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J. R. Wood Catalogue, 1919

You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.

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Wood &


Catalogues dated
1917 and 1919

Old catalogues
are wonderful references for dating jewelry and illustrating how and with what
it was worn. This one not only displayed the jewelry, but also described with
pride the owners, workers, and the factory itself.

The J. R. Wood & Sons catalogue dated New York, 1919, describes the company
as, "Diamond cutters, wedding ring makers and manufacturers of fine gold and
platinum jewelry". On the inside cover is a hand-typed label which specifies
1919 as their 69th year in business.

"America’s most up-to-date jewelry plant" located in the 1300 block of
Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.
Owned and occupied entirely by J. R. Wood and Sons.

Founder John R. Wood, 1825-1897
Sons Rawson L. Wood and St. John Wood

Workers at the jewelry plant.

"Our Policy"

The jewelry plant is described in the catalogue as follows:

"The construction is of steel and concrete. Practically all of the walls are
glass. The interior is white enameled throughout.

"Thirty-five telephones connect the various departments together with
electric elevators, signal horns and bells. Automatic electric clocks and
time stamps are installed in all departments so that accurate costs of
manufacturing can be determined on all work.

"The steel vault is twenty-five feet wide by eighteen feet deep with a door
weighing seven tons.

"The factory contains approximately fifty-thousand feet of floor space with
ample accommodations for one thousand workmen.

"Shower baths, reading and recreation rooms are provided as well as a grocery
store and restaurant where all food is sold at cost to our employees."

"Fine Platinum Brooches and Bar Pins set with fine snappy Wesselton blue
white diamonds."
The prices of these pins in 1919 were, from top, $336.50, $255.40 and
Page 35

karat filigree 2-1/4" bar pin with a delicate swirled design.
View #Q14551

EDWARDIAN filigree 14 karat 1-3/4"
oval pin with a delicate scroll and flower design. #Q6618

"Special Order Work
with a definite air of superiority".
Page 50

Similar designs are often found in jewelry, and they cross over
from fine jewelry to costume pieces. This
STARET clear rhinestones dress clip with gold tone and
silver tone leaves, 3-1/8", circa 1940, shares design elements with
the earlier Edwardian brooch shown at left.
View #S22410

Evidentially platinum was difficult to
obtain during the war years, as a note at the bottom of the page states, "Until government embargo on unmanufactured platinum is withdrawn, all special
orders must be executed in white, green or yellow gold."

"14K Hand Made La Vallieres.
Complete with 15 inch neck chain."
Priced in 1919 between $24.00 and $75.00 each.
Page 44

14k, diamond and seed pearl,
circa 1910. #Q12473

"Exquisite Platinum La Vallieres.
Complete with 15 inch platinum neck chains."
Priced in 1919 between $121.00 and $462.00 each.
Page 41

diamond and seed pearl,
circa 1910.

ruby and pearl. #Q22924

sapphire, diamond and pearl. #Q22925


diamond and seed pearl. #Q22926

Complete with 15 inch neck chains.
Set with reconstructed sapphires, rubies and diamonds.
Pearls are baroque."
Priced in 1919 from $22.00 to $24.00 each.
Page 143

14k, ruby and seed pearl,
circa 1910. #Q12410

"Special Order Work"
Page 58

white gold filigree 2" pendant with green rhinestone, 16" chain.
View #Q21839

Filigree jewelry and dainty lavalieres complimented the light, airy,
feminine fabrics and fashions of the early 1900’s.

"Special Order Work".
Page 53

EDWARDIAN filigree 14 karat 1-3/4"
oval pin with a delicate scroll and flower design, circa 1910. #Q6618

"Special Order Work".
JR Wood & Sons, 1919 Catalogue, Page 55

10k diamond
yellow gold filigree ring, size 6-1/4. #G17545

"Solid Bangle Bracelets.
They will not dent.
The strongest bracelet made- will last many generations."
Page 84

and 18 karat with diamonds, rubies, amethysts, and garnets.

14k and gypsy
set 3-diamond bangle, one small ding on the side. View
View #Q2169

"Scarf Pins in 14k combinations of yellow, green and white gold."
Page 48

SHAMROCK and seed
pearls stick pin.

"The carved wedding ring…
fortunate is the bride who receives one."
Page 77

14k DIAMOND filigree ring with an approximately 15 point
diamond, size 7-1/2, circa 1910. VIEW

14k DIAMOND filigree ring, very
dainty, size 5.
VIEW #16737

"Platinum mounting, also in combination of platinum and 14k gold."
Page 66

14K FILIGREE white gold
ring with a .16 carat diamond, size 5. This is a new ring, made in a
vintage style. View

Diamond rings
Page 27

Bride admiring her new rings.

Diamond Rings
"Set with snappy blue white Wesselton diamonds, platinum or white gold top
mountings with 14k yellow gold shanks."
Page 31

Charming old wedding picture of my husband’s grandparnets.

"Signet rings in 10k and 14k gold."
Page 119

14k GOLD signet ring with nude lady
on each side, initials engraved on top.
Courtesy of Ann Crandall

ring circa 1900.
View #G22936

14k gold ring with three gypsy-set diamonds, size 9-3/4.
View #G21499

Gold shell (gold filled) with shield shaped front, not
engraved. It is a size 10-1/4, and has scrolls designs on the shank.

Page 95

GOLD ladies cuff buttons
with initials "AJK".

"Cuff Buttons, Cuff Links and Hinged Post Cuff Buttons, 10K and
Page 106

This lady wears a shirtwaist with wide cuffs for cufflinks.

"Lingerie pins in 10k and 14k gold, plain or engraved."
Page 111

14k & AQUA ENAMEL tiny delicate lingerie pins.
View #Q19842

"Bar pins, plain, hand engine turned and hand engraved."
Page 114

10 KARAT bar pin with my Great Aunt’s initials on
it, "CBN".
View #QCBN

"Lockets carried in 10k and 14k gold for neck chains."
Page 113
J.R. Wood & Sons Catalogue, 1919

FM Co 1-1/8" round locket
with smoke rhinestones and etched design. View
View #Y21476

1-1/2" locket engraved "MLK" with charming photos of a couple inside. The
chain is 16" long. View
View #Y21474

"20-year gold filled watch cases.
More thoroughly wrought gold, better wearing qualities."
Page 158

14 karat gold pocket watch with wonderful floral and ribbon enameling on
the case. View

ELGIN lady’s open face
14 karat gold pocket watch engraved with the initials "AJK", my
grandmother’s. View

Hand made La Vallieres (lavalieres) complete with 15" neck chains carried in
stock in yellow, white and green gold, set with fine snappy blue white
perfect Wesselton diamonds and genuine oriental pearls..

J.R. WOOD & Sons 1917 Catalogue
Diamond cutters, wedding ring makers.
manufacturers of fine gold and platinum jewelry, New York.

Exquisite platinum La Vallieres complete with 15 inch platinum neck
chains, set with fine snappy blue white perfect Wesselton diamonds.

Platinum brooches, set with fine snappy blue white
perfect Wesselton diamonds.

Hand made festoons and La Vallieres complete with 15
inch neck chains, set with fine snappy blue white perfect Wesselton diamonds.

Fine platinum bar pins set with fine snappy blue white perfect
Wesselton diamonds.

Fine platinum brooches and bar pins set with fine snappy blue white
perfect Wesselton diamonds.

NOTE: According to Dorothy T. Rainwater’s book "American Jewelry Manufacturers", the J. R. Wood Company
was established in Brooklyn in 1850. After many years of jewelry making
under that name, they merged
into Lenox, Inc. [Keepsake Division] Trenton, New Jersey in 1970. Their wedding
rings were sold under the trade name ‘Art-Carved’. In 1975, the name
of the company was changed from "J. R. Wood" to "Art-Carved Inc." Marks used by
the Wood Company can be seen on page 260 of this marvelous reference book.