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Benjamin Allen & Co. 1950-1

You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.

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Costume Jewelry Magazine

Allen & Co.

1951 Catalogue

This original Benjamin Allen & Co. catalogue from
1951 includes in it’s over 350 pages everything from diamonds, watches,
costume jewelry, clocks, sterling silver, silver plated ware and optical
goods, as well as equipment for jewelry stores and watch makers.

Real pieces shown as examples for reference are close proximities to the
items shown in the catalogue.

Benj. Allen & Co. Exclusively Wholesale,
1950 Edition

Vintage jewelry findings of the 50s, including safety catches, pin stems and
joints, ear wires, earrings findings and nuts.
Vintage jewelry findings including keyless
padlocks, sister hooks, clutches and necklace clasps.

Vintage jewelry findings including snap catches for neck
clasps and bracelets.

Vintage jewelry findings including guard chains and ring

SPEIDEL "Old World

SPEIDEL "Old World Jewelry".

Quality simulated pearls".

SPEIDEL plastic "Sir
Galahad" case. View

SPEIDEL "Sir Galahad"
watch band.

Benj. Allen & Co. Exclusively Wholesale,
1951 Edition

"14KT Yellow and White Gold Dinner Ring Mountings"
It is interesting to notice that some of the style thought of as "Edwardian"
and "Deco" are still in this catalogue from the 1950s. Perhaps styles did
not change as quickly back then for the more classic pieces.
14k white gold filigree flat topped ring with 2 diamonds and one sapphire,
size 5-1/4. View

The "add-a-pearl" necklaces of the 1980s were proceeded by
these dainty "Anniversary Necklaces" of the 1950s. Strung in 14k gold
chains, they were meant to be treasured for a lifetime.

STERLING Webster sterling
ducks baby bib clips, 7" total length and each clip is 1". Webster
1894-present, in Attleboro, Massachusetts, known in part for their sterling
baby items. These can be seen in the
Allen & Co. Catalogue, Exclusively Wholesale, 1951 Edition


Sterling silver baby bib holders, rattle and spoon set, napkins rings, cup
and porringers, 925/1000 fine.
in sterling for the well-dressed 1950’s era baby. It was put around the
baby’s neck and clipped to a fancy hanky used as a bib.

Solid Gold Diamond Set Pendants and Brooches.

"Men’s Cameo and Intaglio Stone Set Rings."

MEN’S 10k yellow
gold intaglio ring. View
10Kt Gold Past Master Masonic Rings
and Masonic Emblem Rings in 10Kt Gold

men’s ring. #K21479

STURDY 1/20 12K-GF (gold filled)
De-LUXE Hand-Made Lockets
Benjamin Allen & Co. Catalogue, 1951

HEART shaped
12k gold filled locket, circa 1950, 1-1/4".
View #Y27937
Ladies’ Black Onyx Rings

LADIES’ 10k yellow gold and onyx
with diamond center ring, size 6-3/4.
View #K27384

1/20-12Kt. Cameo brooch or pendant (no

CAMEO brooch
with pendant loop in gold filled setting, 1-1/4".
View #Q27936
Carnelian Cameo, Cameo, Fire Opal, Opal, Sardonyx, White Spinel,
Imitation Emerald, Cultured Pearl and gold rings.

ring with marcasites set in sterling. #K26303

Carmelita by Briggs
Sensational new all stone expansion bracelets!
Hand set rhinestones, all stones synthetic.

tone expansion bracelet, 6-7" with 3/4" flower etched front.

Original Carmen by Briggs
Briggs, Bates & Bacon Co., Attleboro, Mass.
Expansion and ID bracelets.

DeLUXE marked "DeLuxe, Made
in USA, The D.F.B. Co, Carmen" gold tone expansion
bracelet 5-1/2" to 6-1/2" with forget-me-not etched and embossed 7/8" heart
front. #Q27362

Dolly Madison by Marathon
Sets & Bracelets

Elizabeth Taylor Fashion Jewelry
By Leo Glass
Necklace & Earrings Sets
Carl-Art, Inc.
Providence, Rhode Island

Carl-Art, Inc.
Providence, Rhode Island

Deltah cultured pearls

Golden Opera Jewelry by Deltah DELTAH plastic
fan-shaped necklace box, 8" by 8-1/2" when closed.
View #a28505

Ad for DELTAH Jewelry from unidentified
1954 magazine.

Deltah simulated pearls

DELTAH "PEARLS" ad from unidentified 1950 magazine-
Jarmila Novotna, opera singer

DELTAH plastic
fan-shaped necklace box, 8" by 8-1/2" when closed.
View #a28505

Nancy Davis Reagan

Masonic 10 karat gold jewels.
Some of these same styles can be seen as far back as the late 1800s
catalogues with little change.

14 KARAT yellow
gold with black and white enamel pin engraved "JC PINSON, Texas, KT,
Stamford Commandery" , 2-1/4 by 1-1/4". This is older than the 50s, but you
can see the similarity in style that continued through the decades.
View #K26827
14Kt Yellow and White Gold Diamond Scarf Pins and Scarf Pin

Spray Pins

Scitarelli Creations by Phyllis
A low-priced line of beautiful plated jewelry

Marvella costume pearl necklaces with karat gold or rhinestone
Bolita by Forstner

Beautifully designed pendant necklaces in "The
Quill" design.
Can be separated and worn as a brooch or necklace.

Pendant and ear sets styled by Van Dell.

Glamour Jewels "Fantasy" Eyeglass holders, hairpin eye glass holders.

One of the most expensive items in the catalogue was
luggage, which strikes me as appropriate since we passed a set like this
down three generations of our own family, all using it for years, and it is
still in good condition.

14KT Gold Earscrews for Pierced and Unpierced Ears.