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February 2023
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February 2023 Newsletter

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Austro-Hungarian jewelry seems to fall into three major categories: the antique Austro-Hungarian pieces 1867-1918; the Austro-Hungarian Revival; and the Austro-Hungarian inspired pieces including pieces made in a similar style by 20th century jewelry companies, Hobe for example.

The quality of these pieces varies widely. The older pieces often use genuine stones of varied quality while the later ones use paste and rhinestones. The enamel work also varies widely in quality, again with the older usually being the best with the most clean detail and tiny line work. Some of the older pieces even have tiny designs of enamel work on the loop for the chain, an amazing detail in such a small space. Not all pieces are marked but when the 18th century pieces do have a mark, the hallmarks are often so tiny that they are all but impossible to find, so you have to look carefully and usually with magnification.

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St. George & the Dragon

The first piece of Austro-Hungarian work I ever purchased is the enameled St. George in rock crystal egg shape shown here. It fascinated me from the moment I saw it. The motif in this piece is St. George and the Dragon encased in a rock crystal orb or egg surrounded by an intricately enameled hinged frame. Although it looks in the photo like a pendant, it is really too large heavy for that, and the fitting at the top has such a tiny hole for a bail that I doubt that any chain is fine enough to pass through it.

I wish I knew what this was used for, if it is a piece of jewelry or an ornament of some kind. It does look a bit like part of the insignia of the Order of the Garter, and the Order of the Garter is an English Order of Chivalry. It started my interest in Austro-Hungarian jewelry and St. George jewelry many years ago.

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