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VICTORIAN antique Whitby jet bracelet and brooch set with Tyrolean boy on the front

Price: $798.00
Description VICTORIAN antique Whitby jet bracelet and brooch set with Tyrolean boy on the front.

The bracelet is strung on elastic, as it was originally when it was made, and the links are faceted.

It is  6" relaxed size and stretches to about 6-1/2" with a 1-1/2" width at the front and 1-1/8" back.  The brooch is 2-1/2" by 1-3/4".

The set is in very good condition for it's age with only a few very tiny flea bites here and there in the jet, each smaller than a lead pencil tip.  Green boy pieces like this were popular circa 1870.

This exact piece was featured in the May-June Issue of Antiques Diary, Britain, and a copy of this article will be included with the bracelet.

This very special piece is from the personal jet collection of Katy and Helen Muller, authors of the two best books on jet jewellery.

I am so very privileged to have it and other jewelry from their private collections, and others of their pieces are shown in the Whitby Jet Museum.

It is guaranteed to be genuine and all original Victorian Whitby jet.

Their books "Jet Jewellery & Ornaments" and "Whitby Jet" are the best books written on the subject.

One more interesting note is that Antiques Diary Magazine May 2009 showed this very same bracelet, see the last photo.  View  View  View  View  View  View  
Product #36454
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