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Jewelry of the Stars, 1930-40-50’s

You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.

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Courtesy of Bobye Syverson

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Magazine advertising from
years past is one of the most exciting reference sources for attributing and
dating vintage jewelry. These wonderful old ads illustrate how jewelry was worn, when it
was made, and how it coordinated with the styles of the time.

Click on each picture for a larger view.

Ava Gardner 1952

Jane Russell 1952

Ava Gardner 1952

Loretta Young 1938

June Haver 1952

Mr and Mrs Gregory Peck 1952

Virginia Mayo 1952

"Society Beauties" ad for Ponds Cold Cream 1938

Linda Christian and Tyrone Power 1952

Maureen O’Hara 1952

Carrie Munn, New York Fashion Designer.
Ad for Fatima Cigarettes. 1952
Closer View

Jane Powell 1952

Jane Wyman 1953

Ann Blyth 1953

Olivia de Havilland 1938

Ad for Solitair make-up 1950
Possibly Jeanie Crain Brinkman

Paulette Goddard 1942 That bracelet was her personal
possession and it is emeralds and diamonds.
Ad for French’s Bird Seed.

Closer view of Paulette Goddard’s bracelet and earrings, shown at

Jean Fritz (cover girl) 1950
Shows the way pairs of clips were usually

Veronica Lake 1944

Claudette Colbert wearing a butterfly brooch in a 1942 Ad for Lux soap.

Ginger Rogers 1944
The movie was "Lady in the Dark"

Dorothy Lamour 1943

Betty Grable 1940

Maria Montez 1941

Rita Hayworth 1941

Joan Bennett 1940

Carol Landis 1941

Shirley Patterson 1944

Rosemary Lane 1940

Myrna Loy 1939
An interesting side note from Ginger Moro: "It would be ironic if
this beautiful necklace worn by Myrna Loy (1944) was by made Miriam
Haskell (it looks like a Haskell I had years ago), because John
Hertz of the car rental company quit dating Ms. Haskell to marry
Myrna Loy in 1942".

A very young Ava Gardner 1944

Rita Hayworth 1943

Ad for Vita Fluff Shampoo 1944
Closer view

Judy Garland 1944
Closer view

Marlene Dietrich 1944
The movie was "Kismet".
According to Ginger Moro, author of "European Designer Jewelry", the
bangles are by Joseff of Hollywood.

Ginger Rogers 1942

Bracelet from a Revlon ad of 1944

Alexis Smith 1943
The whole picture shows her raising a flag.

Carole Lombard 1938
Looks to me like two separate pins or clips on her dress

CINER jonquil
rhinestone pave huge 6-1/2 inch flower spray all set in gold tone! Circa
1996, reminiscent of the clips shown at left.

Helene Reynolds 1942
Clips up the front of her dress and look at all those bracelets!

Anita Louise 1939 Ad for Paris Fashion Shoes

Jewelry ad for Alpha Craft Inc. "Shells Bells"

Bette Davis 1939 Movie "Elizabeth and Essex"

Bette Davis as Empress Carlotta of Mexico. The
movie was "Juarez" 1939, and her brooch was supposed to be
portrait of her husband in the movie, Emporer Maximillion.

Bette Davis and the real Empress Carlotta in the movie

More from Juarez. Ad for Westmore cosmetics. The
gentleman is Perc Westmore, famous Hollywood make-up artist.

This is one of the promotion sets for "Juarez"
starring Bette Davis 1939

The whole ad about the Juarez
promotion jewelry.
All the jewelry that was sold as promotions was credited to "Richardé of

One of the other Juarez sets

Hedy Lamarr and Charles Boyer 1944

Sonia Heinie in Norwegian costume. You can barely see the typical pin.

Carmen Miranda 1943

Courtesy of Bobye Syverson

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