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Daniel Low & Co. Catalogue, 1914

You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.

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Costume Jewelry Magazine

& Co.
Wedding and
Graduation Gifts Catalogue
Spring 1914

"The name Daniel Low & Co. on a gift box is recognized universally as a
guarantee of quality".

CAMEO 1-5/8" pin set in
a silver tone filigree setting. Her headband and lovely profile are
wonderful details. VIEW
Cameo Revival, "The present great
vogue of the cameo is a result of many years of steadily increasing
popularity. The art of cameo cutting is of great antiquity. It probably
originated in India, Egypt, and Babylonia, where it was undoubtedly
practiced previous to the time of Moses…. The white head on the pink shell
background is the most favored… Many of the settings are reproductions of
the Colonial styles. Any of them can be made up by using our own cameo."
CAMEO ring set in
14k yellow gold..
View #G22928

New Coral Rose Jewelry, "We introduced
this jewelry last Christmas and it was at once received with the greatest
approval… we imported the roses from Italy… cut by hand from choice
pieces of real pink coral and mounted in 14k gold". Priced in 1914 from
$2.00 to $15.00 each.

Gold cigar cutters, cuff links, tie
clasps and collar retainers.
Watches, clocks and settings to "modernize" your own diamonds. "Write us any
suggestions you may have and our designers will work them out, submitting
you sketches".
Colonial Rose Bead Necklaces of beads
made from rose petals.
Blue Bird Jewelry of sterling with blue enamel front and gilded back,
symbolizing happiness or good fortune.
"I wish you the happiness of blue birds,
The peace and silent joy of flowers,
And the love of many friends."
New "VEE Pins for wear with low necked
Imitation coral rose jewelry,
New sterling silver hat pins,
Lingerie clasps.

10K and seed pearl delicate Edwardian 16" necklace. This has
been treasured for many years and is in magnificent condition, and is so
flattering to wear.

View #Q20325
Ladies 14k gold jewelry with pearls
and diamonds.
Priced in 1914 from $4.50 to $70.00.
Solid Gold Jewelry, French Veil Pins, Vee Pins, New Short Hat Pins,
Friendship Circle Brooches, Ribbon Sautoir.
LAVALIERE of 14k white
gold, diamond and seed pearls. #Q9861

STERLING elegant coin, cash clip
and compact purse, engraved "MEM", 3-1/2" by 2-1/4" by 5/8" deep.
View #P9200
Sterling Silver Vanity Cases.
Parisian Ivory
toilet articles.

SASH PIN in gold tone… leaves with an
unusual faux pearl center, 3-1/4". VIEW
Sterling Silver Slipper Pins and Shoe
The New Cothurne Set
with a "little ornament on the foot and two slides
on either side through which are run the ribbons that cross over the instep
and lace up the leg ending with a fancy buckle… holds the slipper firmly
on the foot."
Doll Pin Cushions and Kewpies

Sash pins and buckles were worn in the
late Victorian and Edwardian time periods, from the 1890’s through the
teens. This photo shows a lady wearing a buckle at her waist in the same
position a sash pin would be worn.

BUCKLE of clear rhinestones
set in gold tone circa 1900, 2-2/8".
View #i21856
Ribbon Sautoirs, Sterling
Silver Flower Holders, Enamel Jewelry for the Summer Man.
Men’s Belt Buckles and Watch Fobs.
BUCKLE 3" circa 1900.
View #i14737

Silver Deposit over fine white glass.
Dainty sterling pieces for the tea or luncheon table.
Heavily plated on nickel silver with white
glass liners.
Dutch Silver Reproductions.
Sheffield Plate Reproductions.
The Georgian Pattern
High Grade Silver Plated Serving Pieces

Sterling Silver for the Table.
Bon Bons, mayonnaise sets, salt sets, sherbet cups and saucers, whipped
cream bowl.
Reproductions of Sheffield Plate.
Travel Cases. Door Knockers, Nut Bowls, Pencils and
Pens, Tool Kit.

"The articles in this set are made of the finest quality steel and the cases
are of the finest leather."
Salts bottle, Desk Set, Powder Case, Hankies, Bib Fastener.

The Virginia Pattern "simple and
beautiful sterling".
Sterling Silver for any Table
Sewing Bird, Platinoid Frame,
Stud Box, Coaster, Banjo Clock, Boy Scout Knife.
Copper Plate Engraving.
Wedding Rings.