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VICTORIAN wonderful cut steel belt with disks and chains

Price: $498.00
Description VICTORIAN cut steel belt made of disks and chains.  It is a 28-3/4" wearable length and the widest disk is 1-1/2".  It is in very good vintage condition with every single stud in place, really gorgeous!    Each stud has from 10-12 facets.

"Cut steel" is comprised of hand-faceted and polished  steel studs riveted to a steel backing to create jewelry and ornaments, buttons and chatelaines.

Popular from the Georgian through the Victorian eras cut steel jewelry, in reflections from the warm glow of candlelight, must have been something to behold, and that's why it was worn in place of diamonds.  Each stud could have from about 6 to 15 facets, and in general the finer and older the piece, the more facets the studs will have.

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Product #V38759
All items in excellent vintage condition unless otherwise noted.
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