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Victorian Sweetheart Jewelry

You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.

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Victorian jewelry is as complex in it’s symbolism, sentiment and
design as was the fashion, architecture and decor of the time. Worn as an
ornament, a love token or a remembrance, jewelry not only completed the
well-dressed lady’s costume but also denoted her position in society,
her marital status and her sense of self.

Since the Victorian era stretched over six decades, many types of jewelry
came and went in vogue. Mass production made jewelry available to the
widest number of buyers in the broadest range of designs ever seen
before in history. When it came to formal occasions, the "more is
better" theme of the Victorian era carried over into how jewelry was
worn by royalty and the aristocracy. Paintings of Queen Victoria and
other royals at state occasions show multiple brooches, swags, earrings,
bracelets and hair ornaments. But the jewelry of the everyday folk is
collectible, fascinating and a lesson in history that enchants us even

The jewelry below has two of the more charming features of the Victorian
era… sentiment and symbolism. To see more about symbols in
jewelry, click HERE. While is isn’t
easy to determine which things are decorations and which meant to
symbolize a thought or idea, it is fun to try to guess.

VICTORIAN sterling
silver bird, heart, flowers and leaves pin, hallmarked circa 1890, 1-5/8".
View #V27908

VICTORIAN sterling silver hallmarked 1894 bird brooch with floral and leaf
design, 1-7/8". View
View #V29132

VICTORIAN sterling
bird bar brooch hallmarked Chester 1892, 1-7/8".

VICTORIAN sterling bird,
flowers and
acorns brooch, beaded edge, hallmarked "S. Bros." Birmingham 1890, 1-5/8".
View #V27656

VICTORIAN hallmarked
PP&Co sterling silver double horseshoe brooch with leaves and gold overlay,
1-1/8". View
View #V29951
VICTORIAN S&G silver bow
and leaves brooch, 1-5/8".
View #V29950

VICTORIAN round silver brooch
with beaded edge, applied surface layer of rose and yellow gold rose and leaf design,
deep open hair compartment in the back with glass cover, c-catch and tube
hinge, circa 1880, 1-1/3".
View #V26458

VICTORIAN hallmarked sterling horseshoe pin with yellow and rose gold
roses and leaves overlay, beaded edge, 1-1/2".
View #V29641

VICTORIAN hallmarked sterling WCM oval beaded brooch with yellow and
rose gold roses and leaves design, beaded edge, 1-1/2.
View #V29642

VICTORIAN Mizpah double heart brooch with beaded edge pin,
1-5/8". MIZPAH "May the Lord watch between me and thee
while we are absent, one from the other." See Luthi’s Sentimental
page 32. View
VICTORIAN sterling Mizpah brooch with two hearts, lock and key, bird
and flowers, gold overlay, tiny etched saying, hallmarks "SRRO?, lion,
anchor, p", 1-1/2".
View #V29875
VICTORIAN Mizpah pin with ivy leaves, hallmarked,
1-1/3". View

sterling 2" ornate bows and ivy leaves bar pin hallmarked
Chester, England, 1900-1.
View #V13432
sterling bar pin with forget-me-nots motif, 1-5/8".
View #V29240

1-7/8" ornate bows and ivy leaves brooch.
View #V13421

sterling silver "regards" brooch, hallmarked back, 2".
View #V28593