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Duettes, Clipmates & Duos

You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.

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CORO Duette large blue faux star
sapphire and clear rhinestones marked with "patn #1,798,867
for Gaston Candas 1930, 3-5/8". This piece was seen in the book "Hollywood
Costume" by Deborah Nadoolman Landis. View #Y21861

NOTICE: The Victoria &
Albert Museum’s
autumn exhibition,
‘Hollywood Costume’, October 20, 2012
through January 27, 2013
is "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see over 100 of the most
iconic costumes in the history of film-making. It explores the central
role costume design plays in cinema storytelling. Bringing together over
100 of the most iconic movie costumes from across a century of
film-making, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the clothes
worn by unforgettable and beloved characters such as Dorothy Gale,
Indiana Jones, Scarlett O’Hara, Jack Sparrow, Holly Golightly and Darth

Thanks to Deborah Landis, my Coro Duette, on the top above, was in this exhibit,
traveling the world more than I ever hope to! It is shown on the
dress in this wonderful movie clip of the 1936 screwball comedy "My
Man Godfrey" (William Powell) showing Carole Lombard wearing a blue star
sapphire and diamond clip at her throat and a matching ring on her
finger (not shown). If you are a lover of 30’s jewelry, become a fan of
the Turner Movie Channel where so many of these 30’s movies can be seen,
commercial free. It is a real treat for both vintage jewelry and classic
movie lovers like me!

DOUBLE CLIP in clear
and green rhinestones set in silver tone metal. View

CORO Duette sterling vermeil
enameled "Jays" brooch and clips combination, probably designed Adolph Katz
circa 1942, 3". View
View #C25083

style clear pave and blue rhinestone 2-1/2" brooch/clips. View #Y20940

CORO Duette brooch/clips in
clear rhinestones.
View #C21899

clear rhinestone clip/pin combo, circa 1940. The swirls and baguettes add to
the lovely design.

clip 2-5/8" brooch in clear rhinestones circa 1937, marked pat
for Axel H Carlson. View #c21253

TKF Clipmates Deco style
clear rhinestone pave 2-5/8" pin/clips.

TRIFARI CLIPMATE two flying birds in clear rhinestones, almost 3"
across! This is like a Coro Duette, and the pin comes apart for
wearing as two clips, too.

in a very Deco style. this is really special and in
magnificent condition! Made with red and clear rhinestones set in silver


3" clear rhinestone brooch/clips marked "patn #1,798,867
(for Gaston Candas 1930) and
1,852,186". This is unusual in that the brooch portion looks good even when the
clips are off. View View #Y21860

An advertisement from the Marshall Field’s Christmas 1939
The caption says, "Rhinestone set in rhodium-finished white metal for the
bracelet. $6.50 Matching clipmate brooch which separates into a pair of
clips. $6.50". This also tells us that they were using rhodium plate
as early as 1939

clips/brooch of clear rhinestones, marked "pat
" by E.A. Phinney for Island circa 1931, 3" long. View View

Princess Eugenie Duette with black enameling and clear rhinestones, 2-7/8". View #T23087

CORO clear
rhinestone pave on silver tone floral motif Duette, a nice large 3-1/3", circa 1940.
View #C15621

Duette style sterling pin with black enamel and clear rhinestones, 2-1/4".
View #d28012

CORO Duette
clips/brooch with Deco design in clear rhinestones marked with "patn #1,798,867
(for Gaston Candas 1930), size 3-3/4" by 1-3/8". View Mark

and clips combo, a terrific design with clear rhinestones set in silver
tone, 2-1/8".

COROCRAFT Duette in clear
rhinestones, 3-1/4" "patn #1,798,867
(for Gaston Candas 1930).
View #C25122

CORO Duette Deco design clear rhinestones
and green baguettes brooch and clips combination, marked "pat
" by E.A. Phinney for Island circa 1931,
3". View #C21860

1939 Benjamin Allen Catalogue page 137.
"TRYeTTE SETS combination brooch and dress clip sets. White metal white
stone sets."

COROCRAFT Duette enameled bees
brooch and earrings, see patent 1798867 for 1942, brooch and dress clip
combination 2-3/4", screw back earrings 1".
View #C37193
CORO Duette clear rhinestones
double fur clip brooch, marked on the back "Coro Duette,

pat 1852188
by E.A. Phinney for Island circa 1931, and pat no 90007,
circa 1930s, this is a nice large sparkler at 3-3/4".
View #C36795
COROCRAFT Duette rabbits brooch
and clips combination, patent 142483 for 1935, Adolph Katz, each 1-7/8".
Note that what looks like dark belly buttons on the rabbits is really the
reflection of my camera lens! View

silver tone mesh slide bracelet with a detachable dress
clip end decoration. Bracelets are more scarce than the clip/brooch
combos. View View #Y19966

BOW 2" double
clip on a pin back in green and clear rhinestones, most unusual.
#Y19831 View

Clipmate clear rhinestone flowers and leaves motif, marked "patn 205,080",
2-7/8". View

DOUBLE 3" dress
clips on a pin back, all in reds and clears. Large and lovely!

pink enameled floral Duette, similar to the Day & Night set patent
issued to Adolph Katz, designer, circa 1939. This is one of my very
favorites! Back


sterling vermeil blue rhinestone, green enameled leaves pin/clips with clear
rhinestone accents, 3" wide with slight finish wear, patent number
1,798,867. View #C21185

CORO "Cherubin" cupids birthday
Duette, July with pink heart-shaped rhinestone, 2-1/3", circa 1956.
View Back View #C20928

ad for "Cherubin" Duettes,
Spring and Summer 1956
(see bottom right corner of ad).

CORO cupids Duettes in
different colors.

3" brooch/fur clips and 1" screw back earrings, blue floral
petals and green leaves enameled design, circa 1948.
View View #C22514

CORO DUETTES ad from 1948 showing floral set in picture
second from top.

CORO Duette
flowers brooch/clips in aqua, blue, red and clear rhinestones with green
enameled leaves. View
View #C24993

CORO Duette crowned cupid
heads pin, 2-1/2", "patn #1,798,867
(for Gaston Candas 1930). View

CORO DUETTE red enameled birds
brooch with rhinestones, "patn #1,798,867
for Gaston Candas 1930, 3-5/8".
View #C10718

CORO DUETTE comedy and tragedy
in sterling vermeil, enamel and rhinestones. These can be seen in in
Brunialti’s "American Costume Jewelry, Art & Industry" on page 145,
patent 144,198 dated 1946. View

BIRDS in blue and
yellow blue enameling and
clear rhinestone pave, but unusual in this case as each bird is a brooch
rather than a fur clip. View

enameled birds clips/brooch. View #C17670

PINK and blue Duettes
style birds brooch with clear
rhinestone pave, but unusual in this case as each bird is a brooch
rather than a fur clip.

Duette, faux pearl-belly and rhinestone birds, 3". View #T21903

"Heavenly Swallows" Duette advertisement, 1945.

CORO "Heavenly Swallows"
Duette with clear rhinestones, circa 1944, designed by Adolph Katz, 2-1/2",
patent #1798867. Shown in Brunialti’s "Tribute to America" on page 79.
View #C27864

CLEAR brilliant
rhinestones Duette style brooch and clips combination marked with "patn
circa 1934, 3".
View #Y29272

style aurora borealis set in brushed gold tone with clear rhinestones
brooch/clips, 2-1/3".

COROCRAFT Duette bow
brooch of blue and clear rhinestones set in gold tone, 2-1/2".
View #C24001

CORO Duette horse heads
brooch and clips combination in gold tone with red and clear rhinestones,
circa 1945, 2". Here is an image of the original ad for this Duette
View #C61046

CORO Duette of horse
heads with matching screw back earrings. Red and aqua rhinestones and
enameling decorate each piece.
View #C24994

CORO Duette of enameled
burgundy flowers in gold tone, 2-1/2", marked with patent number 1798367.
View #C24900

CORO Duette double flower
brooch with brilliant clear rhinestone pave and green enamel on gold tone,
2-5/8" by 1-3/4".
View #C34796
CORO Duette with pink, rose
and yellow porcelain flowers, red and clear rhinestones, all set in silver
tone, 2-5/8".
View #C34501
COROCRAFT Duette in gold tone with
pink unfoiled rhinestones with clear rhinestone accents, 2-1/2".
View #C32729

CORO Duette brooch clips in clear
rhinestones set in silver tone, an unusual open oval style circa 1930, 2-1/8" by
1-1/2". View
View #C35454
RED and clear duette style
brooch, 3-1/4", marked with "patn 2,114,675" (Patented by Axel H. Carlson,
April 12, 1937) on the back, circa 1937.
View #Y24848
CORO Duette
sterling vermeil "Sparkling Peonies" brooch/clips with blue and clear
rhinestones, 1944, patent #1798867, 3".
View #C25084

BROOCH Duette style opaque cabs brooch and dress clips combination with
carnelian colored red, deep green and blue glass cabs, marked on the back
"pat pend", 4-1/2" by 1-5/8."


DUETTE clip backs showing some of the different styles. DUETTE clip backs. DUETTE clip backs.