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Victorian Rhinestone Jewelry

You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.

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Victorian jewelry is as complex in it’s symbolism, sentiment and
design as the fashion, architecture and decor of the time. Worn as an
ornament, a love token or a remembrance, both the costume and fine jewelry
of the era not only completed the well-dressed lady’s attire but also denoted her position in society,
her marital status and her sense of self.

Since the Victorian era stretched over six decades, many types of jewelry
came and went in vogue. Mass production made jewelry available to the
widest number of buyers in the broadest range of designs ever seen
before in history. When it came to formal occasions, the "more is
better" theme of the Victorian era carried over into how jewelry was
worn by royalty and the aristocracy. Paintings of Queen Victoria and
other royals at state occasions show multiple brooches, swags, earrings,
bracelets and hair ornaments. But the jewelry of the everyday woman is
collectible, fascinating and a lesson in history that enchants us even

faceted glass set in 10k gold with black enamel Greek key design mourning
brooch with photo compartment on back, baby picture, 1-1/2".
View #V31552

early oval locket brooch with surrounding clear paste
cushion cut rhinestones. It is hinged on the back so it is easy to
add a photo or a lock of hair there and make it a sentimental or
memorial brooch, too.






VICTORIAN gold filled
brooch with faceted blue oval center stone.
View #V26563

VICTORIAN "lover’s knot"
brooch with topaz-colored glass unfoiled stones, 2-3/4". A similar
piece can be seen on page 71 of Bell’s "Collecting Victorian Jewelry".
View #V25996

lavender unfoiled rhinestone set in gold tone engraved knot brooch, 1-1/2".
View #V27798

VICTORIAN gilt two purple faceted glass stones pin, 2".
View #V29639

VICTORIAN yellow gold
filled and purple faceted rhinestones brooch with safety chain, 2-1/3".
View #V27788

VICTORIAN gold filled
topaz colored stone with drop brooch, 2".
View #V27905

VICTORIAN red rhinestone oval gold filled
brooch, 2". View #V28205

KNOT sash brooch with
lovely design and garnet-colored glass stones, 1-3/4".

VICTORIAN clear rhinestones
gilt hinged bangle, nice solid weight, stones chipped which can only be seen
under magnification, 6-2/3" by 7/8".
View #V33645

VICTORIAN clear unfoiled
oval rhinestone in gold tone setting brooch, 1-1/3".

VICTORIAN four amethyst-colored rhinestones
in twisted frame brooch, 1-7/8".
View #V28190

VICTORIAN gold filled snake brooch
with green and red rhinestones,
1-3/4". View

VICTORIAN gold filled and amethyst-colored rhinestone
in twist frame brooch, 2". A similar brooch can be seen on
page 84 of "Old Jewelry, 5th Edition" by Jeanenne Bell, dated circa
1870. #V28191

VICTORIAN gold filled five red faceted glass stones pin, 1-1/3".
View #V29644
VICTORIAN 10K yellow gold
leaves and branches brooch with 3 oval garnets, loops for pendant and watch

round yellow gold brooch with amethysts (one
stone cracked upon close examination), 1-1/2".


VICTORIAN topaz colored
rhinestone brooch, solder reinforcements on back, 2-1/4".
View #V28600

topaz colored rhinestone brooch, 2".
View #V28601

yellow gold brooch with brown multi-faceted domed stone, 1-5/8".
View #V28588

VICTORIAN gold filled Mizpah brooch with paste stones, 1-1/2".
View #V28859

VICTORIAN multi-colored
rhinestones 1-3/4" brooch with dangles.
View #V28426

VICTORIAN long oval yellow
rhinestone set in yellow gold filled brooch, 1-3/4".
View #V29480

VICTORIAN sterling kilt or
dirk pin with purple and yellow stones, circa 1900, hallmarked,
View #V7108

VICTORIAN gold filled bar pin
with purple stone, 2-1/8".
View #V28333

VICTORIAN stick pin with red and clear
rhinestone head, 3".