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Czech Jewelry

You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.

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1918 to 1938

blue molded glass birds motif 16" necklace and 7-1/2" by 7/8" bracelet.
View #Q23601

glass beaded 1920’s 30" sautoir of topaz and cobalt faceted glass beads
with a 5" tassel. View #Q20697

CZECH cameo necklace and bracelet.
View #U5625

HINGED gold tone bangle
7" b y 1" bracelet with porcelain portrait on the front.
View #V17805

CZECH style
brooch with four portraits on porcelain set in gold tone with red
rhinestones, 4". View
View #X27676

CZECH porcelain portrait
screw back earrings, 2-1/3".
View #Q24872

DECO Egyptian
flavor soft mottled green bead and pressed glass
necklace, 18" with 3" front drop.
View #Q33438

large blue rhinestone bird brooch with open-backed rhinestones set in gold
tone, marked "Czechoslovakia" in tiny letters on the pin stem.
This has beautiful
sparkling rhinestones in two shades of blue and it’s in excellent condition, 3-1/3" by
2" counting the smiling gold tone beak.


CZECH portrait necklace showing a
young girl in white, 19", alternating links of carnelian-colored glass beads,
white enameling
and gold tone roses.



CZECH style multi-colored
glass beads and rhinestones necklace, 4-1/2" pendant, 4-1/2" beads, 28"
total. View
View #Q26769

CZECH necklace, a wonderful piece
with a gold tone two-strand 16" necklace, luminous transparent clear cabochons,
and smaller cabochons and rhinestones in purple, green and brown, circa 1930.
This is genuinely spectacular and in excellent condition.


CZECH style
gold tone filigree and topaz rhinestone 2-1/4" pendant on 16" necklace of
faceted glass beads, circa 1935.
View #Y26654

CZECH glass bead necklace
of lovely green
and white molded art glass beads, circa 1930, 18".
View #Q33432
CZECH glass bead necklace, purple swirl and beige beads and purple seed bead spacers, marked on
the back of the claps "Made M-Sch, 50480, Czechso",
circa 1930, 17".
View #Q33433
DECO pale blue
transparent glass stepped
bead necklace with tiny clear bead spacers, circa 1930, 16". Delicate
in color and in style.

YELLOW glass bead necklace with
tassel, 17" length with 3-1/2" front drop. This
Photo shows how
it would have been worn.
View #Q33488
We always enjoy photos showing wonderful vintage jewelry. PEACH and clear glass beads
necklace with amazing color and design, three strands below the
horizontal stations and one above, circa 1930, 16-1/2".
Amazing condition for it’s age and delicacy.
View #Q33444

glass cabochon and beads necklace, 16″ with 1-1/2″ round filigree front.
View #Y26393

CZECH style pink and
green enameled necklace with pink cabochons, 24" chain 3" pendant.

quartz beads and gold tone chain necklace, 15". #Q26264

antiqued gold tone filigree and 1-1/3" purple rhinestone on 28" silver
chain. View

PURPLE enameled and
cabochon pendant. View
View #Q17275

unfoiled rhinestone set in enameled filigree 1-1/2" pendant on a 17" chain.
View #Y26397

ORANGE and white glass beads necklace, 15"
with 2-1/2" pendant. The white beads are ribbed, adding an extra
dimension to this lovely pendant, circa 1930.
View #Q33797

CZECH genie face brooch circa
1930, 1-7/8". #Q35924

WOOD, straw,
coral and aqua beads 2-1/2" dress clip, probably Czech. View
A similar brooch is in
"Amazing Gems".
View it here.

CZECH multi-colored
rhinestone 2-1/3" pendant, 24" chain included but not shown. View

faceted glass 1-5/8" square forms the center of an 18" necklace
of glass beads View #Q24794
CzechoSlovakia multi-colored enameled and rhinestone 3-1/3" pendant 22"
chain. View

CZECH style pendant with
three rectangular faceted glass and crystal bead spacers. View
View #Z19294

GLASS beads in
rich red and black create this 16″ necklace.
View #Q19790

RHINESTONE "CheckoSlovak"
marked frosted glass and clear rhinestones 3-1/4" brooch.
Mark #Y24802

WOODEN bead bracelet, red, blue gold
cream and green, 7 by 1-1/4", and matching dress clips, 1-1/3".
View View #w22174
and #w22686

Haskell and Czech jewelry and purse.

CZECH wooden multi-colored
round 1-1/3" pin.
View #w24882

CZECHOSLOVAKIAN butterfly pin with
aqua, clear, pink and black unfoiled rhinestones set in silver tone, 2". View #Q34818

CZECH wooden bead pin with red
bead center, wood florets and glass seed beads, 1-7/8", marked on the
back CzechoSlovakia". View

CZECH Czechslovakia coral glass
necklace and dangle earrings set in gold tone, chain 15", pendant 2-1/4",
screw back earrings 1-3/4". View

PURPLE cabochons and
rhinestones set in a gold tone 1-3/4" by 1-1/3" locket on a 20"
chain. This locket has
fittings for two pictures inside.
View #Y24888

unfoiled purple and foiled clear rhinestones necklace and bracelet with large faceted purple
rhinestones, necklace 18" with 2-7/8" y-front, bracelet7" by 1/2". View
View View

CZECH marked
"Made in Czechoslovakia" purple rhinestones and marcasites 2" pendant on
a 20" chain, 7-1/2" by 7/8" bracelet, 2-1/3" bar pin and 1" earrings all
set in gold tone.

CZECH style
faceted glass disk-shaped bead necklace, 16" with 1-1/2" double drop,
circa 1930.
View #Q28146
CZECH style
purple and lavender rhinestones necklace, circa 1930, 15-1/2", large center stone
slightly scratched but still quit lovely.
View #Q28143
GOLD TONE Victorian-retro style
gold tone necklace 17" by 5/8".
View #Q29780

BLACK glass beads and clear faceted
glass beads and seed beads necklace, 16".
View #Q29520

PALE pastel yellow unfoiled
rhinestones and yellow and white enameling in gold tone necklace, 16" by
1-1/8". View
View #Q29549

GREEN and clear faceted glass
puzzle bead necklace, 21".
GREEN marbled glass and black
faceted edge bead necklace with white seed bead spacers, 14-7/8".
View #Q29533
GREEN glass moonglow style beads
necklace with gold tone spacers, 23".
View #Q29532

CZECH Deco green round glass beads
with black accent beads on gold tone necklace, 19". #Q29772
CZECH glass moon glow style square
cabochons set in gold tone necklace, 15-1/2" by 1-1/2".
View #Q29774
CZECH Deco colors green and black
faceted glass beads necklace, 18".
View #Q29771

CLEAR faceted glass beads and topaz
glass beads and florets necklace, 16".
View #Q29527

PALE topaz unfoiled rhinestones
and faceted beads set in gold tone with filigree bead spacers necklace,
15-1/2", 1-3/4" front drop.
View #Q29548

TOPAZ faceted glass beads, tubular
beads and pastel glass flowers necklace, 15".
View #Q29560

BLUE and white glass marbled beads
in silver tone filigree,17-1/2" with 1-1/2" front drop.
View #Q29522
BLUE glass faceted beads and
rhinestones with gold tone filigree necklace, 17-1/2" with 4-1/3" front
drop. View
#Q29523 $95.00
BLUE unfoiled rhinestones set
in antiqued silver tone filigree necklace, 17" with 1-5/8".
View #Q29525

CZECH Deco style deep red and
silvery rhinestones set in gold tone necklace, 15-3/4" by 1/2".
View #Q29770
RED unfoiled rhinestones set in gold tone bracelet, 6-1/2" by 1-1/8" .
View #Y28654
RED, yellow and orange glass beads
on a lovely twist gold tone chain necklace, 48".
View #Q29779

topaz colored molded and frosted glass necklace with a sunrays
design on each piece, black spacer beads and a lovely sterling clasp set
with topaz colored graduated rhinestones, 17" wearable length.
View #Q36298

CZECHOSLOVAKIAN clear rhinestone
flowers bracelet and brooch, bracelet 6-1/2" by 7/8", brooch 2-1/4".
CZECH flower bouquet
brooch in red, orange and green enamel, marked on the back "Made in
Czechoslovakia" and circa 1925, 4". There is some chipping on the petal ends
of the red flower, visible upon close examination, so this is priced as-is.
View #Q66183

STERLING Deco heavy chain
"arrows" necklace with blue oval glass starburst center, 16" .
View #Q29743
DECO silver and clear
rhinestones bracelet, 6-3/4" by 7/16". #Q29744
CRYSTAL Made in France crystal beads and gold tone metal spacers necklace, 17".
View #Q29746

CZECH style blue star centered
glass square and rectangles set in gold tone bracelet, 7" by 1-1/8".
View #Q29767
HAT ORNAMENT antiqued gold tone
hat ornament with flower-shaped red and white with blue accents glass beads
and red cabochons, 4".
View #Y29766
CZECHO-SLOV marked Czech blue
domed glass cabochons set in gold tone bracelet, 7-1/2" by 1-1/8"
View #Q29769

CZECH green marbled
glass set in gold tone pendant circa 1920, 17" chain and 2" pendant.
View #Q32466
blue, green, purple and red enamel and rhinestone necklace, with green
cabochon center, 19" chain with a 3-1/2" pendant, circa 1920.
View #Q25009
CZECH green glass bead
and antiqued gold tone flapper necklace with art glass cabochon center, 36".

TOPAZ unfoiled faceted rhinestones
and glass beads on gold tone 15-1/2" necklace with 1-1/8" front.
View #Q29778
TOPAZ glass square unfoiled
rhinestones necklace, 15-1/2" by 1/2".
View #Q29777

BLUE faceted teardrop
crystal necklace with enameled links chain, circa 1920, 13-1/2". #Q26615

with red glass cherries and green leaves on a gold tone box
chain. View
PURPLE glass intaglios set in gold
tone necklace, 14-1/2" by 1/2".
View #Q29776
CZECH glass red and black bead
necklace, 17". All the beads in this necklace are unusually shaped,
giving it a very Deco style.
View #Q30034

DECO brass and deep red opaque
glass necklace with stylized wing motif circa 1930, 18". #Q33435
DECO brown glass
cabochon circles and
stepped elements necklace with gold tone stations and chain
circa 1930, 16-1/2". #Q33436
CZECH glass bead necklace, red
molded glass and rhinestones in brass setting, marked on the
catch loop, circa 1930 17-1/2". #Q33434

PENDANT sterling with gold
wash, abalone and artificial pearls necklace, 18" with a 2-1/4" front drop.
View #Q32762
GLASS cloud white beads, yellow bananas and green leaves necklace,
probably Czech circa 1930, 16" by 1". Lush and lovely.
View #Y60904
ROSE PINK faceted crystal drops
and beads
on a silver tone chain, circa 1920, 16" with 1-1/2" drops. These
are high quality crystals and beads with lovely brilliance.
View #Q28142

PEKING graduated
green glass bead necklace with filigree caps with blue enameling,
probably Czech circa 1930s, 17-1/3".
CZECH bug pin with clear and
red rhinestones set in gold tone, 1-3/4".
View #Q61113
PERIWINKLE graduated glass beads
necklace with faceted clear glass bead spacers, long strand at 32"
long and beads from 1/2" down to 1/8" wide,
professionally restrung for security. #Q33446