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FRED HARVEY style Dragon's breath and sterling silver bracelet

Price: $258.00
Description DRAGON'S BREATH Fred Harvey style Dragon's breath and sterling silver bracelet, 6-1/2"" wearable size including the 1" opening and slightly adjustable, 1-1/16" inch across the front and the total weight is 0.8 ounces.  Dragon's breath was a Czechoslovakian product where metal was added to molten glass giving it this particular coloring and rainbow effect, and it is a big favorite of mine.  Looked at with a magnification under a raking light, three shallow scratches can be seen on the stone, mentioned here only for accuracy as they barely show.  I remember seeing pieces like this as a child growing up in the southwest in the 1950's.

This bracelet has the stone in a beaded setting with swirling rope design on each side.  Arrows and Native American designs run along both sides.  Inside it is marked with a Kachina symbol and the word "sterling".

If you have an interest in jewelry from the Fred Harvey and railroad era, we highly recommend the book, "Fred Harvey Jewelry 1900-1955" by Dennis June.   View   View   View   View   View   View     
Product #40854
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