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Fabric – Quilts

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Quilts, Fabrics,
Doll Quilts & Baby Dresses

I have enjoyed quilts and quilting all of my life, and I still hand quilt on big
frames with a local group of friends at the Bear Canyon Senior Center. My
brothers and I grew up sleeping
under the wonderful quilts made by our paternal grandmother, Rachel Frances Atherton
Haley. As a long-time antique
dealer, I have had other beautiful quilts that came and went, and wish I still had photos of
every single one.

The bed and dresser you can see in some of these photos is our mid-Victorian
cherry four-poster bed and lovely dresser, in our family since they were new in
the mid-1800s. My husband and I have slept in this bed our entire married life,
since 1971! It was originally a
rope bed, so it had ropes rather than box springs
supporting the mattress, and it was a 3/4 size rather than a standard double
size bed. I even recall sleeping in it as a small child when we visited our family in
Owensboro, Kentucky, with my great Aunt Cornelia Bennett Negley, to whom it then belonged.

QUILT broken star pattern
in red, orange, blue, pink and green solid fabrics on a white background. Made by my
paternal Grandmother, Rachel Frances Atherton Haley,
circa 1930-40, entirely hand pieced and quilted. This may have been a kit
QUILT blue and white
Drunkard’s Path pattern quilt made by my Grandmother, Rachel Frances Atherton
Haley, in 1930-40, entirely hand pieced and quilted. This has been used
and loved for many years so now it is very worn.
QUILT Grandmother’s Flower Garden pattern in soft green and pastels
made by my Grandmother, Rachel Atherton Haley, in the 1930-40s, entirely hand
pieced and quilted. I slept under this wonderful quilt the whole time
I was growing up, so it does have wear, but my grandmother made it to use
and not to live in a closet!.

quilt, one of my favorite quilt patterns. I started this quit in the
1980s and bought all of the fabric for it then. I am hoping to finally
finish it in 2024. It is entirely hand pieced and lap quilted, all done
by me with not a single machine stitch at all. It has been a joy
to make, even though it was a stop-and-start project, and I particularly enjoy the
light and shadow pattern of this design.






This is the Log Cabin quilt before it was finished with the 15" squares laid out
next to each other on our antique four-poster bed. The blue fabric that
looks like a dust ruffle is not part of the quilt, it is another bedspread
beneath it.

a beautiful applique quilt with pastel colored flowers, it has
the tiniest and most even applique stitches you could ever wish for. The
quilt top, which was already finished, was donated to the Bear Canyon
Quilt Group that I am in, and that group quilted it entirely by hand.
Even with 6-8 women working on it, it took over a year to finish, working one morning of each week. I was delighted to be able to buy
it with from the group with a charitable contribution, and it now lives
on the foot of our bed.




log cabin quilt that was hand pieced and quilted. I enjoy
the light and shadows contrast of this wonderful pattern.

This is from the late 1800s and it is 88" by
74". It was

entirely hand pieced and quilted. It is a different variation of the
Log Cabin than the quilt shown above.

View #L33911


My husband John’s grandmother hand pieced this quilt top years ago, probably in
the 1930s, and our quilt group finished hand quilting it in 2023, much to his delight! This is entirely hand
pieced and quilted. The wide green printed border is a new fabric, added to make
the quilt larger, and the white border in this photo is not a part of the quilt.

QUILT Texas Star pattern in lavender and pastels
hand pieced and quilted by Grandmother, Rachel Atherton Haley, circa 1930-40.
It is entirely hand pieced and quilted.

Texas star quilt in blue and yellow on white, all hand pieced and
quilted, 67" by 82". This is one of the quilts that came through the
antique mall we owned.
View #L34647

Victorian green quilt from the late 1800s, hand pieced and quilted, 76" by 90".
This was
never used so it was in wonderful condition, and it is
entirely hand
pieced and quilted. View
View #L34646


Here are three of my friends from the Bear Canyon Senior Center quilt
group, Evelyn, Barbara and Carole, working on our 1930-50s quilt top by
basting the three layers of quilt top, batting and backing and getting it
ready for the quilt frame so it could be hand quilted. We finished it in 2023.

lap quilt in lovely pastel colors, the top being basted and ready for
hand quilting on quilt frame. The lady working on it is a dear friend,
Evelyn, one of the members of our Bear Canyon Quilt Group.

The center fabric came from ebay and other fabrics came
from my friends stashes.

QUILT top pieced with the wonderful William Morris reproduction fabrics. This
quilt top was found at a thrift store for only six dollars!
PRE-CUT pieces that would have come with a kit quilt
like this one.

Texas Star 1950-60s quilt, never used and washed only once, colorful star with a bright pink
surrounding stripe, hand quilted at 10 stitches to the inch,
79" by 78". This was a kit quilt. A very nice lady in my LVL Quilt Group brought
in an unused kit she had that was very much like this, and there are photos
of it in the last Views. View
View #L33912

The informational
INSERT that came with the quilt kit.

with pastel stars on white background. It might be a kit quilt
and it is from the 1930-50s, 76" by 78". The colors are
still vibrant and cheerful.
View #L33222

Victorian Log Cabin quilt in brown, red, green and cream with a
golden cream and yellow border, late 1800s, 88" by 74".
Amazing that it had never been washed until 2024 when one of our
grand-daughters began using it on her bed.
View #L33911

Tulip and Basket quilt from the 1860s. It is in amazing
condition, looking almost brand new. This is Cindy’s quilt.

Cindy L Kurey,
certified appraiser
at the
Quilt Appraisal Talk
LVL Carter Hall March 22, 2024

Cindy said these are typical colors for this era.

Cindy can be reached to arrange for appraisals at, and we found her
prices very reasonable.

ANTIQUE 25 Patch quilt made in 1870 to 1890. This is also Cindy’s quilt.

QUILT hand pieced and quilted
doll quilt that was an antique even when I was a child, 7 stitches to the inch, 20" by 15-1/2". Faded flour
sack labels can be seen on the back.
I used this for my dolls in the 1950’s and it was very old then.
Sentimentally, I still have it today.
View #a28437

QUILT postage stamp pattern hand
pieced and tie quilted doll quilt with delicate floral fabrics and a pink checked
back, 19" by 14-1/2".
View #a28438

QUILT postage stamp pattern hand
pieced and quilted doll quilt, 6 stitches to the inch,, circa 1890-1920, 11"
by 18".
View #a28439

QUILT hand pieced and quilted
doll quilt, 6 stitches to the inch, 14-1/2" by 17". The color are
a bit faded as you can see in the picture, and there are two brown spots,
one the size of a quarter and one the size of a dime, in the center of the
quilt. Also 2 squares have seams pulling loose slightly.
View #a28441

QUILT hand pieced and quilted
red, white and blue doll quilt, 9 stitches to the inch, 13-1/2" by 18-1/2".
There are several squares that are threadbare in this quilt and it is
probably late Victorian or very early 1900s.
View #a28440

QUILT machine pieced and hand
quilted doll quilt, 8 stitches to the inch, circa 1980, 16-1/2" by 19-1/2".
View #a28442

BABY dress in white with
lacy edges, hand made by my husband’s grandmother for my husband’s mother circa 1910.
View #a28424
Young ladies dressed all in white.

CHILD’S small case
that was hand
embroidered with a basket motif. It came with doll-sized wooden peg clothes pins and
clothes line inside, 5-1/2" by 3".
View #a27844

Baby in a white dress.

BISQUE baby doll with hand
crocheted dress, circa 1910.
View #a28428

My Great Aunt Mary and her sister, my Grandmother Agnes with their dolls
circa 1900.

PIANO scarf or
shawl in
cream silk with lovely embroidered flowers and long fringe.
View #a17460
Child with his rocking horse. BLACK piano scarf or
shawl in
silk with lovely embroidered flowers and long fringe.
View #a28527

ANTIQUE linen "society silk"
embroidery round with unusual nasturtiums motif, 26" round.
View #a50921