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VICTORIAN English George V sterling silver hunt forest chatelaine maker "SC"

Price: $698.00
Description VICTORIAN English George 5th antique sterling silver angels,  hunt and forest chatelaine with maker's mark "SC", Birmingham on the second section under the deer.  SC may stand for Samuel Clark.  The date letter is hard to read, perhaps an "m" for the year 1901.

The design has a stag chased by a dog with two angels, one trumpeting, and a fox, as well as squirrels chasing through the branches.  There are two deer in the middle section too, and surrounding those are grapes, branches, leaves and vines.

The chains have alternating links with alternating birds and leaves, and each has a hook for an implement at the end.  The entire length is 9-1/3" and the top portion is 2-5/8" wide, and it weighs about 2.86 ounces.

Another chatelaine by this maker can be seen in the wonderful book "Chatelaines" by Geneveive Cummins & Nerylla D Taunton on page 204-6, where they believe the "SC" maker's mark may be for Stuart Clifford, and if you look closely, the center plaque on that chatelaine matches the one on ours.    View   View   View   View   View   View   View      
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