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Dog Motif Jewelry

You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.

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& Cat
Dogs are thought to be
the first domesticated animal, and they have been important to man ever
since. They symbolize loyalty and steadfastness. Cats are an
important member of many families and they symbolize many lives, mystery
and beauty.

VICTORIAN painted dog face
brooch in silver gilt setting, gilt a bit worn, 1-1/4". The dog wears a
blue bow and has pink tipped nose and ears.

hunting locket with a Greyhound or whippet dog head surrounded by a whip, 10
karat yellow gold locket, 12 karat yellow gold 30” chain. The locket has a
foliate design on the back with an open cartouche, and there are small slight
dents on the back, 1-1/8". The locket is empty on the inside and has one fitting
for a photograph but no glassine.


VICTORIAN table woven brunette hair
sweetheart or memorial 7" watch chain or bracelet with a 3/4"
one-sided dog’s head fob.
View #V29605

SCOTTY dogs sterling 3-square bar brooch, 2-1/4".
View #N28738
sterling Scotty dogs link bracelet, 7" by
1/2". View
SCOTTY dog textured sterling brooch, 2".
View #N28740

SCOTTIES dog wooden carved pair pin,
circa 1945, 2-1/2".
View #w28746
textured sterling 2-Scotties dog brooch, 1-5/8".
View #N28715
SCOTTY wooden carved Scotty
dog pin,
circa 1945, 2-1/2".
View #w28747

WOOD carved and painted hinged bangle bracelet, Scottie resting
his chin on his paw, circa 1950,
6-1/4" by 7/8" by 1-1/2" tall at ears. His eyes are white but
may have had a painted iris at one time, his tongue is red and there are
pastel yellow and green stripes beneath his paws. This is the very best of
50s wooden jewelry.
View #w33403
WOOD carved and painted hinged
square bangle bracelet, Scottie with his bone, circa 1950, 6-1/2" by 1". His
collar is painted red, his eyes are black and yellow and his bone is
attached with a purple twine. This is the very best of 50s wooden jewelry.
BAKELITE resin washed dog head
brooch with glass eye, probably missing a chain collar, circa 1930, 2" by
2-1/4". View

WOOD SCOTTIE dog carved and painted 3-1/3" pin with
rhinestones… a real cutie!

WOODEN painted Scotty dog pin with
glass eye, 2 1/4".

WOOD carved dog Cocker Spaniel brooch
with red painted bow, what a charmer, 2-1/3". View

necklace made of plastic and celluloid in Fall colors on a green
chain. The necklace is 17" with each dog portion being about 2-1/4" by


UNCAS brown plastic child’s
doggy bracelet, patent number 131585 dated 1941, 5-3/4" by 1-1/3".
Patent #X35060

red bakelite 3-1/8" dog soldier
pin with pivoting arm and painted details.

Scotties dog bakelite 2-5/8" brooch with trembling tails!
View #B13696

BAKELITE red and butterscotch
Scottie dogs pin.
View #B28581

DOTTY SMITH gold tone
dogs buckle, 2-1/8" total by
1-1/3". View
CAROL LEE black enameled Scotty
dog with clear rhinestone bow collar
brooch, 1-1/2". View
frame brooch with pair of Scotty dogs on
chain leashes, 1-7/8".
View #Y28726

MIMI D’N textured gold tone Scotty
dog buckle dated
1976, 4" total by 1-7/8".
View #X28731
ESTEE LAUDER gold tone Scotty
dog box with red and black plaid
enameled coat, 2". View

FALLOWGRAM silver tone
Scotty dog dress clip, marked "patn #1990935", circa 1935, 2".
View #Y28723

SFJ black enameled Scotty
dog pin with clear rhinestone
collar and eye, 1-1/3".
View #X28735
SCOTTY dogsmooth gold tone with clear rhinestone bow collar
brooch, 1-1/2". View
SCOTTY sterling 3-Scotties
dog brooch, 2-1/2".
View #N28737

SCOTTIES sterling, marcasite and black enamel
dogs brooch, 1-1/4".
View #N28741
dog gold tone brooch with clear rhinestones and
green enamel, 1-1/2".
View #X28742

SCOTTY "LG" gold tone
Scotty dog head with blue rhinestone eyes brooch, 1-1/2". #Y28730

PLASTIC Scotty cream and black
circle pin circa 1930s, 1-3/4".
View #B60010

BAKELITE red Scotty dog
View #B28582

YELLOW plastic Scotty dogs child’s
barrettes. #B28583

CAROLEE silver tone with black enameling dog brooch, 2-1/2".
View #X60504
SHULTZ bakelite red Scotty dog
brooch with hand carved fur, glass eye and painted nose, 3".
View #B32019
CAROLEE gold tone with black enameling dog brooch, 2".

WOOD and Lucite cat and dog brooch, 3".
View #w61550
CAT pins, a whole collection!
The black enameled one is signed JJ and is 1-1/4", the brushed gold tone cat
is 1-1/8", the silver tone cat with green rhinestone eyes is signed Monet
and is 2-1/4", the green rhinestone cat is 1-5/8" and the sitting kitty is
decorated with pink and gray rhinestones and is 2". The price is for
the entire collection of 5 brooches.
View #Y33412
BAKELITE green two Scotties
brooch, 2-1/3" by 3/4".
View #B61827

ENAMEL cream
enameled dog brooch with clear rhinestone accents, 2".
View #Y62807

SCOTTY dog cuff links in
gold tone. #Y28846

GLASS Scottie
dog charm 3/4" on an 18" gold filled chain. #Y28524