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You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.

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Jewelry Company,
begun in New York in 1892 by Emanuel Ciner, moved into the arena of
costume jewelry in about 1930. Often designed to look like fine jewelry,
the quality is first class and the look rich and well crafted. They
continue to make jewelry to this day, and it is favored by many famous
clients. The use of small brilliant stones and rich enamels are two of
their signatures in jewelry design.

star or flower motif set of brooch and earrings with red glass
cabochons and clear rhinestones set in gold tone metal, "Ciner" mark on the back
circa 1990s, brooch 2-3/4", clip back earrings 1-1/4" , circa 1990s.


brooch with pierced and open design using green and cranberry colored glass
cabochons and clear rhinestones, some set open backed, in a gold tone
metal setting, circa 1990s, 2-1/8" by 2-1/8".


strawberry set of brooch and earrings with red glass cabochons and
clear rhinestones set in gold tone metal, "Ciner" mark on the back circa 1990s,
brooch 2-1/2" by 2", clip back earrings 1-1/3" by 1-1/8", circa 1990s.




gold tone metal flower brooch with red cabochons and pave accents.

gold tone metal lush strawberry brooch with rich red cabochons and
clear rhinestone pave leaves, all set in gold tone, marked "Ciner" on the
back, circa 1990s, 2-1/2" by 2" and in excellent condition in every way.



CINER gold tone
metal brooch with black cabochons, red and green rhinestones and pave
background. View

CINER clear rhinestones dragonfly brooch,
a large 4-1/2" by 3-1/2" and from the 1990s.
CINER large butterfly brooch
with tan, green and red rhinestones and an imitation glass pearl all set in
gold tone, circa 1990s, 3-3/4" by 2-1/2". This is a BIG brooch and for the
bold jewelry lover and it shows the wonderful Ciner quality. View
CINER dragonfly brooch with pale
caramel rhinestones set in gold tone, circa 1995, 4-1/3" by 3-1/2".
View #X36015

sterling silver flower brooch with coral stamen tips, lovely
curved and pierced leaves and clear rhinestones, some of which have turned
slightly gray, 3" by 2". The Ciner mark and the number "’39" in a small
circle are on the back, and other marks are lightly scratched on the back,
too, but I don’t know their significance. The ’39 mark could be a maker’s
number, but it could also be a date because it is about when I think this
would have been made. My research says that before the 1930’s Ciner was
making fine jewelry, and it wasn’t till the 1930s that they started a
costume line. Early Ciner like this is not easy to find and this is a
really nice brooch with both the setting and the coral in excellent vintage


black enameled butterfly brooch with red, green, blue and clear
rhinestones set in gold tone metal and an artificial pearl atop the head,
3-1/2" by 2-1/2". This large brooch is one of my Ciner favorites and was
made circa 2000. It is in excellent condition with no flaws, just a
brilliant beauty!


rich caramel colored enameled butterfly brooch with rose, green and
clear rhinestones set in gold tone metal and an artificial pearl atop the head,
3-1/2" by 2-1/2". It is signed on the back "Ciner" with the copyright mark and
shows the quality for which Ciner is known. This large brooch is one of my Ciner
favorites and was made circa 2000. It is in excellent condition with no flaws,
just a brilliant beauty!



necklace and hinged bangle bracelet with pastel pink, blue, yellow and
lavender oval faceted rhinestones set amidst clear rhinestones in a gold tone
metal swirl setting, circa 1990s. The necklace with hidden catch is 17-1/2" by
7/8" and the bracelet with safety catch is 7-1/2" by 1". All signed "Ciner" and
purchased directly from the Ciner company in the 1990s when I was a Ciner





hat brooch with red, clear and blue rhinestones band with flowers, all
set in gold tone metal, marked "Ciner" on the back, 2" by 1-1/2".


leopard torsade necklace with hidden catch made of gold tone metal beautifully
enamel work in caramel and black with high quality glass beads in caramel,
black, gilt silver and gold, circa 1990s. The necklace is a wearable length of
18" and




CINER caramel enameled caramel tiger
necklace, 15-1/2" by 3/4".The heads are decorated with clear
rhinestones and the eyes are black. This segmented necklace lays beautifully and
the clasp is hidden in the design.
View #X61048
CINER green swirl and clear
rhinestones dangle earrings set in silver tone, 2-1/3". #K61891
CINER flower brooch in lavender
rhinestones with clear rhinestone accents and set in gold tone, 1-3/4". The
lavender stones are very special with a glint of lavender in each.
View #X36423

CINER figural torsade necklace
with seven strands in glass and metal beads with a fabulous slide clasp in
the form of a zebra head. 1970s. Marked Ciner on the clasp, which is gold
tone metal enameled in translucent rust and opaque black, with colorless
pave stones, and opaque black glass cabochons as eyes. The beads are
matching translucent rust, topaz, opaque black, iridescent gray, all glass,
and gold tone metal, 17-1/2". View

CINER caramel and black enamel
giraffe brooch set in gold tone, 3-1/4". #K64862

CINER textured gold tone and
clear rhinestones links necklace, 15" by 7/8".
View #K63000

CINER frog
clear rhinestone pave with blue cabochon eyes hinged bangle, 6-3/4" inside
and 1-1/4" wide at front.
View #X28357

CINER coin motif with
clear rhinestones set in gold tone necklace and earrings set, ca. 1980,
Bulgari style, 17 3/8" necklace, 1 1/4" matching earrings.
View #X31109

CINER golden rhinestone pave
set in gold tone three-dimensional rose brooch, 2-7/8".
View #X30014

CINER jonquil
rhinestone pave huge 6-1/2 inch flower spray all set in gold tone, circa
1996. View
View #K15835

bow pin with clear rhinestone pave set in textured gold tone, 1-3/4"
by 1-1/2".
View #K20152

gold flowers pin with two shades of honey-colored
rhinestones, 2-5/8". View

CINER clear rhinestone pave bird pin on a branch
brooch set in a gold tone
setting, 2".


Deco black enamel and marcasite lapel watch, which would be worn upside-down
from how it is shown in the picture. It is hinged, so that the wearer could
tip it up to read the time.

CINER clear
unfoiled rhinestone ring.

CINER grapes brooch with
artificial pearls set in gold tone with clear rhinestone leaves, 3".
View #Y65464
CINER necklace and earrings in
glass pearls and clear rhinestones set in silver tone, necklace 15" by
1-1/3", clip back dangling earrings 2". The loops and swirls design is an
elegant classic. #Y65466
CINER clear rhinestone
bracelet set in silver tone, supple and high quality, great feel when worn,
7-1/2" by 3/4". Classic Ciner and easy to wear.
View #K36434

CINER pave flowers tied with a
ribbon of black enameling, 3 inches across, circa 1996.
CINER clear
rhinestone earrings with black center, 1-1/3".
View #K2131
CINER sterling
vermeil loops brooch with blue cabochon center and red rhinestones, 3-1/4".
View #K25081

in gold tone with clear, red and green rhinestones.

CINER FISH brooch in gold tone
paved with clear rhinestones.

fish brooch with white enameling over gold tone accented with
clear rhinestones and a little green cabochon eye, 1-1/2". The
last photo shows three scatter pins worn together, just as an idea.



CINER pink
and clear rhinestones bee brooch, 1-7/8".
View #C22515

CINER purple and clear
rhinestone earrings. #K20877

1 7/8" pin with delicate see-through wings decorated
with aqua and coral beads. #K13825

CINER clear and
blue rhinestone 7/8" round earrings set in silver tone.
View #X16677

CINER silver tone with rhinestone paved pansy pin and earrings.
View View

CINER sterling
vermeil and aqua rhinestones earrings, 1-1/3".
View #K12601

CINER blue and green enameled
turtle hobo pin. #K13363

green enamel on gold tone bracelet and earrings with clear rhinestone
accents. #K14972

enameled and rhinestone clown brooch.
View #K13556

CINER clear
rhinestone pave set in gold tone pin, 2".
View #K27721
CINER clear rhinestone pave
earrings with red cabochon centers, 1-1/3".
View #X27231

clear emerald cut rhinestone ring, size 7. View

CINER gold tone and
bright blue enamel
necklace and earrings, necklace a nice long 28" by 1/2", earrings 1-1/2". The
necklace has the distinctive Ciner invisible clasp.
View #K35392
CINER gold tone
heart brooch and earrings, brooch a nice large size at 3-1/4" and clip
back earrings 1-3/4". #K64876
CINER snake necklace with
clear rhinestones and green cabochons eyes set n gold tone, Ciner invisible
clasp, 17" and 1-3/4" front drop.

clear pave earrings set in gold tone, clip back 1-1/8" earrings that
are curved to fit the cheeks.


CINER blackamoor brooch
in gold tone with black enamel, red rhinestone and aqua tiny beads, some
as-is, 2-1/8".
View #X60953