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RCF & Co. Catalogue, 1892

You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.

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Morning Glory Antiques &


Costume Jewelry Magazine

~1892 Catalogue
& Co.



Older catalogues shed light on
the jewelry and accessories of times past. Illustrations date the items we
collect and enjoy today, and help us understand how these lovely things were
worn and used.
It is also interesting to see how these accessories were priced over 100
years ago. Where possible, we have added pictures of the items
illustrated in the catalogue.

"Imitation black onyx pins, drops
and buttons."

VICTORIAN French jet (black
glass) set in gold tone branch with leaves brooch, 2".
View #V29426

"Diamond brooches and scarf pins."

10k yellow gold knot motif
with illegible hall mark, 1/2" and 2-1/3". #V27849

"Genuine, Bohemian garnet
brooches, lace pins, drops and bracelets."

BOHEMIAN rose cut garnet brooch with pendant loop
on back, circa 1900, 1-1/3". See Romero’s "Warman’s Jewelry, Ed.
2" page 69.
View #Q27930

BOHEMIAN rose cut garnet screw back earrings, circa 1900, 1".
View #Q27931
"Fine rolled gold plate brooches."
RCF Catalogue 1892

VICTORIAN gold filled snake brooch
with green and red rhinestones,
1-3/4". View

"Solid sterling silver goods."

STERLING embossed sewing scissors 4-1/2″,
marked "sterling 447" #a13522
"Rolled gold plate cuff buttons."

BRACELET made of
turn-of-the-century cuff
link and button covers, 7-1/3" by 5/8". View

"Fine rolled gold plate
bracelets, links and padlocks."

gate bracelet with embossed and plain hollow links and heart lock with
key, 7" bracelet and 3/4" heart lock. Marked on an end link and the top
of the heart "F&B" for Theo. W. Foster & Bro. Co., see Rainwater
"American Jewelry Mfg" page 94. Began circa 1898 in Providence, RI.
They are listed in the 1934 Keystone on page 7 and in the 1915
edition on page 30. View
View #V28754
"Quadruple plated silverware."

"Gents’ fine rolled gold plate vest chains."

"Quadruple silver plated goods –
Jewelry case, jewelry casket, ink stand, desk blotter."

"Jewelry case, satin lined, embossed." "Silver plated ware cheese holder, biscuit jar, dessert
creamer, and sugar bowl."

"Silver plated ware made by Meriden Britannia Co."