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Jewelry of the Stars, 1930-40-50’s

You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.

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Courtesy of Bobye Syverson

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Magazine advertising from
years past is one of the most exciting reference sources for attributing and
dating vintage jewelry. These wonderful old ads illustrate how jewelry was worn, when it
was made, and how it coordinated with the styles of the time.

Click on each picture for a larger view.

She is wearing a Flato three-piece rococo clip set designed by

Joan Crawford 1941
She wears a colored floral brooch.

Ann Southern 1941.
This pin is shaped like a door

Ann Southern 1941
This brooch looks amazingly like the Staret bleeding heart pin at the right… >>>

bleeding heart brooch circa 1940. #S18228

Ann Sheridan 1941
Beautiful hair and an jewelry hair ornament.

Anita Louise 1941
Jewels ornament her hair, neck, shoulders, ears, wrist and hands!

Perc Westmore (makeup artist) and Geraldine Fitzgerald
She is being outfitted with jeweled dress and hair clips.

Geraldine Fitzgerald 1941
In addition to her clips, she wears a jeweled cuff.

Margaret Lindsay 1941
Stylishly wearing a jeweled bird aigrette
in her hair and a Deco style necklace and bracelet.

Joan Bennett 1941
Her brooch is reminiscent of the Staret lily pin.

Jeanette MacDonald 1941
Doesn’t that look like a Coro "Quivering Camellias" duette?

Claudette Colbert 1941
On her lapel she wears an enameled chatelaine watch.

Merle Oberon 1941
Wearing a brooch that looks like jeweled berries.

Carmen Miranda 1941
In her usual exuberant glittering costume! Author Ginger Moro says,
"I think a lot of Carmen Miranda’s over-the-top jewelry was designed
by Joseff".

Vivien Leigh 1941

Anita Louise 1941
Wearing a four-strand twisted chain hair ornament in her 40’s hairdo.

Bette Davis 1938

This is Marion Hutton, a band singer and
the sister of Betty Hutton the actress. Notice her back ornament,
"1941" in rhinestones!

Myrna Loy 1941
She wears a turtle brooch.
Closer View

Gene Tierney 1941
Gold and silver color jewelry worn together, perhaps because that movie was in black and white. It was called

Ella Raines 1947
Outfit and jewels designed by Pauline Trigere

Frances Langford 1940
This is an ad for Princess Pat
Liquid Lip Tone. Look
closely… she wears a red and clear Deco bracelet and also is wearing a matching ring.
The necklace is a fringe.

Jane Wyman 1947
Closer View

Betty Grable 1948

Ava Gardner 1948
This magazine is shown on the Hobe web site, and it shows the bow
necklace on the right.

Cyd Charisse 1948
Deco bracelets and a clear stone necklace.

Judy Garland 1947

Martha Vickers 1947
She wears a colorful rectangular brooch and matching buckle.

Ginger Rogers 1947

Diana Lynn 1948

DeROSA gold tone
large three-dimensional 4" wild rose fur clip with green rhinestone center
and faux pearl accents. This is very similar to the one worn as a
necklace in the picture at left.
View #d22076

Chen Yu lipstick.

Linda Darnell 1948
Publicity shot for the movie
"Forever Amber".

Gloria Graham 1947

Merle Oberon 1947 in an ad for shampoo.

This was her personal necklace, made in
1938 by Cartier. Emeralds and diamonds.

. Faye Wray 1930

Maureen O’Hara 1944

Loretta Young 1939

Claire Trevor 1942

Laraine Day 1943
Closer view

Chen Yu cosmetics ad 1945

Betty Hutton 1945 Promotional photo for a movie "Incendiary Blonde"
View of her bracelets

Peggy Cummins 1946
She was the original choice to play the lead in Forever Amber, but Linda
Darnell got the part.

Joan Crawford 1946

Cary Grant and friend at a party 1947.

Maria Montez 1947.
Closer view
She wears a 3-part tassel necklace.

Speaking of French jet necklaces! This is
Katherine Hepburn in a 1947 movie. She wears a Victorian French jet
necklace similar to the one shown in the photo.

Deborah Kerr 1947

Bette Davis as Queen Elizabeth I
Author Ginger Moro says, "Mrs Joseff told me that her
husband designed a lot of the jewelry that Bette Davis wore as Queen

Audrey Totter 1947 This is a really unusual
necklace with a snake-like chain.
Closer view

Cutex Ad 1948
How about that ear decoration?

Lana Turner 1948 "The Three Musketeers"
The pin and the bracelet match.

Ad for cosmetics

Courtesy of Bobye Syverson

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