284 BAKELITE Diane von Furstenberg black and green cut back bangle B40343 $228.00
285 BAKELITE Diane von Furstenberg black and yellow cut back bangle B40346 $228.00
286 BAKELITE Diane von Furstenberg black and yellow cut back bangle B40345 $258.00
287 BAKELITE Diane von Furstenberg burgundy and yellow cut back bangle B40347 $238.00
288 BAKELITE Diane von Furstenberg very dark brown and yellow cut back crescents bangle 66711 $180.00
289 BAKELITE domed transparent green bangle with reverse carving lightly colored yellow 40735 $268.00
290 BAKELITE dramatic royal blue bangle with ruffled carving, 1940s B40219 $238.00
291 BAKELITE earrings in a lightly marbled olive green color B66685 $32.00
292 BAKELITE earrings in butterscotch with an olive green over dye B66688 $38.00
293 BAKELITE evergreen with translucent edges bangle, fern carved B66717 $78.00
294 BAKELITE flame colored bakelite bangle carved in large triangle facets B40245 $238.00
295 BAKELITE flame colored marbled rope carved bakelite bangle B40420 $118.00
296 BAKELITE floral brooch in deeply carved and pierced apricot color 33788 $138.00
297 BAKELITE flower dress clip in red and apple juice reverse carved and painted 41005 $68.00
298 BAKELITE genuine vintage apple juice chunky fish bangle with reverse carved B31118 $598.00
299 BAKELITE goldenrod yellow wavy shaped bangle 17826 $28.00
300 Bakelite gouge carved bangle in rich opaque pumpkin orange color B18837 $88.00
301 BAKELITE gouge carved rope bangle in chocolate brown, black and red over dye on butterscotch 40793 $328.00
302 BAKELITE gray over-dyed bangle with black resin washed finished and slash carved design 40251 $238.00
303 BAKELITE green and apple juice transparent clip B62772 $58.00
304 BAKELITE green and brown resin washed bangle B37947 $398.00
305 BAKELITE green and butterscotch zigzag ring B65370 $95.00
306 BAKELITE green and butterscotch zigzag ring B64151 $95.00
307 BAKELITE green and cream random dot ring, 1940s B37405 $198.00
308 BAKELITE green bangle with open cabbage roses carved all the way around B40444 $188.00
309 BAKELITE green beautifully leaf carved bangle 33393 $298.00
310 BAKELITE green carved and pierced oval pin with flower center B64018 $138.00
311 BAKELITE green carved bangle with slash carving 33778 $32.00
312 BAKELITE green carved bar brooch B35452 $58.00
313 BAKELITE green carved flower brooch with gold tone petals B62708 $32.00
314 BAKELITE green carved large oval brooch B63172 $88.00
315 BAKELITE green carved spacer bangle B35537 $48.00
316 BAKELITE green marbled bangles with deep carving, set of 3 B37184 $698.00
317 BAKELITE green oval brooch with yellow swirl B64357 $138.00
318 BAKELITE green perfume pop-up atomizer trimmed in brass B24408 $138.00
319 BAKELITE green Prystal faceted bangle B34136 $88.00
320 BAKELITE green slightly marbled bangle with rope carving B64514 $128.00
321 BAKELITE green swirl carved cornucopia brooch B64084 $128.00
322 BAKELITE green swirl carved native face brooch B33320 $58.00
323 BAKELITE green swirl flowers and leaves dress clips set B65242 $95.00
324 BAKELITE green swirl, impressed dots carved bangle B64508 $98.00
325 BAKELITE green swiveling parts brooch B64703 $88.00
326 BAKELITE green translucent hinged clamper bangle bracelet with two carved flowers and leaves 39884 $358.00
327 BAKELITE green transparent bangle with reverse carved cross-hatching 40691 $198.00
328 BAKELITE green transparent Prystal letter holder with a gold tone metal mouse 40600 $98.00
329 BAKELITE green with yellow swirl oval flower brooch B64085 $138.00
330 BAKELITE green with yellow swirl rectangular brooch B64086 $198.00
331 BAKELITE hand carved red turtle and black leaf necklace B65143 $268.00
332 BAKELITE Hattie CARNEGIE chunky bamboo and line carved over-dyed and marbled swamp bakelite bangle 40249 $238.00
333 BAKELITE hinged clamper, a translucent green roses and leaves carved B35865 $338.00
334 BAKELITE hitchhiker brooch with suitcase & college beanie, Deco era B38829 $498.00
335 BAKELITE hoop earrings in an aqua-green with brown marbling B66684 $32.00
336 BAKELITE iced tea colored bangle with thumbprint carving B40516 $128.00
337 BAKELITE iced tea marbled daisy carved spacers, set of 2 B40401 $168.00
338 BAKELITE ink black bangle with slash carved poinsettia flower and leaves 41874 $148.00
339 BAKELITE khaki green bangle carved with knot and leaves 40770 $198.00
340 BAKELITE khaki green over-dyed bangle with black resin wash and slash carving 40360 $228.00
341 BAKELITE leaf carved hinged bangle and brooch in medium yellow color, beautifully carved 16247 $598.00
342 BAKELITE lemon yellow bamboo carved and lightly over dyed bangle 40517 $168.00
343 BAKELITE logs and leaves brooch circa 1940, over dyed butterscotch B66024 $398.00
344 BAKELITE maiden size milk chocolate brown carved bangle, 2-1/3″ B36828 $26.00
345 BAKELITE maiden size orange bangle carved with ferns and vertical lines 24399 $24.00
346 BAKELITE maiden size orange fern & lines carved bangle, 2-1/4″ B24399 $22.00
347 BAKELITE maiden sized saucer bangle in green with yellow marbling B64961 $24.00
348 BAKELITE marbled blue carved bangle with black resin wash 64326 $198.00
349 BAKELITE marbled blue carved bangle with black resin wash 34996 $198.00
350 BAKELITE marbled green bangle with alternating rope carving and smooth areas 64514 $118.00
351 BAKELITE marbled green bangle with carved and tumbled flowers and leaves 40460 $248.00
352 BAKELITE marbled Mississippi mud bangle, line carved and black over dyed 40833 $198.00
353 BAKELITE marbled olive and paprika red rope bangle diagonally carved B40374 $128.00
354 BAKELITE marbled olive and red rope carved bangle, these colors are sometimes called caramel and paprika 40375 $138.00
355 BAKELITE marbled paprika daisy carved spacer bangle 40404 $98.00
356 BAKELITE marbled paprika tube bangle with black over dye on slash carving 16792 $198.00
357 BAKELITE marbled spinach green bakelite bangle with deeply carved flowers and stylized leaves 41418 $248.00
358 BAKELITE marbled spinach green bakelite bangle with deeply carved flowers and stylized leaves B41418 $248.00
359 BAKELITE marbled spinach green bangle with deep and intricate floral carving 40417 $138.00
360 BAKELITE marbled spinach green daisy carved spacer, set of TWO 40402 $198.00
361 BAKELITE maroon washed bangle that is cut through to butterscotch 41642 $328.00
362 BAKELITE medium butterscotch bangle with leaf and buds B40700 $98.00
363 BAKELITE medium butterscotch bar brooch carved & painted flowers 64706 $68.00
364 BAKELITE medium corn color carved pineapple and swirl bangle B64958 $158.00
365 BAKELITE medium corn color flower and leaves carved bangle B34347 $228.00
366 BAKELITE medium corn color gouge carved tracks bangle 66767 $98.00
367 BAKELITE medium corn colored carved bangle and earrings B37127 $288.00
368 BAKELITE medium yellow carved bar brooch B33852 $58.00
369 BAKELITE medium yellow pineapple carved yin-yang brooch B34097 $38.00
370 BAKELITE medium yellow slash carved flat sided bangle B63631 $78.00
371 BAKELITE melon apple juice reverse carved bracelet B36482 $895.00
372 BAKELITE Metro Games New York tan leather case with bakelite poker chips B40125 $148.00
373 BAKELITE milk chocolate brown bangle, pierced and carved B60881 $98.00
374 BAKELITE milk chocolate brown beautifully marbled rope carved set of 2 bangles 65974 $248.00
375 BAKELITE milk chocolate brown carved leaf brooch B18654 $128.00
376 BAKELITE milk chocolate brown vine carved bangle 37948 $148.00
377 BAKELITE Mississippi mud beautifully marbled bangle B40282 $42.00
378 BAKELITE necklace of transparent buttons in delicious citrus colors, 30″ long B65144 $348.00
379 BAKELITE necklace with butterscotch tube beads, root beer round beads B40604 $38.00
380 BAKELITE octagonal marbled swamp colored bangle 40470 $98.00
381 BAKELITE opaque butterscotch bangle with paisley carving B63410 $68.00
382 BAKELITE opaque butterscotch bangle with slash carved flowers and leaves B40702 $88.00
383 BAKELITE opaque butterscotch bangle, deeply worm carved and pierced 32806 $138.00
384 BAKELITE opaque butterscotch colored bangle carved with zig-zag designs B62434 $88.00
385 BAKELITE opaque butterscotch gouge carved bangle B64495 $88.00
386 BAKELITE orange marmalade overdyed bangle with a starburst carving B40311 $188.00
387 BAKELITE over dyed carved bangle, marbled tangerine orange with caramel carved red grooves B40318 $158.00
388 BAKELITE overdyed burnt sienna football theme brooch B35868 $328.00
389 BAKELITE overdyed horse on Lucite brooch B60866 $88.00
390 BAKELITE paprika fern carved bangle with black over dye 40484 $138.00
391 BAKELITE paprika marbled and partial rope carved bangle 63529 $138.00
392 BAKELITE paprika overdye horse head brooch circa 1940 B64701 $148.00
393 BAKELITE paprika red over-dyed bangle with black resin washed slash carving 35240 $248.00
394 BAKELITE paprika saucer bangle with beautiful marbling B40220 $88.00
395 BAKELITE partially rope carved saucer bangle in pea green 66752 $88.00
396 BAKELITE pea green slash carved spacer bangle B40262 $32.00
397 BAKELITE peach marmalade marbled and carved bangle B40421 $168.00
398 BAKELITE pistachio green marbled daisy carved spacer bangle 40403 $98.00
399 BAKELITE pistachio green marbled daisy or pillow carved 40397 $248.00
400 BAKELITE poker chip holder, green swirl B35698 $168.00
401 BAKELITE poker chip holder, swamp B35507 $168.00
402 BAKELITE poker chip set in apricot holder B35147 $168.00
403 BAKELITE Prystal & Goofus glass dress clip B62772 $58.00
404 BAKELITE Prystal green flowers brooch B17730 $168.00
405 BAKELITE Prystal transparent wine colored domed bangle 65840 $148.00
406 BAKELITE pumpkin orange bangle with four horizontal carved sections 40696 $138.00
407 BAKELITE pumpkin orange bangle with slash carved flowers and leaves B64515 $198.00
408 BAKELITE pumpkin orange partially rope carved saucer bangle 66753 $88.00
409 BAKELITE random dot ring, green, creamed corn dot B37362 $398.00
410 BAKELITE rare blue moon marbled daisy carved spacer bangles, set of 2 40522 $188.00
411 BAKELITE red apple bangle, pineapple carving B34206 $88.00
412 BAKELITE red bangle bracelet that is deeply leaf and knot carved $198.00
413 BAKELITE red bangle with flat sides and basket weave design B39946 $98.00
414 BAKELITE red carved and pierced lobster brooch B64359 $148.00
415 BAKELITE red carved cherries necklace B64517 $335.00
416 BAKELITE red carved dress clip with brass backing B65371 $68.00
417 BAKELITE red carved flowers and swirls oval brooch B63993 $198.00
418 BAKELITE red flat-sided bangle with horizontally carved grooves B66673 $32.00
419 BAKELITE red gator on carved wood brooch B65372 $228.00
420 BAKELITE red heavy carved basket weave pattern bangle with great texture B40422 $248.00
421 BAKELITE red leaf carved dress clip B65373 $78.00
422 BAKELITE red pineapple and leaves carved bangle 35754 $238.00
423 BAKELITE red pineapple carved bangle B35754 $328.00
424 BAKELITE red rectangular box with black base 1940s B32877 $248.00
425 BAKELITE red transparent bangle carved with rectangular segments and brilliant red reflections 40866 $348.00
426 BAKELITE red transparent rope carved bangle with alternating segments of carved and plain areas 40969 $398.00
427 BAKELITE red with silver overlay earrings B36543 $32.00
428 BAKELITE red, butterscotch, cream corn & brown set of 4 bangles B65973 $798.00
429 BAKELITE resin washed butterscotch horse head brooch B65090 $88.00
430 BAKELITE reverse carved apple juice clip B32601 $118.00
431 BAKELITE reverse carved painted flowers pin B64118 $98.00
432 BAKELITE rich red really chunky bangle 4 millefiori dots, as is 66766 $88.00
433 BAKELITE root beer marbled bangle brass and black dots B66714 $58.00
434 BAKELITE root beer pebble or cobble stone carved bangle 40687 $168.00
435 BAKELITE rope carved bangle in marbled translucent  pistachio green with a soft brown wash 41081 $298.00
436 BAKELITE rope carved bangle olive & paprika marbled, carved inside & out B40376 $112.00
437 BAKELITE rope carved bangle, dark chocolate brown B64208 $88.00
438 BAKELITE rope carved butter yellow bangle, fully carved all the way around 64210 $98.00
439 BAKELITE rope carved overdyed and line carved bangle in a swamp color 40792 $328.00
440 BAKELITE scalloped carved spacer daisy bangles in powder blue 40368 $188.00
441 BAKELITE set of 2 black cherry spacer bangles, wonderful marbling B40464 $48.00
442 BAKELITE set of 2 black faceted spacer bangles B40465 $78.00
443 BAKELITE set of three X-carved spacer bangles 40456 $98.00
444 BAKELITE set of two diagonally carved spacer bangles 40457 $68.00
445 BAKELITE spacer bangle in burgundy cut back to butterscotch B40786 $78.00
446 BAKELITE spacer bangle in coffee latte colors cut back to butterscotch 40834 $78.00
447 BAKELITE swamp beautifully marbled and tumble carved bangle with crescent carving 40618 $110.00
448 BAKELITE swamp marbled bangle with wood B62032 $68.00
449 BAKELITE swamp marbled bangle, carved and tumbled with crescent carving 40619 $138.00
450 BAKELITE toffee green spacer bangle with no carving B66678 $28.00
451 BAKELITE tortoise and cream colored dots bangle bracelet B35379 $398.00
452 BAKELITE tortoise colored bangle with 3 horizontal ribs 65439 $32.00
453 BAKELITE translucent apple juice bangle with slight orange tints and carved designs on the outside 40726 $338.00
454 BAKELITE translucent apple red wide faceted bangle B63161 $138.00
455 BAKELITE translucent apricot and rosy colored floral carved 2-1/3″ brooch 13695 $158.00
456 BAKELITE translucent apricot colored rectangular brooch with carved and tumbled flowers leaves B13694 $168.00
457 Bakelite translucent carved bird dress clips, set of 2 B11417 $138.00
458 BAKELITE translucent dark green rose carved bangle B64960 $88.00
459 BAKELITE translucent deep apple sauce deeply carved leaf bangle B33809 $298.00
460 BAKELITE translucent deep wine red color carved hinged clamper bangle B63459 $348.00
461 BAKELITE translucent green bangle with red tinted edges when held to the light and wonderfully wave carved 24294 $398.00
462 BAKELITE translucent green carved bangle with orange tints 41306 $198.00
463 BAKELITE translucent marbled mint green rope carved bangle 40228 $258.00
464 BAKELITE translucent orange flower carved hinged clamper bangle bracelet 39883 $348.00
465 BAKELITE translucent orange lovely leaf carved bangle B34540 $148.00
466 BAKELITE translucent pumpkin orange bangle with basket weave carving 40731 $128.00
467 BAKELITE translucent red bangle with five rows of horizontal carving 40694 $98.00
468 BAKELITE translucent red carved bangle with scoop and slash carving 41721 $198.00
469 BAKELITE translucent red faceted wide bangle 40707 $88.00
470 BAKELITE translucent red hinged clamper bracelet flower carved 41964 $358.00
471 BAKELITE translucent red rope carved bangle with reverse carved lines 40729 $188.00
472 BAKELITE translucent wine bangle carved with stylized roses and ridges B40724 $238.00
473 BAKELITE translucent wine bangle with carved concentric circles 40721 $168.00
474 BAKELITE translucent wine bangle with stylized flower and leaf carving 40723 $158.00
475 BAKELITE translucent wine brown hinged clamper bangle B40431 $298.00
476 BAKELITE translucent wine reddish brown hinged clamper bangle with leaf carving 40431 $298.00
477 BAKELITE translucent zig-zag bangles, reddish root beer & coral B35863 $348.00
478 BAKELITE transparent apple juice facet carved bangle 17849 $148.00
479 BAKELITE transparent black cherry juice or wine Zia sun carved bangle 40308 $98.00
480 BAKELITE transparent green rope carved bangle with reverse carved lines 40728 $188.00
481 BAKELITE transparent iced tea color faceted bangle 24331 $198.00
482 BAKELITE transparent lime green spacer bangle with red dots 40685 $138.00
483 BAKELITE transparent red and apple juice bangle set of 2 B37185 $698.00
484 BAKELITE transparent red bangle carved with three horizontal lines 40692 $98.00
485 BAKELITE transparent red bangle with slash carving all the way around 40620 $148.00
486 BAKELITE tube bangle of nicely marbled butterscotch that is slash carved with a lovely caramel color wash 39945 $158.00
487 BAKELITE two slanted bangles set yellow-green & butterscotch 65510 $88.00
488 BAKELITE unusual apricot and lavender translucent floral carved clamper bangle 13691 $398.00
489 BAKELITE unusual apricot translucent floral carved side hinged bangle B14004 $398.00
490 BAKELITE unusual apricot translucent floral carved side hinged bangle 14004 $398.00
491 BAKELITE very deep green flower bangle B63887 $148.00
492 BAKELITE vintage cream colored pineapple and leaves carved bangle 35251 $238.00
493 BAKELITE well carved maiden sized butterscotch bangles, set of 2 40972 $198.00
494 BAKELITE well carved root beer cut back to apple juice bangle with cross hatch and diagonal carving 16034 $598.00
495 BAKELITE well carved spacer bangle in caramel gouge carving and carved dots 40322 $98.00
496 BAKELITE well carved spacer bangle in overdyed caramel washed over butterscotch, gouge carved, carved dots 40321 $98.00
497 BAKELITE well carved spacer bangle in overdyed caramel, medium wash, gouge carved, carved dots 40320 $98.00
498 BAKELITE well carved spacer bangle overdyed caramel, darker wash, gouge carved with carved dots 40319 $98.00
499 BAKELITE wide bangle in chocolate brown with wonderful leaf carving B40429 $298.00
500 BAKELITE wide butterscotch bangle, leaf carved B66336 $258.00
501 BAKELITE wide butterscotch translucent bangle carved pineapple and ovals B39941 $88.00
502 BAKELITE wide butterscotch yellow daisy or ripple carved bangle 40754 $134.00
503 BAKELITE wide leaf carved bangle, translucent green with amber tints 39438 $398.00
504 BAKELITE wider translucent red faceted bangle 40706 $88.00
505 BAKELITE worm carved bangle in a brown color cut through to butterscotch 40803 $248.00
506 BAKELITE yellow carved and pierced bangle B61825 $68.00
507 BAKELITE yellow green marbled octagonal bangle B66715 $78.00
508 BAKELITE yellow green pistachio diagonally carved bangle B35283 $78.00
509 BAKELITE yellow green spacer bangle with slash carved stars B40255 $48.00
510 BASKET brooch with colorfully enameled flowers and clear rhinestones set in white metal 41962 $248.00
511 BASKET brooch with glowing red glass cabochons and a cheerful red enameled bow and trim with lots of clear rhinestones 42293 $128.00
512 BASKET brooch with pastel bouquet Y38500 $148.00
513 BASKET brooch with pink glass moonglow cabochons and clear rhinestones and with a cheerful bow on the basket handle 42221 $168.00
514 BASKET brooch with wonderful oval lavender rhinestones Y11428 $98.00
515 BASKET design steel beaded purse with jeweled and enameled frame set with aqua cabochons and blue rhinestones 20422 $398.00
516 BASKET of flowers brooch, layers of tri-colored gilt leaves Y24897 $54.00
517 BASKET pin with both glass and plastic rhinestones Y38581 $24.00
518 BASKET sterling and marcasites basket pin 42058 $88.00
519 BASKET sterling brooch and earrings in aqua & clear Y39107 $188.00
520 BAUER Christmas tree brooch opaque pink rhinestones X64807 $138.00
521 BAUER Christmas tree brooch, clear and pink X64806 $138.00
522 BEADED earrings with blue, white, pink marked sterling H35845 $26.00
523 BEADS faceted topaz colored and clear Y26012 $86.00
524 BEADS multi-bead necklace with a nice variety of types & colors Y65896 $158.00
525 BEAU sterling fishbone brooch, a nice mid-century piece N66554 $24.00
526 BEAU sterling ring with shooting lines, each ending with a tiny ball N40171 $32.00
527 BEE Bee-Alive rhinestone bee pin clear rhinestones set in gold tone Y37772 $32.00
528 BEE GEE Christmas tree brooch with red, clear & green X65708 $135.00
529 BENNIE RATION Native American Navajo Kokopelli brooch of sterling silver and opal 41875 $398.00
530 BEREBI Limited Edition “Mermaid Song” brooch with original box X66643 $36.00
531 BERNICE GOODSPEED Mexico sterling silver, brass and copper pears necklace N62393 $348.00
532 BETTINA von Walhof HUGE jointed trembler monkey X66461 $800.00
533 BILLAH Eva and Linberg Billah sterling butterfly 3-piece set, each piece with turquoise, tiger’s eye, lapis and coral 7062 $398.00
534 BIRKS sterling footed ring and jewelry box with an open cartouche a40036 $325.00
535 BLACK bracelet with colored centers, mark LBMDJ V37257 $110.00
536 BLISTER PEARL 14k pear-shaped pearl, ruby, diamonds necklace enhancer G39719 $398.00
537 BLUE 14k yellow gold ring, blue topaz & diamonds G33264 $680.00
538 BLUE and green plastic morning glory flowers bouquet brooch B24238 $88.00
539 BLUE and white enameled flowers and leaves brooch Y37453 $148.00
540 BLUE aurora borealis necklace set in gold tone Y39421 $78.00
541 BLUE aurora borealis set necklace, bracelet, brooch, earrings Y39325 $138.00
542 BLUE brilliant teardrop unfoiled rhinestone necklace 40239 $128.00
543 BLUE enameled FLOWERS fur clip with a yellow and orange BUTTERFLY and green leaves 42284 $238.00
544 BLUE faceted bead earrings with rose montee H36179 $32.00
545 BLUE faceted bead earrings with rose montee set in gold tone filigree 36179 $48.00
546 Blue glass and gold tone flowers beads dress clip Y23961 $198.00
547 BLUE glass caged orbs earrings with sterling findings Y66508 $49.00
548 BLUE moonglow cabochon centered flower brooch Y38668 $128.00
549 BLUE rivoli and unfoiled green and blue marquis rhinestones brooch 41711 $28.00
550 BLUE SPINEL ring set in 14k yellow gold, lovely color and sparkle 40646 $358.00
551 BLUE transparent blue glass beads, a glorious 5-strand necklace and clip back earrings 40527 $298.00
552 BLUMENTHAL & Co Inc pink and black brooch with a molded glass scene X65166 $98.00
553 BLUMENTHAL chatelaine pins with dragons, cloisonne balls 38630 $128.00
554 BLUMENTHAL flower bouquet brooch made of bakelite leaves and honey colored glass collet set cabochons 41726 $998.00
555 BLUMENTHAL flower brooch, oval purple center surrounded by bullet cabochons, green bakelite leaves 36062 $1,298.00
556 BLUMENTHAL honey colored glass cabochon “raindrops” flower brooch with bakelite leaves Q37430 $1,298.00
557 BOHEMIAN garnet and gilt sterling domed oval ring with four tiers 37719 $138.00
558 BOHEMIAN GARNET bracelet with 12 square links each encrusted with two sizes of prong set garnets 42337 $128.00
559 BOHEMIAN GARNET bracelet with 9 rectangular links each encrusted with two sizes of prong set garnets 42336 $138.00
560 BOHEMIAN garnet brooch with three tiers Czech V37769 $248.00
561 BOHEMIAN GARNET encrusted star brooch which is slightly domed and very beautiful 42074 $68.00
562 BOHEMIAN garnet gold hinged bangle Q37700 $338.00
563 BOHEMIAN GARNET hinged bracelet with it’s original safety chain 42073 $328.00
564 BOHEMIAN GARNET necklace with dangling garnets at the bottom of the design 42071 $398.00
565 BOHEMIAN GARNET oval brooch with pomegranate red garnets set in four stacked layers V42335 $68.00
566 BOHEMIAN GARNET oval domed brooch with nice red garnets set in four stacked layers 42335 $68.00
567 BOHEMIAN GARNET pendant set in gold tone Q38211 $398.00
568 BONWIT TELLER sterling Italy bracelet with green enameled links X35462 $398.00
569 Borge Alexis Godtbergsen 830 silver flowers mid-century necklace N37967 $398.00
570 BOSCA BUILT Arts & Crafts leather purse with embossed floral P36903 $190.00
571 BOSCA BUILT Arts & Crafts leather purse with embossed flowers P37292 $128.00
572 BOUCHER Asian figural brooch with green glass figure M66733 $68.00
573 BOUCHER brooch with a lovely natural agate center stone with glass pearls 41522 $78.05
574 BOUCHER lovely leaf brooch made of glass pearls with a vein of brilliant clear rhinestones 42116 $198.00
575 BOUQUET SCP England sterling silver & clear pastes flower pin, articulated Y28704 $298.00
576 BOW large red rhinestone stylized bow brooch circa 1940s Y38765 $448.00
577 BOXED aqua and pink rhinestone starburst parure Y39638 $32.00
578 BRACELET 10k yellow gold lacy filigree bracelet set with synthetic pink sapphires and seed pearls 40957 $650.00
579 BRACELET 9ct yellow gold charm bracelet with padlock, marked in two places GJLd 9 375 38837 $398.00
580 BRACELET brilliant blue and clear rhinestones hinged bangle bracelet with square blue and clear rhinestones 42311 $68.00
581 BRACELET colorful enameled flowers and leaves bracelet 41274 $42.00
582 BRACELET dragon’s breath cabochons bracelet set in silver and gold washed silver metal 42249 $38.00
583 BRACELET green and gold glitter glass links bracelet 41204 $138.00
584 BRACELET of brilliant clear rhinestones in a shiny silver rhodium plated setting with original safety chain 41682 $58.00
585 BRACELET of glowing glass moonstone cabochons and aqua blue rhinestones in a gold tone setting 42174 $598.00
586 BRACELET of round aurora borealis rhinestones S36333 $258.00
587 BRACELET red teardrop shaped and clear round rhinestones bracelet 41045 $228.00
588 BRAD ELFRINK Elvenkrafte Studios bakelite BROOCH in lightly marbled red and yellow 34498 $348.00
589 BRAD Elfrink Elvenkrafte Studios bakelite pin Fada radio style in blue moon with yellow 31429 $338.00
590 BRAD ELFRINK of Elvenkrafte Studio bakelite bangle with candy corn dots 40772 $358.00
591 BRAD ELFRINK of Elvenkrafte Studio bakelite lavender marbled bangle with button dots 40771 $
592 BRANDON WELCH artisan bakelite hand carved bangle in marbled cherry 39940 $368.00
593 BRASS and sterling earrings with hematite centers N62837 $68.00
594 BRASS salesman’s sample signet rings c 1910, group of 6 QS2 $88.00
595 BRILLIANT red and purple rivoli, rhinestones and cabochons square brooch 41712 $148.00
596 BROOCH & EARRINGS with sparkling green and yellow rhinestones and aurora borealis Y28304 $128.00
597 BROOCH dragon’s breath cabochon set in sterling silver pin 42257 $24.00
598 BROOCH pink, rose and green enameled flowers and leaves brooch 42171 $158.00
599 BROOCH rhinestone brooch with dazzling clear rhinestones 66628 $42.00
600 BROOCH silver and gold tone filigree balls, beads & leaves pin Y27754 $98.00
601 BROOCH Vauxhall glass rich red bar brooch 41003 $58.00
602 BROWN suede purse with wonderful silver marcasite frame P37227 $198.00
603 BRUCE PANTTI bakelite palm tree brooch in marbled green, pink and solid black 41855 $338.00
604 BSK brooch and earrings with shocking pink rhinestones 41088 $38.00
605 BUCKLE brooch, clear & topaz-colored rhinestones, 1930 Y31917 $48.00
606 BUTTERFLY “FK” sterling links necklace N37780 $75.00
607 BUTTERFLY brooch with unfoiled tan, blue and gray rhinestones 41503 $46.00
608 BUTTERFLY Deco butterfly dress clip in clear rhinestones, pivots Y65124 $148.00
609 BUTTERFLY lady brooch set with marcasites Y37563 $110.00
610 BUTTERFLY pin charcoal rhinestones & green cabochons Y5071 $68.00
611 BUTTERFLY WORKSHOP Kent Mundy bakelite glacial turquoise windows bangle B40237 $348.00
612 BUTTERFLY WORKSHOP Kent Mundy bakelite raspberry windows bangle B40238 $348.00
613 CABOCHON bracelet with a center crystal cloud cabochon surrounded by purple and two shades of blue rhinestones 42194 $298.00
614 CABOCHONS colorful pendant necklace with bezel set brilliant glass cabochons in red, blue, green and topaz 42294 $348.00
615 CABOCHONS necklace with red and white glass Y39211 $138.00
616 CALVIN BEGAY Native American Navajo sterling silver and inlay pendant with turquoise, lapis, malachite and spiny oyster 41883 $298.00
617 CALVIN BEGAY Native American Navajo sterling silver and overlay earrings N41883 $138.00
618 CAMEO brooch and earrings in chocolate brown striped glass set in antiqued gold tone metal 41689 $68.00
619 CAMEO brooch with a carved sea shell lady profile, and she wears wheat sheaves in her hair, set in 800 silver it has a loop for a chain 41561 $68.00
620 CAMEO cobalt blue glass cameo in a blue enameled setting over yellow gold 42225 $138.00
621 CAMEO14k pink shell cameo brooch of a lady V37995 $148.00
622 CAPRI star brooch with dragon’s breath cabochons, caramel teardrop shaped rhinestones and rose colored aurora borealis 41773 $138.00
623 CARNELIAN sterling and carnelian colored plique ring Q37582 $78.00
624 CAROL FELLEY 1988 sterling silver and malachite brooch N36462 $198.00
625 CAROLEE 1997 Limited clown unicycle mechanical brooch X63713 $145.00
626 CAROLEE 2005 Limited Edition convertible brooch and tack, boxed 64197 $198.00
627 CAROLEE 2005 LIMITED EDITION dangling four part flowers brooch in original box 63938 $158.00
628 CAROLEE 2005 Limited Edition long dangling jointed leaf brooch, aqua glass cabochons 64198 $198.00
629 CAROLEE 2006 Limited Edition flower brooch X39071 $128.00
630 CAROLEE butterfly brooch with a glass pearl body X66265 $36.00
631 CAROLEE dragonfly brooch with pale yellow rhinestone wings X66184 $88.00
632 CAROLEE fish brooch with pearlized belly X66495 $20.00
633 CAROLEE ladybug scatter pin X63529 $58.00
634 CAROLEE Limited Edition 1996 penguins brooch X65939 $98.00
635 CAROLEE Limited Edition 2000 New Year brooch X60817 $24.00
636 CAROLEE Limited Edition 2005 silver tone leaves berries brooch X63528 $138.00
637 CAROLEE ostrich brooch with pearlized belly X66494 $20.00
638 CAROLEE pair of giraffe brooches in gold tone and black enamel X64227 $48.00
639 CAROLEE plique butterfly brooch with blue and green wings X66575 $58.00
640 CAROLEE snail brooch with pearlized belly X66493 $20.00
641 CAROLEE yellow enameled ladybug tac scatter pin X66573 $20.00
642 CASE Art Nouveau gun metal & sterling silver case a32701 $498.00
643 CAST SILVER necklace of 15 links with roses, flower and scrolls on them 42244 $78.00
644 CASTILLO Los Castillo Taxco Mexico sterling brooch & earrings N37570 $248.00
645 CASTLECLIFF clear rhinestone fur clip X64757 $68.00
646 CASTLECLIFF pea pod brooch with glass pearls X66405 $38.00
647 CASTLECLIFF sterling horseshoe brooch X65131 $88.00
648 CAT’S EYE brooch of art glass cabochons Maltese cross Y4067 $148.00
649 CATALANO Christmas tree brooch with red, clear, green X65719 $145.00
650 CATALIN CREATIONS by LAINS bakelite black bangle with clear rhinestones, 3/10 66798 $68.00
651 CATALIN CREATIONS by LAINS bakelite black bangle with rhinestones, 5/20 66799 $60.00
652 CATALIN CREATIONS by LAINS bakelite red bangle with rhinestones, 5/10 66794 $68.00
653 CATALIN CREATIONS by LAINS bakelite yellow bangle with rhinestones, 3/10 66796 $68.00
654 CATWALK JON jelly belly bird brooch in a gold tone setting 42137 $228.00
655 CATWALK JON jelly belly elephant brooch with pink teardrop shaped glass tassels, a black rhinestone eye 41200 $198.00
656 CELERY green colored rhinestones brooch with pale yellow and aurora borealis rhinestone accents 28304 $88.00
657 CELLULOID apple juice bangle with silver overlay 40709 $248.00
658 CELLULOID bangle bracelet with silver overlay 16028 $298.00
659 CELLULOID camel-colored spacer bangle with silver overlay 40713 $98.00
660 CELLULOID insect brooch with black painted details, 1930 B66483 $38.00
661 CELLULOID translucent apple juice bangle with silver overlay 40711 $188.00
662 CELLULOID translucent butterscotch bangle with silver overlay in a buds and scrolls design 39443 $298.00
663 CELLULOID translucent deep apple juice bangle with silver overlay B40712 $198.00
664 CELLULOID translucent misty apple juice bangle with silver overlay 40710 $198.00
665 CELLULOID unusual color deep green-black bangle with silver overlay in a design of scrolls 16029 $338.00
666 CELTIC 9 carat yellow gold baby ring with a heart center and Irish Celtic knots 39798 $48.00
667 CERAMIC Morning Glory earrings in light and dark blue Y39511 $78.00
668 CHARM 10 karat yellow gold thistle charm with two green faceted stones 40663 $88.00
669 CHARM 10k yellow gold elephant animal charm 40662 $28.00
670 CHARM 14 karat yellow gold charm bracelet and cherub charm 40637 $298.00
671 CHARM 14 karat yellow gold charm with morning glory flower designs 40672 $78.00
672 CHARM 14 karat yellow gold graceful shoe charm, Cinderella’s perhaps! $
673 CHARM 14 karat yellow gold San Francisco trolley car charm 40635 $58.00
674 CHARM 14k Nefertiti or Cleopatra bust charm yellow gold 40638 $48.00
675 CHARM 14k yellow gold hope chest charm with a bracelet of seed pearls inside 40670 $138.00
676 CHATELAINE golden matte finish Victorian chatelaine V28824 $598.00
677 CHATELAINE in silver tone with 4 chains a36072 $348.00
678 CHATELAINE silver stamp box embossed with a butterfly, flowers, and a cobblestone design 41790 $118.00
679 CHATELAINE sterling silver sewing accessory, a pin holder embossed with scrolls and cross-hatching V41792 $88.00
680 CHATELAINE with blue, black and white enameled hook a36071 $298.00
681 CHECKERBOARD Deco black & mother-of-pearl necklace 38681 $268.00
682 CHERRY red cherries brooch with green pressed glass leaves and cherries of rich red enamel on glass 41979 $1,698.00
683 CHERRY RED rhinestones brooch set into swirling cornucopia shapes 40506 $198.00
684 CHINA silver filigree parure with the Eight Immortals motif 40678 $98.00
685 CHINA sterling and enameled tube shaped beads necklace Q37634 $98.00
686 CHINESE gilt sterling filigree parure with rose pink quartz cabochons, necklace, bracelet and brooch Q37917 $1,498.00
687 CHINESE JADE Jadeite bracelet with alternating jade and silver segments 41257 $138.00
688 CHINESE tiny sterling yellow enamel pumpkin pin Q38733 $24.00
689 CHRISTIAN DIOR sunflower brooch and earrings in original boxes $298.00
690 CHRISTMAS tree brilliant standing brooch and standing ornament Y63612 $48.00
691 CHRISTMAS tree brooch in red, clear, Y65715 $26.00
692 CHRISTMAS tree brooch with colored rhinestones Y66050 $24.00
693 CHRISTMAS tree brooch with green teardrop Y31580 $26.00
694 CHRISTMAS tree brooch with green, red, blue, brown 35995 $26.00
695 Christmas tree brooch with pink flamingos B66469 $148.00
696 CHRISTMAS tree brooch with purple, red, topaz Y65712 $24.00
697 CHRISTMAS tree brooch with red, blue, green Y65728 $28.00
698 CHRISTMAS tree brooch, clear rhinestone edges Y66167 $24.00
699 CHRISTMAS tree brooch, green boughs Y31584 $26.00
700 CHRISTMAS tree brooch, spreading green Y31585 $26.00
701 CHRYSOCOLLA green segments brooch with pendant option, this has ethnic designs in the silver 42122 $228.00
702 CHUNKY apple juice resin bangle reverse carved B35361 $268.00
703 CINER black enameled butterfly brooch with red, green K38874 $398.00
704 CINER bow pin with clear rhinestone pave set 20152 $32.00
705 CINER clear rhinestone bow pin with enameled pine cone K2096 $95.00
706 CINER fish brooch with white enameling over gold tone, 1995 3557 $48.00
707 CINER large dragonfly brooch with pale caramel rhinestones, 1990s X36015 $498.00
708 CINER rich caramel colored enameled butterfly brooch X39433 $598.00
709 CINER silver tone flower brooch with coral stamen tips K39132 $358.00
710 CINER turtle brooch with deep blue rhinestones K65936 $78.00
711 CIRO transparent framed basket brooch with the “Ciro” tag with plique-a-jour like transparent blue background and spider web design 42344 $138.00
712 CLAMPER cream clamper & earrings in soft pink & cream B63736 $138.00
713 CLARKE apple juice chunky bangle reverse carved and painted bangle 66803 $348.00
714 CLASSIC silver mesh purse with kid lining V35933 $98.00
715 CLAUDETTE deep blue rhinestone brooch and earrings 40764 $38.00
716 CLEAR brilliant rhinestone bouquet and bow brooch, large at 4″ Y66623 $128.00
717 CLEAR paste pendant on sterling chain Q35325 $198.00
718 CLEAR paste rhinestones rectangular brooch with a lovely pierced design and clear rhinestones in a silver setting Q37985 $258.00
719 CLEAR paste rhinestones set in silver tone basket brooch Y29741 $148.00
720 CLEAR rhinestone bracelet, wider at the front, set in silver tone metal 40987 $32.00
721 CLEAR rhinestone brilliant butterfly double clip circa 1940 E39473 $198.00
722 CLEAR rhinestone brilliant earrings Y38719 $32.00
723 CLEAR rhinestone flower and teardrops brooch Y37740 $68.00
724 CLEAR rhinestone pendant and pierced earrings 39726 $28.00
725 CLEAR rhinestones brooch round rhinestones & baguettes 66579 $40.00
726 CLEAR rhinestones brooch set in pot metal Y66638 $58.00
727 CLEAR rhinestones comet of stylized flower brooch set in white metal 66638 $58.00
728 CLEAR rhinestones round brooch set in silver tone, fan shapes Y66578 $32.00
729 CLEAR sparkling marquis rhinestone earrings Y66474 $24.00
730 CLIP red, blue & green glass leaves fruit salad style Y39106 $120.00
731 CLIP red, green, blue and clear clip Y24859 $85.00
732 CLIP Retro style fur clip with a splash of colored rhinestones Y39522 $88.00
733 COLLECTION of hand painted china pins with lovely flowers on each, collection of 4 42061 $68.00
734 COLORFUL brilliant art glass bead necklace & pierced earrings Y37095 $188.00
735 COLORFUL glass beads long multi-strand necklace, c 1940 Y40033 $128.00
736 COLORFUL rainbow rhinestone earrings Y22913 $42.00
737 COLORFUL red, green & blue glass beads necklace, multi-pronged settings 40531 $58.00
738 COLORFUL rhinestone spray fur clip with a rainbow of red, purple, green, blue and topaz colored marquis cascading from the top circle 42321 $198.00
739 COLORFUL watermelon aurora necklace with purple and clear Y39412 $138.00
740 COLORFUL wood brooch with aqua, green, red flowers on branch 39459 $128.00
741 COLORFULLY enameled on gold tone segmented fish pendant 40923 $34.00
742 CONCHO BELT Jerry T. Nelson Native American turquoise and sterling beauty N37128 $1,298.00
743 CONTEMPORARY sterling and Druzy pierced earrings X40029 $30.00
744 COPPER Matisse Renoir hinged bangle bracelet with green & white leaves N66640 $28.00
745 CORAL teardrop shaped open hoop earrings for pierced ears 41007 $28.00
746 CORDOVA SHOPS Arts & Crafts hand made leather purse, circa 1930 P39832 $125.00
747 CORO 1941 two tone gold metal bracelet C38570 $348.00
748 CORO 1953 brilliant clear rhinestones bracelet C38522 $398.00
749 CORO beautifully boxed set of necklace & earrings C39632 $48.00
750 CORO brooch with a bird scene enameled on sterling silver, a two-tone peach colored bird with green leaves, red berries 42206 $268.00
751 CORO clear & red rhinestones trembler flower bouquet brooch 38754 $298.00
752 CORO Corocraft sterling Pegasus horse heads Duette fur clips C66580 $115.00
753 CORO CRAFT gold washed sterling enameled basket of flowers brooch 41212 $148.00
754 CORO Duette brooch and dress clips combination C65111 $98.00
755 CORO Duette flower dress clips with blue glass bead tips, clear rhinestone ribbons and little flowers 41294 $248.00
756 CORO flower dress clips in clear rhinestones C35608 $38.00
757 CORO gold tone metal chains and glass pearl necklace 41746 $32.00
758 CORO gold tone metal chains necklace with the original 1960s tag 41743 $42.00
759 CORO gold tone metal chains necklace, 1960s 41744 $42.00
760 CORO jelly belly double flower brooch with Lucite flowers, 1940 C38690 $598.00
761 CORO pink moonglow flowers brooch with clear rhinestones C38871 $338.00
762 CORO Sterling Craft Retro brooch, green, clear rhinestone 1944 C65035 $58.00
763 CORO sterling silver brooch with a two-tone red enameled bird sporting a jaunty yellow crest surrounded by lovely green leaves 42208 $268.00
764 CORO trembler flower flower bouquet brooch with clear and red rhinestones $298.00
765 CORO vase of pansies enamel and rhinestones on rhodium plated setting 24426 $338.00
766 COROCRAFT gold tone metal chains long necklace with a lovely catch 41745 $42.00
767 COROCRAFT red and clear rhinestone hard sided double hinged bracelet, a smaller size at 6″ 42166 $248.00
768 CORSAGE brooch black & gray rhinestones double pin corsage Y38989 $48.00
769 CRANE in a landscape brooch in gold tone Y65417 $198.00
770 CREAM white artificial pearls set necklace & earrings Y66194 $258.00
771 CRISTOBAL London large apple brooch with red, lavender Y36081 $158.00
772 CRISTOBAL red and green rhinestone apple brooch X36435 $158.00
773 CROSS pendant with inlay of turquoise, opal, and coral on a strand of turquoise and sterling beads 7064 $128.00
774 CUT STEEL beads brooch with berries and leaves Y32227 $88.00
775 CZECH Austro-Hungarian Revival style portrait necklace showing a young girl in white 40945 $138.00
776 CZECH basket brooch with colorful and unusual stones including green, rose and blue pressed glass leaves 41828 $138.00
777 CZECH design influenced pendant necklace, chain and earrings with gorgeous purple rhinestones, glass pearls, and blue, black and white enamel 42237 $248.00
778 CZECH glass beads rich blue and clear necklace of molded beads Y40584 $88.00
779 CZECH natural wooden seed bead coil bracelet with multi-colored dyed tips w26608 $328.00
780 CZECH PEACOCK EYE antique pendant style earrings with two-sided eyes on each, for pierced ears 42147 $298.00
781 CZECH purple glass beads necklace Y36517 $68.00
782 CZECHOSLOVAKIAN clear rhinestone flowers bracelet & brooch Q34817 $138.00
783 DANCE compact with finger ring and a lovely enameled top in soft green and white with dainty pink roses 41567 $88.00
784 DANECRAFT sterling silver light weight bracelet with 6 links, each bearing the same pressed sterling design of scrolls and beading 42248 $48.00
785 DANECRAFT sterling silver necklace with wheat sheaves and scroll designs on each link N42245 $98.00
786 DANGLING pendant earrings with red, blue and green glass beads 40579 $32.00
787 DANIEL SWAROVSKI Brilliance sea shells bracelet with original box K39134 $398.00
788 DANIEL SWAROVSKI crystal bird brooch set in sterling, new in box K38921 $198.00
789 DAVID ANDERSEN, Norway, gold washed sterling bracelet with glass pearls and black guilloche enameling 42081 $198.00
790 DAVID colored rhinestone earrings X39324 $20.00
791 DAVID MANDEL’S The Show Must Go On large, unusual and colorful rhinestone brooch X66735 $198.00
792 DB&Co yellow gold filled hinged puffy bangle with embossed scrolls 40621 $36.00
793 DECO basket brooch with colorful glass cabochons Y38770 $98.00
794 DECO Czechoslovakia red and black glass beads necklace Q36353 $78.00
795 DECO era “A” gilt silver mesh purse, flapper era P20973 $158.00
796 DECO era pools of light rock crystal ball dangling earrings with the silver flower surround 37636 $398.00
797 DECO faceted glass teardrops necklace, 28″ of sparkle 40139 $198.00
798 DECO jade green glass ball and marcasite earrings Q38318 $198.00
799 DECO orange and white glass bead necklace Y37048 $42.00
800 DECO P&S diamond, blue spinel 14 karat white gold filigree ring V38879 $498.00
801 DECO pendant necklace with green glass beads and elements 41237 $58.00
802 DECO Richard Hudnut Deauville Idie Aiuviolioie compact a65236 $68.00
803 DECO ring sterling marcasite and citrine ring G18070 $228.00
804 DECO sterling and green unfoiled rhinestone paste necklace Q37873 $198.00
805 DECO sterling and marcasite ring with blue glass sugar loaf cabochon G39778 $68.00
806 DECO sterling bar pin set with black and white enamel N40210 $32.00
807 DECO sterling, green & clear paste bracelet Q38484 $398.00
808 DECO style necklace with lapis blue colored glass cabochons set in silver 42045 $238.00
809 DECO style silver and blue cabochon brooch with baguettes Y36693 $138.00
810 DECO Sydney Latimer paste bar pin & ring 9 karat gold over sterling, fitted box Q36219 $398.00
811 DECO white paste earrings Q38241 $398.00
812 DEJA double flower bouquet bracelet of transparent red glass beads and clear rhinestones on a gold tone mesh band 42193 $798.00
813 DEJA vase brooch of lush red enameled roses in a clear rhinestone pave vase 41305 $898.00
814 DEL RIO Mexican sterling bracelet with green stones N66499 $58.00
815 DELICATE portrait brooch set in 14k yellow gold with 6 pearls 41052 $98.00
816 DEMARIO amber and aurora colored rhinestones, glass cabochons brooch and earrings 26796 $398.00
817 DEMARIO brilliant yellow faceted glass beads two-strand necklace and earrings 40883 $198.00
818 DEMARIO brooch with cherry red unfoiled oval cabochons, clear rose montee, a rose aurora borealis center 41706 $158.00
819 DENICOLA cabochon earrings with rose, green and blue X39627 $110.00
820 DENICOLA fly or bug brooch with red rhinestones and green rhinestone eyes 41827 $68.00
821 DENICOLA genuine seashell brooch with clear rhinestones set in gold tone 41848 $88.00
822 DENICOLA honey colored poured glass brooch X34803 $138.00
823 DENICOLA painted angel face ornament that is signed by hand and dated 1990 42018 $48.00
824 DENICOLA painted mermaid ornament that is hand signed and dated 1990 42019 $48.00
825 DENMARK Brondsted Denmark ceramic necklace & earrings Q37523 $238.00
826 DENMARK circle pin SEZN sterling green enamel N39327 $26.00
827 DENMARK E. Dragsted sterling flower earrings N66526 $30.00
828 Denmark H.S. Herman Siersbol sterling necklace and bracelet N37960 $198.00
829 DENMARK Scandinavian A&K sterling brooch, leaf & berry motif N38278 $32.00
830 DEROSA  cream enameled lily flower earrings with wonderful detail, orange enameled stamen and green enameled leaves d36491 $328.00
831 DEROSA acrostic “Regards” rhinestone spray fur clip 1940s d38456 $248.00
832 DEROSA aqua enameled starfish brooch in gold plated sterling silver 42165 $168.00
833 DEROSA attributed flower brooch with aqua blue and green rhinestones in the center of lovely curled petals lined with clear rhinestones d42357 $298.00
834 DEROSA basket fur clip with enameled forget-me-nots d38962 $698.00
835 DEROSA basket of flowers fur clip with pastel faceted glass lozenges as flowers, each centered with a little clear rhinestone 41820 $1,498.00
836 DEROSA basket of flowers fur clip with pastel faceted glass lozenges as flowers, each centered with a little clear rhinestone d41820 $1,298.00
837 DEROSA bell flowers brooch with red rhinestone stamen and clear rhinestone accents in a gold plated setting 42358 $798.00
838 DEROSA blue & white enameled hydrangea flowers fur clip 1940s d38652 $198.00
839 DeROSA blue enameled flower and leaves fur clip 1940 d24327 $398.00
840 DEROSA bouquet fur clip LARGE and lovely enameled ribbon-tied d21673 $798.00
841 DEROSA bow fur clip with layers of brilliant clear rhinestones and glass pearl rows and dangles 41801 $548.00
842 DEROSA bows, ribbons and starburst brooch with clear rhinestones in a gold plated setting 42313 $398.00
843 DEROSA bracelet and earrings in clear rhinestones set into gold and silver tone metal filigree 41375 $398.00
844 DEROSA bracelet in gold washed sterling with purple, pale blue, green and clear rhinestones and glass pearls and accented with tiny green enameled leaves d41866 $398.00
845 DEROSA bracelet with clear rhinestones in a gold plated filigree setting with it’s original safety chain 42330 $498.00
846 DEROSA bracelet with flowers on the wind, topaz colored rhinestones in gold plated sterling silver setting d36297 $448.00
847 DEROSA bracelet with lots of brilliant blue rhinestones in a wide shimmering gold plated setting with a geometric zigzag design 42312 $348.00
848 DEROSA bracelet with purple, pale blue, green and clear rhinestones and glass pearls and accented with tiny green enameled leaves at the edge 41866 $398.00
849 DEROSA bracelet with unfoiled topaz gold, brown and caramel colored rhinestones 41261 $698.00
850 DEROSA brilliant green and clear rhinestone sliding circle necklace 42129 $398.00
851 DEROSA brilliant pink rhinestone pendant drop earrings in a gold plated sterling setting 42333 $298.00
852 DEROSA brooch pink rhinestones & great movement d20627 $348.00
853 DEROSA brooch with blue round faceted glass beads d39573 $138.00
854 DEROSA brooch with enameled salmon pink roses accented with clear rhinestones 41621 $498.00
855 DEROSA caramel colored enamel leaves and twigs brooch and earrings d19768 $298.00
856 DEROSA clear rhinestone and glass pearls fur clip in a silver plated setting, as is d25977 $298.00
857 DEROSA clear rhinestone bow earrings in a rhodium plated sterling silver setting, clip backs 42324 $238.00
858 DEROSA clear rhinestones dress clip with baguette d38716 $58.00
859 DEROSA comet-like star, bow and circle brooch of clear rhinestones in a gold and rhodium plated setting 42308 $398.00
860 DEROSA dainty gold plated sterling bow brooch with tiny clear rhinestones 41814 $128.00
861 DEROSA dangling pendant style earrings with clear rhinestones set in gold tone metal, open flower design 41755 $298.00
862 DEROSA dark wine red rhinestones fur clip with a glass pearl in the center set in gold washed sterling silver 42189 $298.00
863 DEROSA Deco set of 2 dress clips with clear rhinestones and glass rods d38675 $498.00
864 DEROSA deep pink rhinestone fur clip d35445 $298.00
865 DEROSA deep rose pink rhinestone earrings d35445 $298.00
866 DEROSA double flower fur clip with red and clear d36625 $348.00
867 DEROSA dress clip clear round, baguette rhinestones, medium blue rhinestones in a rhodium plated setting 41416 $498.00
868 DEROSA dress clip in a lover’s knot design with blue invisibly set baguettes, a blue cabochon at one end and and pave clear rhinestones 42199 $498.00
869 DEROSA dress clip with a blue cabochon center, red baguettes and clear rhinestones d41169 $238.00
870 DEROSA dress clip with a blue cabochon center, red baguettes and clear rhinestones in patriotic colors 41169 $198.00
871 DEROSA dress clip with patriotic red, clear and blue invisibly set rhinestones, a gleaming beauty 40413 $598.00
872 DEROSA emerald green baguettes and clear rhinestones bracelet in a rhodium plated sterling silver setting 42216 $598.00
873 DEROSA fabulous enameled violets and leaves bouquet fur clip 34350 $998.00
874 DEROSA fern or feather necklace with clear rhinestones, circa 1940 d23415 $288.00
875 DEROSA flower bouquet fur clip with yellow demi-lune unfoiled rhinestones and brilliant clear rhinestone accents, gold plated sterling 42329 $798.00
876 DEROSA flower fur clip and earrings with rows of cupped flower petals enameled light cinnamon color 41174 $698.00
877 DEROSA flower fur clip with red tulip shaped cabochons, an aqua teardrop shaped center rhinestone and clear rhinestone accents 41644 $358.00
878 DeROSA flower, feather and leaves fur clip c 1940 d23570 $398.00
879 DeROSA flowers clip & earrings with red glass bead stamen d22676 $328.00
880 DEROSA flowers in the wind design bracelet with red rhinestones in gold plated sterling d37251 $468.00
881 DEROSA fur clip bow, flower and leaf in red, blue and clear rhinestones and a center flower blossom 41381 $348.00
882 DEROSA fur clip of purple enameled violets and green leaves d24212 $298.00
883 DEROSA fur clip purple center rhinestone, pale yellow baguettes set n yellow and rose gold washed sterling d34839 $398.00
884 DEROSA fur clip with a bouquet of delicate enameled cream colored flowers with clear rhinestone centers and long green leaves 42188 $498.00
885 DEROSA fur clip with a brilliant blue unfoiled center rhinestone and clear rhinestone accents 42220 $398.00
886 DEROSA fur clip with a deep blue round faceted center rhinestone and red and clear rhinestones all in a gold washed setting 42172 $698.00
887 DEROSA fur clip with a feather, flower and leaf design, all in gorgeous lavender, pink and green with clear rhinestone accents 42130 $398.00
888 DEROSA fur clip with a gold chain fringe and clear rhinestones 35788 $698.00
889 DEROSA fur clip with a heart suspended within a heart of clear rhinestones with a red enameled ribbon bow 41997 $298.00
890 DEROSA fur clip with a red and clear rhinestone flower and green enameled leaves in a gold washed sterling setting 41307 $338.00
891 DEROSA fur clip with a Retro design and a large purple rhinestone center, 1941 40765 $498.00
892 DEROSA fur clip with big blue bell-shaped unfoiled rhinestones, c 1940 d39848 $158.00
893 DEROSA fur clip with brilliant blue and yellow rhinestones nestled in the petal shapes of a gold plated setting 41852 $598.00
894 DEROSA fur clip with brilliant golden and yellow rhinestones set in gold plated petal shapes 41520 $598.00
895 DEROSA fur clip with gold washed sterling flower and ribbons and red rhinestone petals and drops, a glass pearl center 41190 $298.00
896 DEROSA fur clip with green enameled palm tree leaves and aqua enameled coconuts accented by clear rhinestone veins 41812 $398.00
897 DEROSA fur clip with peach enameled flowers and swirl design d39118 $298.00
898 DEROSA fur clip with yellow and blue kite shaped rhinestones, c 1940 d39829 $158.00
899 DEROSA fur clip, a lavender and cream colored flower bouquet with four petals in each flower, accented with green enamel 41904 $298.00
900 DEROSA fur clips with red molded elements and tiny clear rhinestones set in gold washed sterling 41629 $368.00
901 DEROSA gilt sterling brooch with purple and green d39854 $115.00
902 DEROSA gold glass beads, rhinestones and chain fringe fur clip d19913 $698.00
903 DEROSA gold plated mesh bracelet with a center flower decorated with a glass pearl and clear rhinestones 40865 $398.00
904 DEROSA gold plated sterling bracelet with clear rhinestones, 1940s 41692 $448.00
905 DEROSA gold plated sterling brooch in the shape of a bunch of grasses with clear rhinestone dew drops 42178 $298.00
906 DEROSA gold plated sterling Retro style fur clip with sapphire colored blue rhinestones 41240 $498.00
907 DEROSA gold plated sterling silver butterfly brooch with clear and red rhinestones 42356 $598.00
908 DEROSA gold plated sterling silver leaf fur clip with a beautiful unfoiled aqua rhinestone and golden leaf edged with clear rhinestones 42359 $598.00
909 DEROSA gold plated sterling silver little fly insect brooch with a red rhinestone body and green rhinestone eyes 40126 $248.00
910 DEROSA gold washed sterling brooch with a lovely pink rhinestone center 42037 $398.00
911 DEROSA gold washed sterling fur clip with an open rose flower with a glass pearl center, unfoiled long green rhinestones 41764 $498.00
912 DEROSA gold washed sterling fur clip with large red center cushion rhinestone and tiny clear rhinestone accents 41993 $398.00
913 DEROSA green enamel fur clip with red rhinestones d37439 $238.00
914 DEROSA green enameled leaves brooch d27674 $148.00
915 DEROSA green rhinestones stylized flower and stamen fur clip in a gold plated sterling silver setting 42368 $498.00
916 DEROSA intricate ribbons fur clip of clear rhinestones set in gold tone d41945 $398.00
917 DEROSA large flower fur clip with a brilliant ted rhinestone and clear rhinestones in a gold plated setting that is 3″ wide d36343 $698.00
918 DEROSA lion head FUR CLIPS, set of two with amazing detail, 1940s d38886 $398.00
919 DEROSA necklace of clear rhinestones set in silver knots, choker length 41906 $898.00
920 DEROSA necklace, a brilliant and elegant piece created with pale yellow and clear rhinestones 41778 $898.00
921 DEROSA necklace, simple and elegant with flashing clear rhinestones set in rhodium plated sterling silver 42238 $298.00
922 DEROSA oval earrings with clear rhinestones in a gold and silver plated filigree setting d25962 $298.00
923 DEROSA pair of clips set with red and clear rhinestones and beautiful faceted glass rods 42192 $698.00
924 DEROSA patriotic red, clear and blue rhinestones dress clip d40413 $298.00
925 DEROSA patriotic WWII era red, clear and blue rhinestones dress clip 41255 $338.00
926 DEROSA pink oval rhinestone ring with clear rhinestone accents 22168 $148.00
927 DeRosa pomegranate glass beads dress clip d19141 $158.00
928 DEROSA purple and green basket brooch with a lovely unfoiled purple center rhinestone surrounded by lavender and green enameled flowers 41180 $438.00
929 DEROSA purple, pink and lavender hydrangea fur clip 40057 $198.00
930 DEROSA rare applied charms bracelet with clear rhinestones in a gold plated sterling silver setting 41654 $898.00
931 DEROSA rare set of Deco fur clips with red rhinestones d37355 $338.00
932 DEROSA rare traffic lights fur clips, set of two, stop & go d38823 $398.00
933 DEROSA red and clear rhinestones arrow or comet clip d39113 $98.00
934 DEROSA red cabochons clip bouquet in yellow, rose, white gold d38872 $398.00
935 DEROSA regal crown pin with glass pearls in crown shaped prongs 41177 $238.00
936 DEROSA Retro bow fur clip with emerald green and clear rhinestones in a gold plated setting 42305 $698.00
937 DEROSA Retro bows fur clip with purple and clear rhinestones in a gold plated sterling silver setting 42306 $498.00
938 DEROSA Retro fur clip with blue kite shaped unfoiled rhinestones along with clear rhinestones in a gold plated sterling silver setting 42260 $698.00
939 DEROSA Retro red rhinestone fur clip with little clear rhinestones, ruffle accents in a gold plated setting 41202 $498.00
940 DEROSA Retro style brilliant aqua rhinestone fur clip with an unusually cut center stone in a kite shape 42183 $598.00
941 DEROSA Retro style gold mesh bracelet with brilliant red baguettes d39809 $162.00
942 DEROSA rhodium plated sterling silver fur clip with sparkling round and baguette shaped clear rhinestones $498.00
943 DEROSA seashell shaped black enameled brooch with glass pearls and clear rhinestones 42141 $398.00
944 DEROSA seashell shaped black enameled fur clip with a glass pearl and clear rhinestones in a gold plated sterling silver setting. d42141 $498.00
945 DEROSA set of two aqua rhinestones flower brooches with clear rhinestone accents and aqua and cream enamel work 42164 $398.00
946 DEROSA sparkling clear rhinestone earrings set in rhodium plated sterling 41961 $298.00
947 DEROSA sparkling clear rhinestones flower brooch and earrings set in sterling silver 42262 $398.00
948 DEROSA star shaped fur clip with wonderful unfoiled emerald green glass rhinestones but no signature 41864 $498.00
949 DeRosa starburst fur clip rhinestones d22512 $238.00
950 DEROSA starburst fur clip with blue, red and clear rhinestones, three tiered setting 40818 $198.00
951 DEROSA sterling and rhinestones fur clip with round and baguette shaped clear rhinestones 41794 $398.00
952 DEROSA sterling bracelet black, purple, red, green d37356 $348.00
953 DEROSA sterling flower bouquet and bow fur clip with a lovely purple rhinestone center, enameled green leaves 41317 $398.00
954 DEROSA sterling parure with pastel blue baguette rhinestones d39467 $998.00
955 DeROSA sterling silver and clear rhinestones clip and earrings, 1947 d21228 $598.00
956 DEROSA sterling silver fur clip with with pearlized milk glass beads that tremble on springs 37182 $298.00
957 DeROSA sterling vermeil fur clip with a comet swirl with clear rhinestones d22405 $128.00
958 DeROSA sterling vermeil sunburst fur clip with red glass beads d20624 $298.00
959 DEROSA strawberry bracelet and earrings with rich red rhinestones and clear rhinestone accents 41844 $798.00
960 DEROSA style flower brooch with translucent green, rose and orange enamel 29529 $498.00
961 DEROSA style sterling & blue baguette rhinestones choker necklace d39129 $398.00
962 DEROSA unsigned enameled thistle brooch with translucent enamel d34547 $398.00
963 DEROSA unsigned enameled thistle brooch with translucent green leaves and clear and purple rhinestones 42354 $348.00
964 DEROSA unsigned flower and ribbons brooch with purple rhinestones, green enameled leaves 41179 $368.00
965 DEROSA unsigned fur clip with bright clear rhinestones in a gold plated setting, all in a DeRosa style design 42331 $498.00
966 DEROSA unusual dress clip and brooch combo with clear baguettes and blue rhinestones 41241 $398.00
967 DEROSA unusual fur clip open shamrock-shaped fur clip with red rhinestones, glass pearls and clear rhinestones 41355 $288.00
968 DEROSA very unusual brooch and earrings with dazzling sapphire blue and clear rhinestones in a rhodium plated sterling silver setting 42320 $448.00
969 DEROSA vines motif sterling, clear rhinestone and glass half-pearl necklace and bracelet set 40357 $248.00
970 DEROSA white enamel fantasy flower bud fur clip with absolutely amazing colorful and detailed enamel work 41863 $698.00
971 DEROSA wonderful and unusual flower brooch with aqua blue and green rhinestones in the center of lovely curled petals 42357 $498.00
972 DEROSA yellow and red enameled dogwood flower necklace with green enameled leaves 41862 $798.00
973 DG Native American turquoise and sterling bracelet with leaves, Turquoise Mountain 7059 $398.00
974 DIAMOND 14 karat yellow gold hinged hollow bangle K39863 $698.00
975 DIAMOND and 14 karat white gold filigree ring, wedding 40639 $448.00
976 DIAMOND and Rhodolite garnet 14k yellow gold ring K39866 $898.00
977 DIAMOND guard ring 14 karat yellow gold, can be worn with center ring K39864 $198.00
978 DIAMOND Old European cut 18k gold pinky ring K33005 $498.00
979 DIAMOND, platinum, 18k white and yellow gold bar or scarf brooch V39663 $798.00
980 DIAMONDS 18k white gold filigree diamond ring with three diamonds 40468 $298.00
981 DIAN MALOUF unsigned sterling basket of wheat sheaves brooch 63032 $198.00
982 DiMARTINO clamper bracelet with richly colored watermelon aurora borealis rhinestones 41262 $398.00
983 DIOR Christian Dior earrings with red & clear rhinestones X39393 $34.00
984 DKNY Donna Karan gold tone stylized leaf brooch and earrings by Robert Lee Morris 63972 $298.00
985 DKNY unsigned gun metal gray brooch Y65423 $68.00
986 DOMBEK bakelite 3-row laminated bangle marbled blue and green B64854 $148.00
987 DOMBEK bakelite black and yellow diagonal bangle B66255 $145.00
988 DOMBEK bakelite black bangle with cream raised oval dots #B63879 $258.00
989 DOMBEK bakelite cherry red transparent and translucent butterscotch marbled laminated bangle 63131 $132.00
990 DOMBEK bakelite cherry red transparent bangle B63131 $132.00
991 DOMBEK bakelite chunky bangle with dots B65566 $328.00
992 DOMBEK bakelite chunky red bangle with dots B64156 $325.00
993 DOMBEK bakelite dark blue chunky bangle colorful marbled dots 66074 $348.00
994 DOMBEK bakelite five row bangle in brown swirl & black laminate 63356 $88.00
995 DOMBEK bakelite marbled citrus yellow bangle with four red dots 65638 $268.00
996 DOMBEK bakelite red and medium blue swirl zigzag bangle B64291 $198.00
997 DOMBEK bakelite salmon spacer bangle with 6 black dots B63395 $138.00
998 DOMBEK bakelite three row laminated bangle in red, peach and green 63721 $138.00
999 DOMBEK bakelite three-layered bangle in citrus colors, made in 2006 B66213 $198.00
1000 DOMBEK bakelite transparent deep cherry, black bangle B63640 $115.00
1001 DOMBEK bakelite wide laminated bangle, marbled citrus colors B64853 $158.00
1002 DOMBEK burnt sienna swirl & black laminated 3-row bangle B63018 $78.00
1003 DOMINIQUE bib necklace with pink and orange rhinestones X40129 $198.00
1004 DONNA KARAN matte gold tone dangle earrings X65997 $38.00
1005 DORIS SMALLCANYON (D SMCYN mark) Navajo sterling silver and coral kachina squash blossom necklace and earrings 41878 $1,598.00
1006 DOVERCRAFT 1910 pendant necklace, ruffled mesh edges Q40123 $138.00
1007 DRAGON’S BREATH Fred Harvey era sterling bracelet Maisel 1950 N37640 $298.00
1008 DRAGONFLY brooch with dramatic colors Y38867 $98.00
1009 DRAGONFLY sterling and enamel dragonfly brooch or pendant with filigree wings, could be Chinese 41582 $98.00
1010 DRAMATIC  brooch with peacock blue rhinestones, unfoiled deep blue long marquis and red aurora borealis 41738 $238.00
1011 DRESS CLIP with large art glass pastel green cats eye cabochons Y19906 $98.00
1012 DRESS CLIP with really brilliant unfoiled rhinestones set in rhodium plated silver tone 63725 $268.00
1013 DUJAY attributed brooch with oval caramel colored unfoiled cabochons with facets on the back side only, glass pearls and clear rhinestone accents 41524 $898.00
1014 DUJAY attributed glass circle fur clip red bead berries d34726 $698.00
1015 DUJAY green molded glass petals flower brooch X36427 $248.00
1016 DUJAY or DeRosa unsigned blue unfoiled rhinestone earrings 37264 $88.00
1017 DUJAY unsigned green enameled leaf brooch with clear rhinestone d39448 $128.00
1018 DUJAY unsigned pair of trembler flower bouquet dress clips Y38729 $358.00
1019 DUJAY unsigned purple & clear flower bouquet brooch Y38604 $298.00
1020 E A BLISS purse made of gold colored metal mesh with little blue glass tips 41246 $88.00
1021 E&M Eiler & Marloe sterling deer brooch N37963 $158.00
1022 EAGLE clear rhinestone pave patriotic eagle brooch Y27760 $198.00
1023 EARLY GEORGIAN antique 8 to 12 karat yellow gold brooch with ruby and green faceted glass stones, jointed 42124 $698.00
1024 EARRINGS blue and purple anodized titanium Y39507 $68.00
1025 EARRINGS enameled sterling floral earrings in deep purple and white 40991 $20.00
1026 EARRINGS in matte silver metal with green beads and glass cabochon 39508 $88.00
1027 EARRINGS pink glass seed bead, textured gold tone petals Y11250 $20.00
1028 EARRINGS with clear unfoiled marquis-shaped rhinestones set in a black japanned setting 36118 $36.00
1029 EARRINGS with gem tone rhinestones Y39104 $20.00
1030 EARRINGS with stylized leaf design in silver semi-matte Y39508 $88.00
1031 EDGAR BEREBI brown enamel earrings X65868 $32.00
1032 EDGAR BEREBI Limited Edition “The Persian” slipper box in red, green and blue enamel with charm inside 65853 $48.00
1033 EDGAR BEREBI Limited Edition Christmas ornament 2, 1997 X65845 $20.00
1034 EDGAR BEREBI Limited Edition Helena pendant enameled necklace 65843 $88.00
1035 EDGAR BEREBI Limited Edition lady face mask brooch X65838 $32.00
1036 EDGAR BEREBI Ltd Edition Persian slipper box & charm X65853 $48.00
1037 EDGAR BEREBI Remembrance shoes brooch X65856 $24.00
1038 EDGAR BEREBI set of two Limited Edition Dance of the Flowers brooches 65841 $48.00
1039 EDLEE green and topaz colored carved glass set X39290 $398.00
1040 EDWARDIAN LB Co. 14k seed pearl crescent pin Q13046 $158.00
1041 EDWARDIAN 10 k yellow gold natural sapphire V38317 $398.00
1042 EDWARDIAN 10k cameo brooch pearl surround, pendant loop, 1910 V39231 $298.00
1043 EDWARDIAN 10k green paste fringe necklace V38363 $398.00
1044 EDWARDIAN 14 karat yellow gold crescent pin Q36758 $148.00
1045 EDWARDIAN 14 karat yellow gold crescent pin in seed pearls 36758 $228.00
1046 EDWARDIAN 14k bow pin blue Zirconia & platinum tips K39340 $198.00
1047 EDWARDIAN 14k diamond and pearls pin K39339 $298.00
1048 EDWARDIAN 14k yellow gold, pearl and enamel round pin with softly enameled flower and leaves 42051 $198.00
1049 EDWARDIAN 15ct gold and seed pearl pendant necklace with star Q37653 $448.00
1050 EDWARDIAN 15k, natural amethyst and seed pearl necklace & earrings V37971 $798.00
1051 EDWARDIAN 9ct yellow gold Art Nouveau pin by Sydenham Brothers V38731 $148.00
1052 EDWARDIAN A&J Zimmerman sterling silver fitted ring box , initials NL,1912 V39774 $598.00
1053 EDWARDIAN antique 14 karat & seed pearls brooch, 1900 Q32946 $235.00
1054 EDWARDIAN Art Nouveau antique 10 karat yellow gold pin with a delicately enameled flower Q12739 $598.00
1055 EDWARDIAN Art Nouveau sterling silver English teaspoons, 1901 a32990 $225.00
1056 EDWARDIAN boxed sterling silver serviette napkin rings set 1912 V37912 $198.00
1057 EDWARDIAN dainty 10k & seed pearl birds in flight bar pin Q12787 $130.00
1058 EDWARDIAN era sterling ring box, Blackensee, 1911 a33002 $188.00
1059 EDWARDIAN HB Co gold tone lorgnette chain seed pearl slide V39294 $88.00
1060 EDWARDIAN platinum and 14k white gold brooch set with diamonds 40952 $898.00
1061 EDWARDIAN seed pearls & 10k starburst pin Q36254 $148.00
1062 Edwardian sterling and agate bangle 1918 V33612 $238.00
1063 EDWARDIAN sterling English teaspoons hallmarked 1920 Wilmot Mfg a32996 $198.00
1064 EDWARDIAN sterling vesta sports piece “Tug of War”, 1901 a32997 $238.00
1065 EGYPTIAN 14k DECO motif pendant scarab Q38661 $238.00
1066 EGYPTIAN revival very pale green faience scarab brooch set in in 800 silver 42253 $36.00
1067 EISENBERG “Decoration” brooch hand set clear rhinestones,1946 E39621 $398.00
1068 EISENBERG brooch with rich red and brilliant clear unfoiled rhinestones set in gold tone metal 24787 $238.00
1069 EISENBERG dazzling clear rhinestones bracelet in a silver colored rhodium plated setting 41664 $128.00
1070 EISENBERG dazzling clear rhinestones bracelet in a silver colored rhodium plated setting, 1960s E41664 $128.00
1071 EISENBERG dazzlingly clear rhinestone butterfly double clip E21238 $338.00
1072 EISENBERG earrings in sparkling clear rhinestones set in a rhodium plated silver finish 41681 $48.00
1073 EISENBERG green art glass cabochon brooch and earrings with original boxes E36806 $395.00
1074 EISENBERG green leaf fur clip in sterling with a gold wash, 1945 E35331 $498.00
1075 EISENBERG ICE clear foiled and unfoiled rhinestones snowflake brooch on original card 41808 $98.00
1076 EISENBERG ICE large flower brooch with two tones of blue rhinestones with clear rhinestone accents 41805 $138.00
1077 EISENBERG ICE large flower brooch with two tones of topaz colored rhinestones with clear rhinestone accents 41806 $128.00
1078 EISENBERG jelly mold unsigned dress clip E37828 $288.00
1079 EISENBERG ORIGINAL aqua & cranberry rhinestone clip E35918 $298.00
1080 EISENBERG Original brilliant clear rhinestones bow brooch $248.00
1081 EISENBERG Original clear rhinestone dress clip with topaz E37452 $198.00
1082 EISENBERG ORIGINAL clear rhinestones fur clip with interesting stones 41715 $198.00
1083 EISENBERG Original clip with aqua beads, clear rhinestones, 4″ and 1940s E39575 $398.00
1084 EISENBERG ORIGINAL dress clip with clear rhinestones, original fitted box E39465 $298.00
1085 EISENBERG Original flower bouquet brooch tied with a bow E39533 $128.00
1086 EISENBERG ORIGINAL leaf fur clip with green enameled veins and dazzling clear rhinestones 15632 $598.00
1087 EISENBERG ORIGINAL long dress clip with dazzling clear rhinestones in a silver tone metal setting along with a wonderful Eisenberg Original fitted box 39465 $598.00
1088 EISENBERG ORIGINAL showy large gold tone flower fur clip E37444 $238.00
1089 EISENBERG ORIGINAL sterling & glass pearls brooch, clear rhinestone E39077 $298.00
1090 EISENBERG ORIGINAL sterling and clear rhinestones bow brooch E39556 $238.00
1091 EISENBERG sterling and clear rhinestones swirl brooch, 1946 E38895 $198.00
1092 EISENBERG sterling unsigned multi-colored fur clip topaz, red, blue E37829 $148.00
1093 EISENBERG style but unsigned dress clip with clear rhinestones, both foiled and unfoiled 60507 $358.00
1094 EISENBERG unsigned buds and flower brooch with glass pearls E37911 $398.00
1095 EISENBERG unsigned red & clear rhinestones dress clip E24787 $238.00
1096 EL BILLAH sterling and turquoise earrings for pierced ears 7068 $58.00
1097 ELGIN American gold tone compact and peach fabric pouch P66583 $38.00
1098 ELGIN Victorian antique 14 karat yellow gold pendant watch w40018 $398.00
1099 EMERALD 14k yellow gold and emeralds trilogy ring G24931 $298.00
1100 EMERALD Deco 14k pendant necklace with diamonds G39715 $580.00
1101 ENAMEL 14k enameled double pansy pendant necklace K38235 $498.00
1102 ENAMELED flower brooch with pink flowers, green leaves and red Y36516 $228.00
1103 ENAMELED rhinestone apple fruit fur clip Y29454 $95.00
1104 ENGLISH CS&Co sterling silver footed ring and jewelry box, fitted inside 1913 39834 $448.00
1105 ENGLISH enameled pansy 9 carat yellow gold necklace red enameled K38218 $398.00
1106 ENGLISH hallmarked 10 karat pinkie or baby ring in yellow gold 39273 $120.00
1107 ENGLISH sterling & paste dangling leaves flowers brooch Q38606 $398.00
1108 ENGLISH sterling silver bamboo bracelet CPS N66512 $98.00
1109 ENGLISH sterling three-footed jewelry box hallmarked, 1919 33279 $395.00
1110 ENGLISH vesta or match safe sterling and 9 carat rose gold dated 1904 V36013 $398.00
1111 ENGLISH Victorian sterling chatelaine mirror, thimble bucket etc V38440 $398.00
1112 ENGLISH Victorian sterling set of three buttons 1902 V38696 $135.00
1113 ESSEX Victorian rock crystal antique reverse carved & hand painted ring V39759 $598.00
1114 ETRUSCAN REVIVAL 800 sterling charm bracelet with ten different charms 41821 $298.00
1115 EUGENE 8-strand faceted glass yellow and green beads necklace D23762 $498.00
1116 EUGENE red aurora borealis faceted glass beads and matte beads necklace and earrings X41225 $142.00
1117 EUGENE red aurora borealis faceted glass beads and matte beads necklace and earrings 41225 $148.00
1118 EUROPEAN DECO French silver mesh necklace Q36961 $168.00
1119 EXOTIC FACE brooch with pale yellow, topaz colored, gray and clear rhinestones and aqua glass bead dangling earrings 41713 $98.00
1120 FACE or mask clear rhinestone brooch, rhodium plated setting with a pastel blue square rhinestone 41610 $98.00
1121 FACETED glass beads necklace with gold metallic finish Y35468 $98.00
1122 FACETED leaded glass beads necklace, a long sparkling 35″ long 39688 $68.00
1123 FARFAN “Hencho Mexico” silver bracelet abalone masks N66500 $98.00
1124 FASHIONCRAFT by ROBERT bracelet with unfoiled soft baby blue, green and topaz colored rhinestones 41740 $648.00
1125 FASHIONCRAFT by ROBERT brooch pale pink, aqua X39243 $168.00
1126 FASHIONCRAFT by Robert heart brooch of black glass, red and topaz X40127 $115.00
1127 FASHIONCRAFT by Robert Originals circa 1946 bracelet and more O38480 $698.00
1128 FASHIONCRAFT Robert brooch with pink, blue, green X37893 $348.00
1129 FEATHER HUGE 5″ enameled brooch, emerald green marquis 8205 $298.00
1130 FEENEY Leo Feeney sterling cross coral, faceted garnets, citrine N39768 $698.00
1131 FIGURE red, dark blue and black enamel figural dancing man pin Y66594 $34.00
1132 FIGURES Dutch couple figural fur clips man & woman water carriers Y66586 $46.00
1133 FILIGREE and pink rhinestone pendant on a sterling chain Y39899 $68.00
1134 FILIGREE Austro-Hungarian style rectangular pendant, with colorful rhinestones 41362 $58.00
1135 FILIGREE butterflies necklace in gold washed 800 silver, pastel accents Q40294 $68.00
1136 FILIGREE gold tone filigree clip back earrings Y39323 $20.00
1137 FILIGREE yellow rhinestone pendant, 1930s Q39480 $88.00
1138 FILLI PERUZZI sterling silver pendant Gothic look necklace and chain marked on the back “F Peruzzi sterling Made in Italy” 42242 $288.00
1139 FISH blowing bubbles brooch with blue and white cabochons, green and caramel enameling 41310 $158.00
1140 FISH silver tone stylized fish brooch with pink Y65595 $24.00
1141 FISHEL NESSLER & Co green glass necklace with teardrop-shaped glass elements intaglio cut 40450 $58.00
1142 FLAMINGO in a pond landscape brooch with colorful enamel work in pink, greens and darker rose colors 42167 $348.00
1143 FLORAL brooch with very soft yellow unfoiled rhinestone flowers and clear foiled rhinestone leaves and accents 26172 $228.00
1144 FLORAL brooch with very soft yellow unfoiled rhinestone flowers and clear foiled rhinestone leaves and accents Y26172 $348.00
1145 FLORENZA charming nodding poodle pin cushion with red velvet cushion X66639 $24.00
1146 FLORENZA lavender plum purple art glass rhinestone brooch X39397 $78.00
1147 FLOWER bouquet brooch with pink and blue enameled flowers Y38835 $258.00
1148 FLOWER bouquet brooch with pink and clear rhinestones Y20488 $228.00
1149 Flower bouquet green & clear rhinestones brooch Y23344 $98.00
1150 FLOWER bouquet trembler brooch Y35026 $228.00
1151 FLOWER brooch in pink & green rhinestones and leaves Y66593 $28.00
1152 FLOWER chrysanthemum pin with many petals of clear rhinestones Y15616 $48.00
1153 FLOWER enameled pink and green chrysanthemum fur clip Y60762 $78.00
1154 FLOWER Lily-of-the valley brooch with glass pearl flowers Y66592 $78.00
1155 FLOWER orange honey colored flower pin B38849 $48.00
1156 FLOWER pin in yellow plastic petals chartreuse rhinestones B36116 $68.00
1157 FLOWER rose colored cellulose acetate flower brooch B38862 $58.00
1158 FLOWER rosy pink plastic flower brooch B38827 $38.00
1159 FLOWER unusual bouquet brooch with three different kinds of flowers 42295 $398.00
1160 FLOWERS enameled Duette style brooch and dress clips combo Y65042 $98.00
1161 FLOWERS enameled Duette style brooch and dress clips combo in dusty red and green with red, blue 65042 $98.00
1162 FLOWERS purple and salmon colored flower earrings B36540 $32.00
1163 FLY small silver buckle in two pieces with a fly on each one N39753 $68.00
1164 FOLTZ black bakelite charm bracelet with butterscotch dogs B60096 $68.00
1165 FOLTZ butterscotch bakelite charm bracelet dogs B60095 $68.00
1166 FOX French gold tone fox figural fur clip with so much personality and red rhinestone eyes Y21866 $198.00
1167 FOX rare segmented fox necklace, bracelet and earrings circa 1930 Y37375 $398.00
1168 FRED BLOCK sterling vermeil flower or cornucopia & bow fur clip X64932 $128.00
1169 FRED HARVEY sterling dragon’s breath bracelet, thunderbirds N40226 $228.00
1170 FRED HARVEY style Dragon’s breath and sterling silver bracelet 40854 $258.00
1171 FRENCH aqua chenille flower clothes or millinery hat ornament, Made in France, 3 available $18.00
1172 FRENCH blue opalescent necklace Q32826 $298.00
1173 FRENCH chenille flower milliney, hat or clothes ornament, Made in France, 3 available 41588 $18.00
1174 FRENCH Deco silver paste enamel brooch, boxed & hallmarked Q38364 $238.00
1175 FRENCH DECO silver, green glass, onyx and marcasite Q35696 $288.00
1176 FRENCH foiled glass cabochon links necklace & earrings for Dior X39318 $1,400.00
1177 FRENCH fur clip with a hexagon shaped ceramic center piece in aqua, brown and white and a spray of clear rhinestone 42215 $398.00
1178 FRENCH Lucite jelly belly double leaf brooch with both Lucite and gold tone metal leaves and veins 38761 $798.00
1179 FRENCH paste aqua blue and clear paste earrings marked sterling Q38240 $298.00
1180 FRENCH pink chenille flower clothes or millinery hat ornament, Made in France, 3 available $18.00
1181 FRENCH purple chenille flower millinery hat or clothes ornament, Made in France, 3 available $18.00
1182 FRENCH rare Lucite jelly belly type double leaf brooch Q38761 $798.00
1183 FUR CLIP with a center oval caramel colored faceted rhinestone Y40059 $30.00
1184 GA ITALY sterling & clear rhinestone butterfly pin X7080 $98.00
1185 GABRIEL sterling & 18k flowers brooch X60611 $78.00
1186 GARDEN CART or basket brooch with tulip flowers X20093 $198.00
1187 GARNET & diamond ring heart garnet cabochon rose cut diamonds V33004 $798.00
1188 GARNET 9ct garnet cabochon and rose cut diamonds ring V39752 $498.00
1189 GARNET cabochons & rose cut diamond earrings G33033 $695.00
1190 GARNET cluster earrings set in 9 karat yellow gold, earrings for pierced ears 36531 $138.00
1191 GARNET cluster ring set in gold washed sterling 37428 $98.00
1192 GELL Wendy Gell for Walt Disney Wristie with a dwarf character X66739 $98.00
1193 GEM stone earrings with glass pearls, quartz, dyed quartz, glass Y40039 $58.00
1194 GEM stone earrings with labradorite, turquoise, mystic topaz, and quartz Y40040 $58.00
1195 GENEVIEVE purse clear rhinestones, black velvet, possible Hobe frame O37421 $498.00
1196 Geoffrey G Bellamy & Ivan Tarratt brooch N37968 $96.00
1197 GEORGIAN 14k ring seed pearls, box, c 1820 V37541 $798.00
1198 GEORGIAN 15k ring with a wine red garnet cabochon 39752 $692.00
1199 GEORGIAN antique 15k Stuart crystal ring with gold wire cipher V33264 $1,400.00
1200 GEORGIAN antique 15k yellow gold chain with box clasp, circa 1800 V36618 $998.00
1201 GEORGIAN antique 9k, pearl and hair mourning ring 1802 and inscribed En Thorton V36262 $598.00
1202 GERMAN four-stand necklace & earrings iridescent pink & brown Y39503 $88.00
1203 GERMAN GES GESCH blue rhinestone rooster brooch X66516 $148.00
1204 GERMAN iridescent blue and green gem tone crescent-shaped elements earrings X39458 $298.00
1205 GERMAN silver and marcasite leaves and coral berries necklace Q38624 $298.00
1206 GERMAN sterling Giardinetti basket pin green topaz purple Q38572 $78.00
1207 GERMAN sterling silver and clear paste bracelet X38239 $320.00
1208 GERMANY sterling green stone cabochon marcasite ring N35469 $98.00
1209 GLASS bead necklace white red green beads Y35628 $98.00
1210 GLASS green leaves & pale pink glass dress clip Y31266 $128.00
1211 GLASS hand blown bead amazing colors and masterfully made a38955 $36.00
1212 GLASS hand blown bead in the most amazing colors $38.00
1213 GLASS hand blown glass bead in the most amazing colors $38.00
1214 GLASS hand blown glass bead in the most amazing colors $34.00
1215 GLASS hand blown glass beads in amazing and beautiful colors 38855 $68.00
1216 GLASS topaz colored glass rhinestone and beads necklace Q40298 $68.00
1217 GNS George STEERE Phoenix motif hidden locket brooch c 1910 X38290 $398.00
1218 GOLD TONE flower bouquet brooch Y29529 $298.00
1219 GOLD TONE large bouquet brooch with faceted topaz colored glass beads Y25944 $398.00
1220 GOLD tone necklace with white and black enameling Damascene 40213 $32.00
1221 GOLD tone textured round lavender rhinestone flower brooch Y38928 $32.00
1222 GOLDSTEIN-POLAND bird brooch of sterling set with clear rhinestones, a bird on the wing brooch 37578 $98.00
1223 GORHAM sterling owl pendant N39482 $68.00
1224 GORHAM sterling shoe horn with roses a5563 $68.00
1225 GRADUATED Victorian gold tone three strand beads necklace V38461 $348.00
1226 GRAY SET of bracelet and brooch set with round gray glass cabochons 41507 $32.00
1227 GRAZIANO brilliantly clear rhinestone starburst brooch with a silver tone setting 41950 $58.00
1228 GREEN & clear marvelous paste necklace or brooch in sterling silver Q37939 $498.00
1229 GREEN & clear paste lavaliere necklace 800/1000 sterling silver Q38316 $258.00
1230 GREEN iridescent enameled figural frog brooch X19448 $120.00
1231 GRIFFONS figural sash brooch with a purple center rhinestone surrounded by griffons and clovers 41224 $88.00
1232 GWC sterling silver lorgnette chain, 50″ 40877 $98.00
1233 HAMILTON Deco diamonds and 14k white gold 1930’s wrist watch w40130 $698.00
1234 HAND BLOWN glass bead amazing colors masterfully made 38955 $36.00
1235 HAND PAINTED porcelain portrait brooch of a lady, pink hat Y26396 $34.00
1236 HAR figural genie bracelet with wonderful different links X40498 $1,598.00
1237 HAR figural genie brooch with a glass “crystal” ball X40499 $328.00
1238 HAR green dragon set green enamel, rainbow lava & aurora borealis rhinestones X40494 $998.00
1239 HASKELL artificial pearl necklace and earrings with rose montee H33799 $148.00
1240 HASKELL black beads earrings with a faceted bead center 19547 $24.00
1241 HASKELL early unsigned Hess cranberry glass beads dress clips H25969 $198.00
1242 HASKELL early unsigned orange glass beads dress clip H24003 $248.00
1243 HASKELL Frank Hess early dress clip with carrot orange colored glass beads 19941 $398.00
1244 HASKELL Hess 1937 unsigned Frank Hess parure, a favorite! H34284 $1,998.00
1245 HASKELL Hess blue and pink glass bar brooch H35540 $128.00
1246 HASKELL Hess blue and white flowers fur clip H36862 $148.00
1247 HASKELL Hess blue glass flowers and leaves brooch, circa 1930’s H34281 $328.00
1248 HASKELL Hess brooch of delicate pastel blue and pink glass H34222 $238.00
1249 HASKELL Hess brooch with pink and yellow violet-like flowers 40137 $328.00
1250 HASKELL Hess brooch with pink and yellow violets H35547 $398.00
1251 HASKELL Hess early dress clip with blue & clear glass flowers H28117 $238.00
1252 HASKELL Hess early pink & blue glass beads & flowers brooch H35276 $338.00
1253 HASKELL Hess early unsigned dress clip with wood florets 1940 H26700 $195.00
1254 HASKELL Hess five-piece jewelry parure & original advertising art H34992 $1,998.00
1255 HASKELL Hess fur clip with pink and blue glass flowers, buds & l H39614 $128.00
1256 HASKELL Hess glass beads & painted leaves clip 1935 H34882 $198.00
1257 HASKELL Hess lush blue glass leaves, flowers and beads necklace H34279 $698.00
1258 HASKELL Hess lush blue glass petals and beads coil bracelet and fur clip H36697 $698.00
1259 HASKELL Hess painted leaves and glass beads bar brooch circa 1935 H38773 $248.00
1260 HASKELL Hess painted milk glass violets and green glass leaves parure H39615 $798.00
1261 HASKELL Hess parure of pink and purple glass petals H35840 $1,698.00
1262 HASKELL Hess pink and blue glass flowers, leaves lariat necklace H34687 $898.00
1263 HASKELL Hess rare and ornate necklace with pearlized flowers, c 1930 H28619 $798.00
1264 HASKELL Hess red glass beads and artificial pearl dress clip H36067 $128.00
1265 HASKELL Hess red, blue green and natural wood beads dress clip H36783 $188.00
1266 HASKELL Hess set of a bracelet and dress clip H26051 $698.00
1267 HASKELL Hess set of yellow coil & pin plus original Austin design art work H36111 $998.00
1268 HASKELL Hess yellow and amber swirl fur clip H34672 $298.00
1269 HASKELL Miriam Haskell aqua glass bead necklace & earrings H35584 $138.00
1270 HASKELL or Czech unsigned natural, green, pale yellow earrings H36782 $26.00
1271 HASKELL original gouache (water color) art work illustration H35519 $298.00
1272 HASKELL red glass leaves and beads fur clip with flower H36290 $158.00
1273 HASKELL very rare beaded flowers bracelet and earrings H36641 $798.00
1274 HATTIE CARNEGIE aqua and dark blue glass peacock swirl bead necklace and clip back earrings 40588 $88.00
1275 HATTIE CARNEGIE attributed peacock aqua color teardrop shaped cabochons necklace that literally glows with light 42196 $448.00
1276 HATTIE CARNEGIE bracelet, a hinged style with a floral bouquet C7136 $595.00
1277 HATTIE CARNEGIE brooch & earrings, topaz colored art glass C32368 $248.00
1278 HATTIE CARNEGIE brooch with luminescent pressed golden glass leaves that surround a center of  black glass bugle beads 38229 $898.00
1279 HATTIE CARNEGIE cameo necklace and earrings set with white coral colored glass beads C40523 $238.00
1280 HATTIE CARNEGIE colorful poured clasp necklace with gold tone chains 40525 $138.00
1281 HATTIE CARNEGIE double hinged bracelet with a gorgeous floral bouquet of white, green and blue glass seed bead flowers 7136 $898.00
1282 HATTIE CARNEGIE glowing aqua, blue and green glass cabochons bracelet 42378 $128.00
1283 HATTIE CARNEGIE green glass melon shaped beads, clear rhinestones necklace and clip back earrings 40587 $138.00
1284 HATTIE CARNEGIE green, white & pink beads flower brooch C37601 $238.00
1285 HC CARNEGIE royal king and queen fur clips with milk glass bellies and clear rhinestone accents 42004 $598.00
1286 HC HATTIE CARNEGIE royal king and queen fur clips, regal with pearlized bellies, clear rhinestone 40501 $898.00
1287 HC HATTIE CARNEGIE royal queen fur clip with pearlized body and clear rhinestone accents, circa 1945 40502 $198.00
1288 HEARTS charming hand painted porcelain hearts watch fob Q39667 $115.00
1289 HELMETED SOLDIER CAMEO bracelet with 9 links, each with a black glass or onyx helmeted cameo face 42251 $48.00
1290 HENTON sterling wide C-shaped cuff bracelet N35599 $198.00
1291 HERE’S LOOKING AT YOU! large 5″ brooch with a blue glass eye surrounded by brilliant clear rhinestones in a silver plated finish 42309 $168.00
1292 HERMAN VANDEVER Award winner Native American Royston turquoise necklace N37242 $348.00
1293 HOBE aqua and clear rhinestone leaf pin O37419 $115.00
1294 HOBE aqua rhinestone flower brooch in sterling silver with 14k gold plated accents, hand wrought to form the lots of petals and leaves 42201 $498.00
1295 HOBE aqua rhinestone gold washed and sterling silver heart brooch and pendant combination 41824 $698.00
1296 HOBE attributed rare and amazing gold washed and sterling silver ornament with a celluloid plaque of a wonderful carved scene of a child riding a stag, flying birds, vines and leaves 42111 $698.00
1297 HOBE attributed sterling silver dress clip with a center pink stone surrounded by bullet cabochons, dyed green chalcedony and saddle cut synthetic garnets 39592 $698.00
1298 HOBE Austro-Hungarian revival ring with emerald green glass cabochons, tiny glass pearls and enameling 42008 $188.00
1299 HOBE Austro-Hungarian revival style locket with glass pearls and red, black and white enamel 41959 $168.00
1300 HOBE Austro-Hungarian style pendant & earrings O39276 $248.00
1301 HOBE blue and clear bracelet and heart earrings O39622 $498.00
1302 HOBE blue glass petals necklace with clear rhinestone accents 40539 $78.00
1303 HOBE bracelet and earrings with gorgeous pastel yellow oval faceted rhinestones 40591 $48.00
1304 HOBE bracelet in an Old World Austro-Hungarian style O39102 $998.00
1305 HOBE bracelet in lovely colors of pink, purple and clear rhinestones in a hand made silver filigree setting with leaves and scrolls 42307 $998.00
1306 HOBE bracelet made of collet set rose pink glass cabochons, the center one with a starburst design that shows through from the back, and unfoiled clear rhinestones 42190 $1,498.00
1307 HOBE bracelet of pink and green rhinestones in a gold plated sterling silver filigree setting 42351 $898.00
1308 HOBE bracelet red synthetic ruby center yellow peridot rhinestones O39028 $598.00
1309 HOBE bracelet that features brilliant unfoiled aqua, pink and clear rhinestones 41304 $1,398.00
1310 HOBE bracelet with a large aqua unfoiled center rhinestone surrounded by pink and green rhinestones and clear cabochons 39475 $2,200.00
1311 HOBE bracelet with aqua rhinestones set in sterling silver and with accents of  gold plating 38232 $348.00
1312 HOBE bracelet with aqua, pink and clear unfoiled rhinestones 41952 $1,698.00
1313 HOBE bracelet with beautiful purple rectangular unfoiled rhinestones and pink and clear unfoiled rhinestone in alternate links 41841 $1,898.00
1314 HOBE bracelet with beautiful purple, pink and clear rhinestones H41841 $1,498.00
1315 HOBE bracelet with bight sparkling pastel blue, aqua and clear rhinestones set in hand made sterling silver 41845 $1,498.00
1316 HOBE bracelet with brilliant clear and purple unfoiled rhinestones X36067 $1,298.00
1317 HOBE bracelet with golden color and clear rhinestones set in hand made gilt sterling wire filigree, brilliant and sparkling 41846 $1,498.00
1318 HOBE bracelet with lovely unfoiled pastel blue and clear rhinestones in a hand wrought filigree wire work 41859 $998.00
1319 HOBE bracelet with opalescent diamond-shaped cabochons 40590 $38.00
1320 HOBE bracelet with pale blue, yellow, clear and purple O37169 $595.00
1321 HOBE bracelet with pastel blue, dark blue sapphire , ruby and clear spinel gem stones 41244 $1,198.00
1322 HOBE bracelet with pink, blue and clear unfoiled rhinestones in a hand made gilt sterling silver wire work setting 41753 $1,298.00
1323 HOBE bracelet with red, clear and blue unfoiled rhinestones 40908 $498.00
1324 HOBE bracelet with red, clear and blue unfoiled rhinestones, 1940s 40454 $468.00
1325 HOBE bracelet with unfoiled aqua and clear rhinestones O37760 $598.00
1326 HOBE brilliant aqua and clear rhinestones bracelet with square center stones 41242 $1,298.00
1327 HOBE brilliant clear rhinestones bracelet with both navettes and round stones 40597 $34.00
1328 HOBE brooch green & enamel, Austro-Hungarian Revival O37178 $148.00
1329 HOBE brooch in citrine green, clear and pink unfoiled rhinestones with three pendant dangles, set in handmade sterling with yellow gold wash 39122 $898.00
1330 HOBE brooch in sterling silver with a lapis lazuli cabochon surrounded by hand made flowers, leaves and tiny beads 41968 $238.00
1331 HOBE brooch of unfoiled pink, clear and citrine green rhinestones all set in sterling gilt hand made wirework 37994 $698.00
1332 HOBE brooch or pendant combination, brilliant O38672 $398.00
1333 HOBE brooch with an very unusual color of rhinestone in the center, an  unfoiled purple rhinestone shot with wine red 42218 $498.00
1334 HOBE brooch with pink, blue and clear unfoiled rhinestones O38831 $248.00
1335 HOBE brooch with rose cabochons and blue and clear unfoiled rhinestones set in gold plated silver hand wrought filigree 35327 $498.00
1336 HOBE butterfly brooch with unfoiled pink, clear and citrine green rhinestones set in gold tone filigree 37767 $398.00
1337 HOBE citrine green and pink unfoiled rhinestones brooch set in gold washed sterling 39429 $298.00
1338 HOBE comma shaped earrings with garnet and glass doublette stones O29806 $78.00
1339 HOBE compact with aqua, pink and clear unfoiled rhinestones set in handmade gold tone filigree 37171 $698.00
1340 HOBE crescent brooch, earrings with blue, clear, purple O38605 $198.00
1341 HOBE cross pendant of rich red garnet colored faceted rhinestones in an antiqued gold tone filigree 41774 $88.00
1342 HOBE Damascene center warrior brooch with rhinestones O37991 $498.00
1343 HOBE dress clip with pink, blue and clear unfoiled 40348 $398.00
1344 HOBE earrings in purple, pink and clear unfoiled rhinestones O39015 $238.00
1345 HOBE earrings of pink art glass, aurora borealis faceted glass crystals and white beads 16644 $38.00
1346 HOBE earrings with a round glass aqua bead with gold flecks 40594 $26.00
1347 HOBE earrings with caramel, celery green, pale yellow O39636 $32.00
1348 HOBE earrings with wonderful red and green beads 40615 $58.00
1349 HOBE elegant brooch with citrine green and pink unfoiled rhinestones set in gold washed sterling hand made wire work with a flip-up loop 37728 $898.00
1350 HOBE fabulous brooch with pink, yellow, blue and green O39297 $398.00
1351 HOBE festoon necklace of pink, citrine and clear rhinestones with detachable brooch 13958 $3,200.00
1352 HOBE flower brooch with a gleaming green rhinestone, sterling silver and gold plated sterling flower bouquet tied with a bow at the bottom 42318 $398.00
1353 HOBE four-strand necklace and matching earrings spectacular glass cylinder beads O40598 $148.00
1354 HOBE framed Josef purse with accessories and a glorious frame with a central faceted aqua rhinestone surrounded by moonstone cabochons and brilliant rhinestones 23864 $2,200.00
1355 HOBE framed purse with pastel aqua, pink, rose & lavender rhinestones O37139 $898.00
1356 HOBE framed purse with pastel aqua, pink, rose and lavender unfoiled rhinestones 37139 $998.00
1357 HOBE frosted green leaves necklace and earrings, original box and tags 39553 $238.00
1358 HOBE gold plated sterling silver earrings with rhinestones in purple pink O38674 $268.00
1359 HOBE gold washed sterling bracelet with hand wrought filigree and rhinestones in golden, pale yellow and celery green 41125 $498.00
1360 HOBE green & clear rhinestone earrings O38555 $22.00
1361 HOBE green rhinestone dress clip in sterling silver and yellow gold plating O40861 $448.00
1362 HOBE green rhinestones bracelet in sterling silver and 14k yellow gold plate, made in the mid-1940s 42203 $698.00
1363 HOBE heart and bow brooch with a drop suspended from the bottom, it is aqua, pink and clear 39676 $544.00
1364 HOBE Josef beaded purse with colored rhinestone frame, 1950 O37138 $998.00
1365 HOBE Josef purse with hand embroidered and glass beaded body O38017 $1,498.00
1366 HOBE lapis blue color cabochons and sterling silver five link bracelet, hand wrought flowers and leavest 42185 $698.00
1367 HOBE long sage green glass beads necklace and clip back earrings 40538 $168.00
1368 HOBE lush unusual glass beads necklace and earrings set O39493 $498.00
1369 HOBE multi-colored bracelet, brooch and earrings set circa 1940s 38657 $698.00
1370 HOBE necklace and earrings with an oval brown unfoiled rhinestone center with half-bullet shaped carnelian colored accents and glass pearls at each corner 41833 $238.00
1371 HOBE necklace, brooch, earrings rich red faceted glass beads O40596 $88.00
1372 HOBE painted portrait pin set in textured gold tone metal leaves with a glass pearl on each end 41825 $58.00
1373 HOBE pastel blue and clear unfoiled rhinestones bracelet with eight square links 41258 $898.00
1374 HOBE pastel blue rhinestone bracelet, set in hand wrought wire work 40819 $498.00
1375 HOBE pink and citrine green rhinestones bracelet with unfoiled stones set in hand made gold washed sterling wire work 39296 $898.00
1376 HOBE pink, citrine green and clear rhinestone earrings set in gold washed sterling handmade wire work 38403 $338.00
1377 HOBE pink, purple and clear rhinestones shamrock shaped clip back earrings 36753 $238.00
1378 HOBE purple rhinestones and sterling silver bracelet with 14k gold plating O38649 $498.00
1379 HOBE purple, blue, clear rectangular rhinestones brooch O39595 $42.00
1380 HOBE rare and spectacular bracelet made of rose red glass cabochons, all with a starburst center, and unfoiled clear rhinestones in a gold washed silver setting 41815 $3,200.00
1381 HOBE rare bracelet with clear and blue bullet tip shaped rhinestones, dramatic pink oval stones and clear rhinestones 41302 $1,698.00
1382 HOBE rare dress clip in sterling silver with carnelian colored glass cabochons 35697 $598.00
1383 HOBE rare sterling silver charms chatelaine with a brooch at each end O41819 $398.00
1384 HOBE red, blue and clear rhinestones shamrock shaped screw back earrings 20229 $228.00
1385 HOBE rhinestone covered box c1950, rare oval footed jewelry box O37369 $798.00
1386 HOBE ring in a rectangular shape with a rosy red center oval rhinestone surrounded by purple, green, yellow and clear stones H38818 $598.00
1387 HOBE ring with pink, lavender and gray unfoiled rhinestones 15644 $598.00
1388 HOBE RING with red and purple rhinestones in an antiqued gold tone metal setting 42186 $138.00
1389 HOBE rose petal pink glass star burst cabochons and clear rhinestones grand parure O39198 $1,298.00
1390 HOBE round earrings with pink, clear and citrine green colored unfoiled rhinestones set in gold washed sterling 29805 $298.00
1391 HOBE set of 2 leaf pins in pink, green and clear unfoiled rhinestones set in gold washed sterling handmade wire work filigree 39267 $548.00
1392 HOBE set of a bracelet, brooch and earrings all in citrine green, pink and clear rhinestones set in gold washed sterling filigree 13766 $1,200.00
1393 HOBE set of bracelet and brooch with pink and green rhinestones, both hand made in filigree wire work 41768 $898.00
1394 HOBE silver hand pin with red, blue and pastel blue rhinestones O39444 $68.00
1395 HOBE silver locket brooch with red, pink and blue rhinestones O39295 $168.00
1396 HOBE smoky gray and clear rhinestones brooch and earrings O66409 $42.00
1397 HOBE spectacular brooch with rose pink colored glass star sapphire look cabochon center 23208 $598.00
1398 HOBE square aqua & clear unfoiled rhinestone earring