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HOBE very rare 5" sterling and rhinestone purse ornament, a huge whopping 5"

Designer: Hobe
Price: $898.00
Description HOBE very rare sterling and rhinestone purse ornament or buckle, a huge  5" by 3-1/3"!  It was probably a purse ornament with clips on the back to hold it in place, or a buckle.

Spectacular is the perfect word for this, both in size and design.

All hand made circa 1950, the leaves and coils are masterfully wrought and you will not see a lot of these around.  There are some minute flea bites on a few of the rhinestones, but you need a loupe to see them, and the detailed intricate sterling work is just spectacular.  On the back are long silver  hooks but I can't see what they were used for, and one is missing it's tip.  A clever person could use this in more than one way, and it deserves being saved somehow.

Product #O39802
All items in excellent vintage condition unless otherwise noted.
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