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VICTORIAN mini hand painted portrait picture pendant with turquoise, signed by the artist

Price: $348.00
Description VICTORIAN miniature hand painted portrait pendant with turquoise beads, a signed piece that is 2-1/8" by 1-5/8".  This is perfect to wear on a gold chain or to display on your desk or dresser.  The artist's signature is looks like the initials "LD".

Looking under magnification, you can see the lovely brushstrokes creating the translucent bodice and the blue and white flower garland with green leaves in her hair.

This would not come apart readily without damaging the portrait, so I do not know what surface it is painted on.  These used be to done on parchment, ivory or porcelain, but in this case there's no way to tell for sure.

I do think the material is a fairly thin slice of something, so probably parchment and not a porcelain disk.  The metal setting is either a gold washed mix of jeweler's metals, or brass, or some of each.  From the back, it looks like it could have been a brooch at one time.  She wears a dramatic Marie Antoinette style cap and hair style from the 1700s.  View    
Product #V39740
All items in excellent vintage condition unless otherwise noted.
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