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Turn of the Century Ladies

You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.

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their fashions and their jewelry

An enchanting look at
Victorian fashions, jewelry and hairstyles is found in carte de vistas.
These wonderful old photos illustrate how jewelry was worn and how it coordinated with the styles of the time.

Click on each picture for a larger view.

Note: These items were
photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.
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A starburst brooch centers the high neckline of her costume.
Note her wonderful "specs"!


lady wearing a broad brimmed hat with sailor style outfit. Size 3-1/3" by
5-1/2" marked "Kopke, 479 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY, established 1880" and
hand written date 1902.

lovely feathered hat. The the face of the north wind ornaments the chair in
which she poses. Photo is 6" by 8", deckled edge and mounted behind
tissue in an embossed folder from "F. A. Webster, Oakland, Cal.". Signed in
pencil "Webster, 1902".

Black lace and many feathers make this a dressy look in
fashion. Her sentimental locket completes the ensemble.

starburst brooch, circa 1900. #Q22923

CAMEOS are such
classic beauties. This one has tiny pink enameled butterflies on the
corners of the filigree frame.
View #U14728

SEARS Catalogue 1897
Ladies Hats, Page

locket with acorn and leaf motif, 1-1/2" long. (The acorn
is a symbol of fertility and immortality). Note one small
"beads" of gold has broken off the bottom of the acorn, hard to see without
a loupe. View

VICTORIAN lady wearing a
hat decorated with ostrich feathers.
Dressed all in black, the feathers curl attractively around her face. Cabinet card with no markings.

wearing a hat with feathers and a rhinestone buckle, as well as artificial
flowers on her bodice. Note the tiny bird pin on the underside of her hat. Photo mounted on heavy cardboard with embossed frame
design, 4-1/2" by 9-1/4".

with fancy feathered hate and gold bar pin. Bar pins came in many
styles and sizes, and were a staple of the jewelry wardrobe. Carte de viste marked "Peterson
& Co., Tracy, Minn.".

Heat-curled feathers decorate this elegant hat.

VICTORIAN TIFFANY black ostrich feather fan with tortoise ribs.

EAGLES SASH PIN leaves and eagles decorate this
3-1/8" by 2-1/2" oval in gold tone sash pin … now this *is* unusual! VIEW

bar pin, gold tone with black enameling, 2-1/2", watch loop.
View #V23225

FEATHER heat curled
hat ornament. View

Brooches in the crescent moon motif sustained their popularity
from the late 1800’s into the early 1900’s.

wearing a portrait brooch and a watch chain with a ring as an ornament.
Cabinet card size 4-1/4" by 6-1/2" marked on the front "Younge, Over
Glenn’s, Franklin Square, Utica, NY".

wearing a portrait brooch and watch chain. Cabinet Card size 4-1/4" by
6-1/2" marked "Jacoby, Minneapolis" on the front.

wearing a portrait brooch, cut steel buttons and diamond earrings. Cabinet
card size 4-1/4" by 6-1/2", marked "J. O. Herbert, Grand Rapids, Wis."

SHAMROCK and seed
pearls pin. #Q12737

WATCH chain. men’s 11" with
slide. #V23375

PORTRAIT 2-1/8" brooch hand
painted on porcelain in a twisted gold tone setting. This is the same
portrait brooch worn by the lady in the photo shown above.
View #V23717

portrait brooch, 2-1/2". This lady dressed in plum is delicately hand
painted on a porcelain disk set into a twisted gold filled setting. Notice
the detail of the feather in her hat.
View #V22943

VICTORIAN lady wearing a long chain with an ornamented slide
and a brooch at her neck.

VICTORIAN lady wearing a slide necklace, earrings and a lace pin.

VICTORIAN lady wearing a hair chain with an engraved gold fob
as an ornament, both of which are suspended from a watch pin at her

VICTORIAN lady wearing her gold cross pendant and
jet earbobs.

"Souvenir from John O Groats" seashells 2-inch oval
brooch. This is a delight, with each tiny seashell pronged in
place. View

SLIDE CHAIN gold filled watch
slide with opal on one side and engraved initials on the other, maker’s mark

Y&S on hook, 48".

(9 ct) hair 14" watch chain with fob engraved with initials and marked "WA
.375". View

14k VICTORIAN crucifix 2" by 1-1/3" on a new 14k 14" chain.
View #V6606

lady in white blouse with tiny tucks and wearing a watch on a slide chain.
Cabinet card 4-1/8" by 6-1/2".

VICTORIAN lady wearing
a portrait brooch and pendant watch. Cabinet card in folder marked, "Miller,
Union Block, Mt. Vernon, O." and hand written in red ink on front, "Alta
Woodruff Houk, age 18".

Closer View

A horseshoe stick pin adorns her high collar, and her slide chain
connects to a tiny brooch from which her watch is suspended.

ELGIN lady’s open face
14 karat gold pocket watch engraved with the initials "AJK", my
grandmother’s. View

Deco black enamel and marcasite lapel watch, which would be worn upside-down
from how it is shown in the picture. It is hinged, so that the wearer could
tip it up to read the time.

14 karat gold pocket watch with wonderful floral and ribbon enameling on
the case. View

carat flip fob of agate and carnelian.
View #V23421

lady wearing an insect hair pick, a gold filled bar brooch, a watch chain
and an elegant suit. Cabinet card marked "Gillmore & McIntyre, 1887,
Successors to Wright, Putnam, Conn., Landscape & Portrait Artists".

Glass beads outline the collar of this jacket and underblouse.
A miser’s purse would have made a nice accent to this lovely outfit.

Lockets were and are a sentimental favorite that never go out of style.

A lace jabot is the perfect background for jewelry.

VICTORIAN 14k bar pin, 2".
It looks like a "nanny" pin, but does not open that I can see. View

BEADED miser’s purse, knitted
ivory color cut steel bead work and fringe. The different fringes on each
end made it easier to determine which end of the bag held which items.

FNC heavier round 1-5/8" locket engraved "EHJ", with
17" chain. #Y8663

gold filled watch pin initials "GA" engraved on the back, 1-1/4".
View #V22942

lady wearing pearl necklace and watch chain with coin fob. Cabinet card
marked, "Hamlin, Casselton, N. Dak.".

The fob is probably engraved with sentimental initials.

VICTORIAN girl wearing a
pendant watch. Cabinet card marked, "Cronyn & Co., Tracy, Minn.", 4-1/2" by
6-1/2". View

An elegant outfit is completed with a matching umbrella.

VICTORIAN sterling
coins charm bracelet. The 1880’s coins were etched and decorated by hand
to create floral motifs and initials. Pieces like this are often called
"sweetheart jewelry", the idea being that sailors did these on board their
ships to bring back to their sweethearts. They were used as charms
for bracelets, as well as ornaments for watch fobs.

chain and button engraved "JL", 8" long. #V10934

ELGIN lady’s open face
14 karat gold pocket watch engraved with the initials "AJK", my
grandmother’s. View

VICTORIAN black lace parasol with
hand carved wooden handle and crochet covered decorative tassels. The
black floral
LACE is delicate and in excellent
are crochet-covered, and the wooden handle is all hand carved
with a foliate design. View

High necked blouses and upswept hairdos were a feminine
look for the early 1900’s.

Dainty lavalieres are seen in many photographs of the early 1900’s.

Sentimental hair locket may have contained the hair of a sweetheart.

Her Czech style necklace was typical of the early 1900’s.

10K and seed pearl delicate Edwardian 16" necklace. This has
been treasured for many years and is in magnificent condition, and is so
flattering to wear.

View #Q20325

ruby and pearl. #Q22924
sapphire, diamond and pearl. #Q22925
diamond and seed pearl. #Q22926

filled hair 3/4" pendant on 17-1/2" chain. #V15460

red opaque glass bead necklace.
View #Q19788

A bustle exaggerates the back line of this wonderful dress. She might
have worn a chatelaine at her waist. Circa 1885.

Corset stays made this wasp-waisted dress possible, and the draping
watch chain highlights her small waist, circa 1880.

In addition to her decorative belt buckle, this lady wears a
long chain and hair earrings made in the shape of acorns.

A lovely small waist is ornamented with a striped belt and
fancy buckle or sash pin.

the mirror is hallmarked Birmingham 1904-05, maker’s mark C&N; the pencil
holder is marked Chester 1902-3; the match safe is engraved with the
initials "HHA"; the envelope-shaped stamp holder is hallmarked Birmingham
1977. The length from top to bottom is 9".

18k hair brooch/pendant, oval with braided hair in two blonde colors, hair
back, 2" wide. View

BUCKLE 3" by
2-1/3" clear rhinestones circa 1900.
View #i14737

SASH pin with a serpent curling around an amethyst-colored
rhinestone. It is 3" wide and has the older style c-clasp. VIEW

Could she wear more jewelry?
Multiple bracelets and rings are shown to their best advantage by her pose.

Reclining ladies pose at an outdoor picnic wear simple
jewelry, including the often seen bar pins.

A lovely flowing hand appliquéd and beaded dress accented with a
simple strand of pearls and a gold bangle on her wrist.

The gentleman prominently wears his draped watch chains with fobs.

bracelet with an engraved plaque that says, "AR Clothier. 111 London. Rd.
Chippenham. WRCD 47/2". Perhaps an advertising piece?
View #23382

VICTORIAN carved ivory name brooch "Jane".

14 and 18 KARAT gold BANGLES
with diamonds, rubies, amethysts, and garnets.

BRACELET made up of smaller
watch fobs, 7-1/2" long. #Q22940

Wedding pictures are always so solemn! Dressed in their very best,
the clothing was often practical so that it could be worn again.

My husband’s grandparents wedding picture. Note the lovely wicker

Wedding clothing was often hand-made for the occasion.

Flower bedecked family standing in a beautifully
decorated room.

10k GOLD wedding band
size 8-1/2. #G23204

14k gold ring with three gypsy-set diamonds, size 9-3/4.

10k diamond yellow gold
filigree ring, size 6-1/4. This ring is 3/4" from top to bottom across the
front face of the ring, and about 5-8" wide. #G17545

VICTORIAN 14k ring with
hair woven inside, size 7-1/4.
View #V15458

Wedding pictures are a wonderful remembrance of a
special day.

VICTORIAN cabinet card of two
lovely ladies wearing watches on slide chains, 4-1/8" by 6-1/2".

This solemn couple wear watch chains and fobs. Her watch chain sports
a tiny slide.
His fob is a typical barrel shape.

Her long chain probably held a lorgnette at the

14k with seed pearls surrounding woven hair under a
crystal, size 4, circa 1880.

View #V17771

GOLD TONE slide chain with blue striped enameled slide, 50".
View #Q12748

gold tone bracelet with crystal watch fobs as charms.

sterling lady face lorgnette, 4-3/4" by 1-1/2".

Lovely long hair pulled back by a huge satin bow.

Children’s pictures of the era were often very

The sisters playing with their dolls in this picture are the same
sisters shown in the photo brooch below, my maternal grandmother and her

Loving flowers girls carry softly shurred purses that match their

My favorite Aunt Sissie, circa 1910. View

My very bearded great great grandfather, circa 1870. View

Great Aunt Mary and my Grandmother Agnes as young
girls, circa 1890. View

Photo brooch of three of my Victorian-era uncles. View

This is is a picture of jewelers working in an old jewelry
factory. It makes me want to walk right into the picture and see what pieces
of jewelry they are making!


Note: These items were photographed from private collections, and are for
reference only. Jewelry that is available
for sale can be accessed at the links below.

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