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VICTORIAN bois durci bracelet with silver buckle, simulates jet

Price: $328.00
Description VICTORIAN bois durci buckle bracelet with applied and etched silver buckle on the front.

The buckle front is 2" by 1-1/4", the wearable size is slightly larger than normal at 7", and the width at the band is 7/8".  It is strung on black elastic, which is tight and does not need to be restrung, as it should be and was when it was first made.

Circa 1860s, these are harder to find than vulcanite jewelry.

Bois Durci was invented by FC Lepage in 1855, UK Patent and simulates jet.  It is a combination of albumen and sawdust, created under pressure and with a molded design.  This piece can be seen in the wonderful book "Georgian Jewellery" on page 128-9.

One way to recognize bois durci, which translates as "hardened wood", is by the very light bubbly finish on the back side.    View   View     
Product #V38616
All items in excellent vintage condition unless otherwise noted.
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