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You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.

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BOUCHER 1937-1971

Marcel Boucher was one of costume
jewelry’s most respected designers. He began by designing fine jewelry
for Cartier in New York City then moved into creating his own line in about 1937. Making jewelry with the marks "MB", "Boucher"
and "Marboux", his designs were fluid and detailed and his enamels have a
colorful translucent quality that
make them a particular favorite.

This is a reference page and j
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(Marcel Boucher)
pink, lavender, blue and green enamel hyacinth
brooch, 3-1/2". View

Shown together to
indicate relative size.
(Seen in Christie Romero’s "Warman’s Jewelry, 3rd Ed, page 193.)

MB blue,
yellow and green enameled flower brooch with rhinestone accents, 2-7/8".
View #M23568

clear rhinestones lily brooch. This is the same piece seen in Christie Romero’s
"Warman’s Jewelry", 3rd Ed, page 193. View

MB ENAMEL cherries
brooch, circa 1941. This is the same piece seen in Christie Romero’s
"Warman’s Jewelry", 3rd Ed, page 193. Another like it is shown in Brunialti’s "Tribute to America" on page 151
and in Brunialti’s American Costume Jewelry, Art & Industry" on page 55. View

sweet pea brooch, circa 1940. This is the same piece seen in Christie Romero’s
"Warman’s Jewelry", 3rd Ed, page 193.

enamel violets brooch with purple white and green enamel, clear and topaz
rhinestones all set in rhodium silver tone, 3-1/4" by 2-1/2". The
translucent enameling on the leaves reminds me of the Boucher enamels of
this era, circa 1940s.

MB BOUCHER unsigned Asian man
fur clip with lovely translucent enameled finish on rhodium and gold plate
and set with clear rhinestones, patent pending on the back, 2-1/8". This
piece, as well as it’s mate a girl clip, can be seen in Brunialti’s book
"American Costume Jewelry: Art & Industry, Volume 1" on page 57 where it is
dated 1941 and called "Chinese".
View #Y36871
enamel corn "cobb" brooch with clear rhinestone accents, circa 1941. Shown
in Brunialti’s "American Costume Jewelry" on page 197 and in
Brunialti’s American Costume Jewelry, Art & Industry" on page 54, patent
128,104 dated 1941.

unsigned hand holding torch fur clip circa 1942. It is a hand holding torch of liberty with a
big pink faceted glass flame set in gold- and silver-tone, 3". It is marked only "patn
pend" but the patent is #131,798, Boucher, circa 1942, 3". There are
very minute
fleabites in the pink flame, barely visible and only under 5x magnification,
with and light finish wear on the gold tone arm. This can be worn as a
patriotic piece or solely for it’s beauty.




BOUCHER 1942 patent for the torch brooch,
No. 131,798, Marcel Boucher

MB Boucher three-dimensional
clear rhinestones flower brooch with rose pink rhinestone center.
View #B19441

attributed but unsigned fish brooch in gold tone with a topaz colored
unfoiled rhinestone belly and clear rhinestone accents, 3" by 2". The
design is amazing with ruffled and overlapping fins and tail and a swirl
for an eye. It shows only slight traces of wear on the finish and the
clear stones are slightly hazy. I think this is circa 1940 and it is
Boucher patent number 139,674 from 1944.


Premiere Fleur brooch with blue molded glass and clear
rhinestone brooch, the single initial "D" on the back, 2-1/2" by 2-1/3",
circa 1940. In a very faint hand engraved numbers is "91-66-27", also on the
back. Like some other better jewelry from this era, the pin back opens only 45%
of the way, and it should not be forced. This glass line came as a
brooch and also a set of
fur clips, and then there’s also another ad for a more simple brooch. An
ad for a brooch from this group was run in "Mademoiselle Magazine" in
the March 1940 edition. Another
brooch in this series can be seen in the Deanna Cera book "Amazing Gems"
on page 125 where she dates it 1937.


MB (Boucher)
enameled fish brooch in soft peach and yellow.

silver tone fur clip with patriotic red, clear and blue rhinestones
set in a shell shaped clip, marked with the MB logo on the back and "2577 78",
late 1940s, 1-3/4" by 1-1/2". The entire body of this clip is silver with no
black, even though it keeps photographing as though there is some. View

MB (Boucher)
sterling vermeil fish pin with topaz colored rhinestone belly 2-1/2".
View #B21884

MB BOUCHER cupids set,
gold tone pave pin and earrings with faceted red crystal hearts and
clear rhinestones set in both silver and gold tone metal, brooch 3" wide,
and 1-1/2" earrings 1-1/2". The earrings are marked "patn 1649187",
date 1927 for the earring findings, but the same findings were used for many
years and this set is circa 1940.
View #M20921 &

MB BOUCHER cupids gold
tone pave earrings with red faceted crystal hearts,
1-1/2", marked "patn 1649187". #M20934

MB BOUCHER lily brooch
of pink and green translucent enamel and pale peach and clear
rhinestones in a rhodium plated setting, circa 1940, 3-1/4". The enamels
are among the most collectible of the Boucher pieces, and with this
brooch you can see why. See a similar pin in Christie Romero’s "Warman’s
Jewelry", 3rd Ed, page 193.
View #B33218

BOUCHER three-dimensional
clear rhinestones 4-3/4" flower brooch.
View #B24386

MB Boucher
clear rhinestones flower pin, 4-1/8".
View #M23566

3"clear rhinestones set in silver tone floral brooch.
View #M23934

MB (Boucher) pave "Columbine"
flower 3-1/2" pin set in silver tone, circa 1948. Shown in Brunialti’s
"American Costume Jewelry" on page 196 and in Brunialti’s American Costume
Jewelry, Art & Industry" on page 44.
View #M21885

Frances Langford 1946
Ad for Max Factor cosmetics
She wears a Boucher clear rhinestones flower brooch.

MB BOUCHER bird brooch in clear
rhinestones set in rhodium silver tone, 3-3/4". The "MB" mark on the back is
mis-struck so very hard to see, but I guarantee this is a Boucher. It
photographs gray but the actual stones are clear and sparkling.
View #X36778

blue and clear swirl bouquet brooch and round earrings, brooch 2-1/2"
earrings 1". Amazing quality with a tiny hole behind each rhinestones to let
a bit of light through the unfoiled stone.


BOUCHER advertisement showing the columbine brooch, 1948.

RHINESTONE pave flower brooches.

MB BOUCHER faceted
circle brooch with lavender and pale yellow enameled flowers and pale
green leaves, 2-1/2". The enamel work is the translucent style for which Boucher is famous. This is circa 1940.
View #M27568

BOUCHER beautifully
styled clear rhinestones necklace, 14" with 3-3/4" front drop. View
View #M23866

MB Marcel
Boucher lavender heart shaped unfoiled rhinestone suspended in a leafy
stylized bow-shape pin set in silver, circa 1940, 2".

MB Boucher
sterling "2373" ribbon loops brooch with blue and aqua rhinestones
with clear rhinestone accents, 2-5/8".
View #M26637
BOUCHER necklace in
clear and blue rhinestones set in silver tone.
View #M23040
three-dimensionally stylized 2" flower brooch with clear rhinestone pave
and blue rhinestone stamen.

textured gold tone flower brooch and earrings with green glass
cabochon centers surrounded by clear rhinestones. The brooch is marked on
the back "Boucher 8352P, and clip back earrings "8352E". The brooch is 2" by
1-7/8" and each earrings is 1" wide, all in excellent condition.


elegant clear rhinestone wings necklace with a center drop,
circa 1950s, it is16" including the extender, and it has a 3" by 1" front element.
It’s marked "Boucher" and a copyright
with the number "5872" on the back. Sophisticated and brilliant,
it is a classic look to be worn and enjoyed for years to come, and its in
excellent condition.






BOUCHER Asian figural brooch
with green glass figure on a textured gold tone setting, marked on the
reverse, "Boucher 9939P" with a copyright mark, 1-3/4" by 1-1/4". There’s
also a hook on the back allowing this to be worn on a chain as a necklace.
View #M66733

sterling and rhinestones 3-dimensional ship brooch, 2-1/3".
View #B22137

Neiman Marcus
silver tone necklace with artificial pearls in a scalloped pattern.
View #B18252

blue cabochons petal flower brooch with clear rhinestones and faux pearl center,
2-1/4". View

rhinestone and faux pearl crown pin, 1-1/4".

fur clip with a swirling
design in red and clear rhinestones set in silver tone, 3", probably rhodium
View #M17367

clear rhinestones round swirl brooch.
View #M26711

BOUCHER "under the sea"
brooch of white coral set in gold tone seaweed and fish, clear rhinestone
accents, 2". View

(Boucher) Mexico sterling ballerina brooch with purple cabochon, circa 1940, 3-1/4″. View
View #N26203

necklace with topaz and green rhinestones set in gold tone.
View #M25818

BOUCHER clear rhinestone
graceful swirls brooch in
rhodium, marked with the number "3363" on the back, 3-1/3". View #M61727
MB BOUCHER Deco sterling vermeil
bird brooch with green and clear rhinestones, 2-1/2".
View #M28504
MB BOUCHER mechanical gold tone
flower with clear rhinestones, the petals open and close, 2-1/4".

BOUCHER snake brooch with
blue and green mini cabochons set in textured gold tone, marked on the
back "Boucher" and the number 1063P, 2-1/3".
View #M63174
ENAMEL orchid brooch with
clear rhinestones and artificial pearl dangling stamen set in rhodium, 2-3/4". The
enamel is a lovely translucent peach tinting toward soft green. This
fabulous brooch looks like exactly a Boucher but has no markings.
Boucher did do a flower similar to this one, but with a longer stem
View #Y33971

BOUCHER gold tone short choker
necklace with red and clear rhinestones, 12-1/2" by 1-1/2" front drop.
View #M63165

BOUCHER unsigned Duette style
brooch and convertible dress clips in clear rhinestones set in silver tone,
marked on the back with only a patent number "2,034,129" which is registered to
Marcel Boucher in 1939, 3-1/4".

bug pin in gold tone with red cabochon eyes, 1-1/3". #M64753

BOUCHER green baguette and
clear rhinestones swirl brooch set in silver tone, numbered "5355",
2-1/4". #M65029

BOUCHER enameled
butterfly brooch with pearlized enamel on brushed gold tone, marked
Boucher and 1066P, circa 1960s, 2-3/4". View

BOUCHER enameled dancer
pin in rose and white on pale gold tone, marked "Boucher" and "pat. pend.
1360", circa 1950 2". View

BOUCHER brown and
pearlized white enameled bug brooch with clear rhinestone eyes and set in
textured gold tone, 1077P, circa 1960s, 2".
View #M65904

Joseph Mazer of Mazer Brothers

Joseph Mazer

MAZER rhinestone paved rose brooch set in silver tone
3-1/3". View #M24344

unsigned pastel rhinestones, molded glass leaves and
rhinestones necklace.
View #Y23733

silver tone with clear and aqua rhinestones rose brooch, 3-1/4".
View #M25060

MAZER sterling flower brooch
and earrings with celery green and soft yellow unfoiled rhinestones and
clear rhinestones accents, sterling with gold plating, 3-1/4" brooch and
earrings 1". #M65176
PAVE Mazer unsigned pink and
clear rhinestone pave rose brooch set in rhodium, 3-1/4".
View #Y63093
pink, red and clear rhinestone floral pin with trembler stamen, 3-1/2".
Some of the clear rhinestones have grayed with time, circa 1940.
View #M23527

pin with pink, pale blue and deep blue rhinestones set in gold tone, 1-5/8".
This is not signed, but I have seen others like it signed "Mazer".

MAZER ribbon motif rhinestone 14-1/2" necklace, 1-1/2" pin and
1-1/2" earrings.

JOMAZ brooch in red, blue
and green enamel on gold tone, a fantasy creature with three heads, marked
on the back "Jomaz" with the copyright symbol, circa 1960, 3-1/2".
View #M36987

JOMAZ earrings with marbled green cabochons and
clear rhinestones set in gold tone, signed on the back, these pendant clip backs
are each 2-1/3" long.
View #X40992

Egyptian themed pendant necklace /brooch combo with a multi-colored enamel scarab and a aqua glass
cabochon in the center. This beautiful necklace has outspread wings on each side, marked "Jomaz" on the
back. It is 18-1/2" wearable length with the pendant 2" by 1-3/4".
As often happens like this one, there are two pieces
of the red enamel missing, so it is priced as-is.

MAZER clear
rhinestones three-dimensional scroll brooch.
View #M20938

MAZER Deco style clear
rhinestones bracelet, 7" x 1".
View #B23079

MAZER sterling and
clear rhinestones crown brooch, 2-1/8".
View #M25097

MAZER Joseph Mazer
textured gold tone hinged snake bracelet with rhinestone eyes and tail tip,
7" by 1".
View #M25950

MAZER large 4"
enameled fox fur clip.

MAZER brushed gold tone 1-7/8" flower pin and 1" earrings with faux
pearls and rhinestones.
View #M18314

MAZER "Jewels of
Elegance" sterling vermeil 1-3/4" pins (2) and 5/8" earrings with topaz
colored rhinestones. See the 1946 ad showing it in a different color way
View #M25099
MAZER "Jewels of Elegance" sterling
venmeil ad,
MAZER sterling vermeil
brooch with green and clear rhinestones, 4-3/4".
View #M25098

MAZER pastel blue glass
cabochons and clear rhinestones 7" by 3/4" bracelet.
View #M24884

sterling and unfoiled clear rhinestone fly fur clip with clear and red
rhinestone accents, circa 1940, 1-3/4" by 1-1/2". Marked "Mazer
sterling" on the back behind the head.

necklace with clear rhinestones set in silver tone.
View #M19655

JOMAZ butterfly brooch in
clear, red and blue rhinestones, pastel blue cabochons and artificial pearls
set in gold tone, 2". View
JOMAZ blue enamel pods with
clear rhinestone centers, gold tone drops and double chain, circa 1960,
necklace 13-1/2", front drop 6-1/2", earrings 2-1/4". The top of the
necklace is a choker length and the gold fobbed ends hang down from that, a
great look. The brooch to this set can be seen in Deanna Cera’s book "Jewels of Fantasy"
on page 204 where she dates it to 1960. View
View #M64893
JOMAZ aqua
glass cabochon surrounded with clear rhinestone leaves brooch, some graying
of clear stones,
2". View

JOMAZ brushed gold tone
coach pin with rhinestones with red and clear rhinestones, 2-1/4".
View #M26353
MAZER wine red and clear rhinestones set in gold tone bows bracelet, slight
finish wear on back on some bow edges only, marked on the back of one link
"MAZER", 7" by 1".
JOMAZ brushed
gold tone pods with clear rhinestone and artificial leaves brooch.
View #M21877

JOMAZ gold tone and
clear rhinestones earrings, patent #258398, 1-1/8".
View #M61196
JOMAZ textured gold tone
snake bangle with red and clear rhinestones, side hinge, 7" by 1".
View #M65601
JOMAZ dwarf with bowling ball
brooch with clear rhinestones, artificial pearl, aqua bead and black and
white enameling on gold tone metal, 1-3/4".
View #Y66195

blue and clear rhinestone necklace, 15" with 2-1/8" drop.

JOMAZ rooster pin with clear,
red and green rhinestones set in textured gold and silver tone, 1-5/8".

MAZER sterling and clear
rhinestone earrings, 1-1/4".
View #M31178

JOMAZ clear
rhinestones set in silver tone around deep green rhinestone centers brooch
and earrings. View
JOMAZ clear
rhinestone pave brooch with artificial pearl accents.
View #M20453
JOMAZ gold-
and silver-tone with purple rhinestone, aqua beading and clear rhinestones 2-1/3"
brooch 1" earrings
View #M7155

Brothers sword brooch with absolutely amazing detail. It has what I think is a
lion face at the top end and leopards at each end of the cross. It is decorated
with gem tones of red, blue and green rhinestones set in yellow and white gold
metal, engraved with flowers, leaves and scrolls on the blade. Marked on the
back "Mazer Bros" it is 4" by 1-1/4". The design of this was inspired by
the Royal "Sword of Offering" and to read about that click