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LAINS bakelite Simplicity 17 of 40 Summer 2001 black bangle

Price: $240.00
Description LAINS bakelite "Simplicity 17 of 40 Summer 2001" black bracelet with red and purple stripes, 2-5/8" by 1-1/3" by 1/3".

Dan and Penny Lains had revisited the family business in working with plastics.

LAMACO, The Lains' Manufacturing Company which belonged to Dan's father, was started in 1939.

It distributed Catalin and Lucite stock until January 1942 and the start of WWII.

At that time Dan's father joined the Marines and remaining Catalin stock was placed in storage.

When he got back from his military service in about 1948, he made some lovely reverse carved Lucite pieces.

Later, the Lain's found all his materials in storage and thus began an interest in reviving the jewelry making.

That was in the late 1990s I am told, and they no longer make jewelry now.  The Lain's goal was to create new designs and approaches to working with that material, and were determined that they would be entirely different from any vintage bakelite.

They were committed to identifying their collections in a manner that does not allow for any confusion with the wonderful work done in the 1930's to 1950's.

Lain jewelry items were signed, numbered and released in limited editions, and each bangle took from one to four days to make.

They are high quality, geometrically designed and great fun to wear.

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