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Customer Feedback

At Morning Glory Jewelry we love a happy customer as much as we love sharing our jewelry. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us and enjoy your purchase for many years to come.

A lovely surprise this morning, I have just received the brooch and it is as lovely as expected. Thank you very much. I am impressed with the speed of delivery as I fully expected to have to wait a while. – Carol Fletcher

Dear Jane, Thank you so much for your glorious natural pearl brooch, which arrived safely and is one of the most exquisite pieces of jewellery I have ever seen. I feel ashamed that I did not write to you immediately at the time of purchase or instantly when the brooch arrived – please forgive me – for I now when you read this, you will understand why.
As you know I love your Morning Glory collection and have had the greatest of pleasure reading and learning about everything in the collection and indeed, now have a good working knowledge of your historically important collection. Imagine my surprise, when quite by chance, I saw a pair of drop earrings with seed pearls and larger pearls, that matched your brooch exactly – in a 19th April Melbourne auction, six hundred miles away! For the first time in my life, I got busy with a “live” bid over the telephone (only had one bid against me) and secured the pendant drop earrings – then at dawn next morning I pressed the purchase button for your lovely matching seed pearl and larger pearl threaded on mother-of-pearl brooch. Together they are exquisite and make the most perfect demi parure to put away for my little girl, who without a doubt will be wearing the set on her Wedding Day – I have so much to thank you for, Jane – learning about these extremely rare Early Victorian pieces is just one example. I am just so appreciative of all you have done for me, thousands of miles away in Albuquerque – Diana Cornwell

Hello Jane,
I just wanted to let you know that the Miriam Haskell necklace arrived on Friday. And yet again, it is wonderful.
I have just looked at my collection of Miriam Haskell items that I have purchased from you and I have to tell you that they are just simply wonderful – each item is a masterpiece on its own. I have looked everywhere
and been collecting Miriam Haskell jewellery since 1989 and the pieces I
have bought from you are the prized pieces in my collection.
Not only that, but it’s hard to find dealers who trade in vintage costume jewellery who are trustworthy and in this regard, I am very grateful that I have found such a trustworthy dealer.
I still have lots of items in your collection that I have my eye on!! –
Lyndall Campher

Jane, the sterling Victorian brooch is lovely! Until I started seeing Victorian sterling on your wonderful site I had only seen gold and gold filled Victorian jewelry. Now I have beautiful pieces! Thanks for your excellent photos and your wonderful research information.

I recently purchased an Antique Victorian Locket. My fiance is Jewish and I wanted something that was related to my feelings for her and, at the same time, related to her faith. I found the PERFECT locket. It had a Hebrew word on the front that stood for the faith that our love for each other would be watched over during the times that we are separated (we live 300 miles apart). It was an absolutely perfect gift and I will be forever grateful for being able to find it at your website. Thank you.

In Russia, many people who are engaged in vintage jewelry know your site. This is the best site about jewelry all over the Internet. For many, this is a textbook about jewelry. Thank you for your great work. Your information is priceless. I really like the article about Eisenberg.
We have a lot of nice, nice people. Like you.

I just wanted to say thank you for such an informative page.
I was able to work out an approximate age of a dainty pair of earrings that I bought years ago, because they had a Victorian feel about them, for 20 cents Australian.
I also found out a couple weeks after I bought them that they were actually Saphire and not glass like I thought.
So with your helpful page I found out that I did actually buy myself a gorgeous dainty pair of 1880s Saphire earrings for 20 cents Australian.
Thank you – Kim Wallace

Omg… JANE i just opened my box. I want to cry with happiness!!!!! This bracelet is so fabulous!! There are no words. It is now on the top of my favorite list. Thank you for wrapping it so carefully. And sending it so quickly!! Your the best!! I will shop no where else thank you so much. – Linn L

All my bracelets have arrived
So many unique bangles!
You made this experience awesome
In so many ways. Loved the page and the personal touches you provided for us. Whenever your ready you can remove the bracelets that I have not purchased and I will download the page of my purchases. – Steve and Kelly

OMG! I am so excited to see your name on here. I love your site. I was just going to email you last night because I found the original drawing from your site and was going to see if you wanted a picture. I swear that could not have been more fortuitous if I wanted it to be. Anyways, I am just a jewelry junkie and fan of your site. Ok, well, now that I have fangirled – thank you for your business and your wonderful website. I am sure I can not help you, but if I ever can please let me know. – Kacie

I just wanted to let you know I received the mixed metal Taxco earrings and how lovely they are! The workmanship, style, those glowing metals – I just love them. EM

Jane—just wanted to let you know the bracelets arrived today. I really love them! Thank you for the accurate description-fast shipping and great packaging! Kind regards. – Carol

I know your name well and your excellent website. In fact, I research a particular piece on your site.
I want to tell you how wonderful it is to find a website that is so willing to put information out about a vast variety of things. There are plenty of sites, but i always find myself going back to yours, what i consider the gold standard. Plus its super easy to navigate.
You made my day! – Lisa

Jane, I just got the 3 Shultz Bakelite bangle bracelets. I am awestruck at how absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing they are. I am so happy to have found your site, and I hope to be a regular customer of your Bakelite beauties – particularly the artisan variety. Please feel free to use this note as an endorsement of your excellent site. – Janet

I have purchased several pieces from Jane at Morning Glory Jewelry: Mariam Haskell pieces, and lately an amazing sterling Kachina necklace and earring set. It’s hard to view her site because there are so many pieces that you will want! – Shari

Hello Jane, I hope you are doing well. I wanted to thank you for your website, I was introduced to it years ago and it is truly amazing to see the variety of collectors pieces that you have curated, I especially appreciate the education I have received from your site. I just wanted to send a note of appreciation 🙂 – Kim

Thank you for shopping at Morning Glory Antiques!