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VICTORIAN Whitby jet long dotted earrings with faceted centers

Price: $625.00

VICTORIAN Whitby jet long dotted earrings with faceted centers, these three part earrings move beautifully when worn and come with all original fittings, 2-1/8" jet portion only, 2-1/3" total length. This is how genuine Victorian jet earrings should look, and the delicate and intricate work demonstrates what they did with simple tools all those years ago, circa 1880.
 This very special set of earrings is from the personal jet collection of Katy and Helen
 Muller, authors of the books on jet jewellery. I am so very privileged to
 have it and other pieces from their private collections. It is guaranteed to be genuine and all original Victorian Whitby jet.  Their books "Jet Jewellery & Ornaments" and "Whitby Jet" are the best books written on the subject.


Product #V36450
All items in excellent vintage condition unless otherwise noted.
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