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You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.

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four poster bed with hand turned posts. It was originally a rope
bed but we have made it able to take a standard size mattress, and we sleep
very comfortably in it every night. This is a family piece
on the Negley side of our family, and it was made between 1840 and 1860. #f31225
KENTUCKY cherry dresser with mirror, two smaller top
glove drawers and three
bottom drawers. The lovely smooth finish on this is original and very
pretty. This is a family piece on the Negley
side of our family and from the mid-1800s. View
View #f31224
KENTUCKY small three drawer
dresser. This is a family piece on the Negley side.
View #f31226

cherry dining table with leaves and needlepoint covered chairs that look so
good with it.

BEDROOM upholstered side chair. This was
in the house on Monroe in Albuquerque the whole time we lived there
from about 1955 to 1970s and has been with us since then. It is even
older than that though and has been reupholstered in the 1970s. The
original fabric was a scratchy deep purple fabric.
VICTORIAN fern stand in
pineapple design. The top was tiled by my mother in the 1960s because it had
water damage. This was a family
piece and came from the Negley or King side of our family. View
View #f31228

VICTORIAN Eastlake walnut captains chest with black teardrop handles,
side-locking panel. This unusual piece was found at an auction and
beautifully refinished, and it is probably from the late 1880s.

Eastlake vanity with white marble top, candlestick shelves, two smaller
top drawers and three bottom drawers, also with teardrop handles.
It is part of a set with the bed and dresser.


Empire veneered game table with top that opens on a hinge and
swivels to form a square game table.
This came from the Agnes King
Negley home at 1414 Waverly Place, Owensboro, Kentucky and I assume was in
her family before that.
Circa 1840 Empire style, New York made, the base is called a "guitar

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barrel top desk with upper bookcase and lower doors and
drawers. It is 32" wide and 22" deep and has lovely woodwork.


rose head nails = 1750-1810
wire nails are older than square nails
nails with rectangular shafts are newer than those with square shafts
screws with offset slots are 1820-30
On upholstery, springs weren’t used until c 1860s, horse hair stuffing is
older, then straw or cotton.

RARE La Fiesta

Dining Room Set
The unique California Monterey Mission Style furniture was developed in
California in the early 1930’s and was wildly popular throughout the

This new furniture style was uniquely Western, combining influences from
Spanish, Dutch Colonial and Mission architecture. Cowboy painted motifs
such as cactus and southwest plants along with floral accents were the typical
designs used. It is in good used condition ready to use for years to come.

This complete 8-piece dining set include the
table, hutch, four side chairs and two captains chairs is a wonderful
example of this style and an extremely rare find. This set came from a
mountain town in northern New Mexico.

We had a
at the Antique Connection Mall
This is just some of the extensive clock collection that was available.

Clocks of all kinds and all ages
from the late 1800s Victorian era to contemporary cocks, including Cuckoo
clocks, walls clocks, Grandfather and Granddaughter clocks and much more.