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Victorian Children’s Jewelry

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Victorian Children’s Jewelry

Vintage children’s jewelry can be seen in many of the old photographs.
Coral beads, silver lockets, bead necklaces and little bracelets all
seem to have been popular in the Victorian era. Coral was thought to
ward off ill health so even babies worn small beaded necklaces and
bracelets of coral. "Baby" was embossed or engraved on tiny pins and
bracelets, and jewelry with compartments for a treasured photo of a baby
or child was also popular. Many vintage jewelry catalogues offered these

Great Aunt Mary and Grandmother Agnes as young girls, 1890’s.
Agnes wears a tiny heart locket. View

brooch with charming little girl wearing a hand-knit sweater and carved jet beads
and holding her toy ball on one side, and a hand stitched floral
bouquet on the other, 1-5/8".
View #V29249

VICTORIAN photo pin, blonde
baby in oval hollow gold frame, some dents.
View #V29350

VICTORIAN girl’s Persian
turquoise ring and gold filled thimble in original fitted box. This
would have bee a lovely gift for a young girl.

VICTORIAN hand tinted
little girl photo brooch with seed pearls set in sterling, 7/8". #V27599

VICTORIAN young girl
wearing a cameo necklace, a bracelet and ring as well as a lovely striped
jacket with buttons. Photographer Heath, Main Street, Plymouth, NH.

Sisters wearing stick coral necklaces.

filled branch coral pin with pendant loop on the back, circa 1890, 1-1/2".
View #V4417

A young girl wearing a sentimental photo locket and a
bangle bracelet.

VICTORIAN "Baby" pin in gold tone with blue enamel, 1-3/4".
View #V29872

VICTORIAN baby pin
with green enamel, marked "silver" on the back, 1-1/8".
View #V29479

VICTORIAN 9ct gold
tiny pin with raised letters "BABY" and beaded edge,
1-1/8". View

filled engraved "baby" pin, 1-1/4".

baby pin marked "silver", etched and pierced, circa 1890, 1-1/2" 12.
View #V32407

VICTORIAN gold tone "baby" pin, marked "T.S.C." on the back, 1".
View #V32201

VICTORIAN sterling
"Baby" pin, hallmarked Birmingham 1888, maker &J, 1-1/2" by 1/3".
View #V31971

"Baby" pin, engraved and enameled, from

Roddin’s Jewelry Catalogue, 1887.

VICTORIAN baby pin gold tone with black enamel, 1-1/8".
View #V32196

gold baby pin, 1-1/2" by 1/3". The word "Baby" is surrounded by decorative
scrolls. What a charming gift for a new baby, to be handed down from
generation to generation.


ETCHED gold tone hinged
bangle with engraving inside "LSM to LMG", child’s size at 5-1/2" by 1/2".
View #V27839

VICTORIAN gold filled
bangle with "BABY" and scrolls engraved on the front, adjustable up to a maximum
of 5-7/8" and 1/3" wide at front #V31977

VICTORIAN "AC Co." yellow gold plated hinged child’s hollow bracelet, reposse flowers, 6" by
1/4". View

Cornelia Bennett Negley (on the tricycle) and William Bennett Negley, circa

in sterling for the well-dressed 1950’s era baby. It was put around the
baby’s neck and clipped to a fancy hanky used as a bib.

Sisters Mary and Agnes King with their dolls and
carriage, circa 1900

Children wearing straw hats and lace bonnet with rocking horse. VICTORIAN silver etched fern
leaves design hinged bangle, extra dainty size probably for a child, best on a wrist of about
5-5-1/4", it measures inside 6" by 1".
View #V31580
EDWARDIAN hand painted on ivory little
boy brooch, 1-3/4″. View

VICTORIAN silver hand made
pendant with a photo of a little boy on one side, and a lock of his hair
tied with a ribbon and his baby ring on the other.
View #V29576
VICTORIAN photo brooch of
little girl in straw hat set in gold tone twist frame.
View #V29596
VICTORIAN Aesthetic style
yellow gold filled with rose gold overlay oval brooch with a parrot in a
swing and a little girl in fur cap and collar photo on the reverse, circa
View #V29577

VICTORIAN photo pin, sepia of
little girl wearing sailor suit and hat.
View #V29341
VICTORIAN photo pin,
wide-eyed little girl with brunette curls, necktie, gold tone twist frame.
View #V29314
VICTORIAN photo pin,
little brunette girl in sailor suit.
View #V29316

Victorian photograph of a young girl wearing an ornate book
chain criss-cross necklace with a cameo and a bar pin, circa 1890.

filled ornate book chain criss-cross necklace with hard stone cameo, 18" with
2-1/3" front drop, circa 1880. See Christie Romero’s "Warman’s Jewelry,
Edition 2" page 55.
View #V27342

VICTORIAN mother and child. The mother wears a
vulcanite hair comb, a bar pin and a cameo slide necklace and holds a purse.

VICTORIAN Etruscan revival baby
bracelet in gold tone and garnet, circa 1885, 5-1/4". See the
1887 E.V. Roddin Catalogue
page with bracelets like this, and also Bell’s "Collecting Victorian
Jewelry" page 133.
View #V32310

RODDIN 1888 Catalogue
Fine solid gold bracelets, polished stiffened wire, polished square
stiffened wire, Roman flower bracelets.

VICTORIAN Manathon Craft gold filled baby
or child’s bangle engraved “BJL” on the
front, 5″ around on the inside. View

pin with little girl with short bangs, twist gold tone and green enamel
frame brooch. View
VICTORIAN photo pin with a
sepia of a little boy wearing his dress jacket and tie.
View #V29588

VICTORIAN photo pin,
child in beaded edge setting, 1-1/2".
View #V28075

VICTORIAN photo pin, enameled
baby pin, as is.
View #V29336
VICTORIAN photo pin, sepia of
a little girl sucking her thumb button photo brooch, "Granley Photo Button,
Chicago" on back.
View #V29340
VICTORIAN photo pin, little
brunette girl with bows on shoulders.
View #V29337

Three school girls with big hair bows circa
1890. The middle girl wears a locket and the girl on the right wears
beads and a buckle on her belt.

baby or young child’s ring with Persian turquoise and seed pearls,
size 2-3/4. #G23828

Charming young lady in white eyelet dress, circa 1900.

ENGLISH sterling silver baby
bangle, hallmarked Chester 1918, 4-1/2" by 1/4".

Victorian high button black child’s shoes.

Child in high button shoes with her doll in a hand-tinted photograph.

VICTORIAN photo pin, little
girl leaning on chair back, reverse marked, "WT Ross".
View #V29513

PHOTO frames, round, from the John Fryxell
Catalogue 1902

VICTORIAN little girl in
fancy coat button photo brooch, rev "Photo Button Co".
View #V29514

VICTORIAN photo pin, sepia of
a young girl holding a rose.
View #V29323
VICTORIAN photo pin, young
school girl in faceted gold filled setting.
View #V29324
VICTORIAN photo brooch,
little girl in sailor suit.
View #V29325

Young ladies dressed all in white carrying rose bouquets and shirred purses..

BLUE enameled baby hair
locket with painted pink rose, bow suspending pin, 2-1/3″.
View #Q27371

Young lady wearing her locket on a neck chain
and earrings.

VICTORIAN photo pin, little
girl in striped dress.
View #V29322
VICTORIAN photo pin,
young brunette girl in ruffled dress wearing a pendant.
View #V29312
VICTORIAN photo pin, teenage
girl with white hair bow and a locket on a chain in black twist frame.
View #V29313

14k & AQUA ENAMEL tiny delicate lingerie pins
with tiny forget-me-nots. They came to me in this box,
but I do not know for sure that it is the original one.
View #Q19842

SOLID gold cuff and safety pins for baby, ladies and children.
Solid gold front, rolled plate and sterling safety pins.

A.C. Becken Catalogue, 1902

BABY ring in 10k
gold and tiny rubies, circa 1900.
View #G22931