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M. Bonn Jewelry, 1927

You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.

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Bonn Wear. M. Bonn Company, 1927
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Diamond cluster rings.
M. Bonn Jewelry Catalogue, 1927

FILIGREE 19k white gold
filigree ring with approximately 1/3 ct diamond center, broken sapphire
sides, size 6-1/2. View #V31478

Fancy white gold diamond rings.
M. Bonn Jewelry Catalogue, 1927

Fancy stone set rings.
M. Bonn Jewelry Catalogue, 1927

FILIGREE 14k white gold
filigree ring with rubies and a small diamond, circa 1910, size
6-1/2, measures 7/8" across front.
View #G32342
Platinum and diamond rings.
M. Bonn Jewelry Catalogue, 1927

EDWARDIAN platinum
tested 1-1/6" wide band set all around with tiny single cut diamonds, size 7-1/2. #V31479

Fancy and Birthstone Rings.
M. Bonn Jewelry Catalogue, 1927

white gold filigree approximately .25 ct diamond ring, size 5-1/4.
View #G23958
Fancy shaped rings.
M. Bonn Jewelry Catalogue, 1927

Fancy ring settings.

Fancy ring settings.
M. Bonn Jewelry Catalogue, 1927

Fancy ring settings.CAMEO 10k yellow gold
filigree shell cameo brooch with pendant loop on the back, 2".
View #Q50644

Cameo pendant/brooches in typical filigree settings.

White gold filigree bar pins.

filigree pin with diamond in the center, circa 1920, 1-1/3". The mark may be ESEMCO, Shiman Jewelry Mfg. Co. Inc., 113-9 Astor St, Newark, NJ, circa
View #Q31376
White gold filigree circle pins.

STERLING filigree circle
pin with bird, blue rhinestone, 1".
View #N32274

Filigree pins.

silver tone bar pin with blue rhinestones, 1-3/4" by 3/4".
View #Q26603
Platinum top and white gold flexible filigree bracelets.

FILIGREE Elf & Co silver tone
filigree bracelet with clear rhinestones, 7-1/4" by 5/8".
View #Q26160

Filigree bracelets with karat gold, sapphires, rubies and

FILIGREE sterling
filigree bracelet with three blue unfoiled rhinestones, 6-3/4" by 3/4" at
front by 1/3" at back. View #Q32175
Expanding bands for wrist watches.

Filigree brooches.

Anniversary necklaces with real oriental pearls.
"The gift that becomes an heirloom".