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You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.

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Made by the Kramer Company in the early 1960’s, AMOURELLE jewelry looks like a cousin…
and sometimes a twin… to Miriam Haskell jewelry. That is because it was
beautifully designed by the former Miriam Haskell head designer, Frank Hess.
Because much less of it was made than Haskell, it is often difficult to find, but
it is certainly worth the search.

brooch of cloudy opalescent cabochons and red rhinestones.
View #X23031

pinecones motif topaz- and honey-colored glass beads and rhinestones 17"
necklace with 4" pendant.
View #X23033

topaz-colored rhinestones and art glass cabochon 3" pin.
View #X23034

AMOURELLE white glass beads,
yellow rhinestones and
enameled leaves with beaded dangles brooch, 3". Pieces in this set
can be seen in "Haskell Jewelry" by Gordon & Pamfiloff on page 114.
View #X31297

glass seed bead flower brooch with green enameled leaves and yellow
rhinestone centers, circa 1965, 3-1/2". Pieces in this set can be
seen in "Haskell Jewelry" by Gordon & Pamfiloff on page 114.
View #X26796

AMOURELLE blue art glass
and rhinestones set in gold tone 2-1/2" brooch and 1-1/4" earrings,
circa 1965.

AMOURELLE golden pinecones
necklace with gold tone leaves and pinecones, pale yellow and topaz colored
glass beads and tan, gray and topaz rhinestones, 18-1/2" long with a 4-1/4"
two part pendant. This is a Frank Hess design from right after he left
Haskell and it is a forte effort, a real treasure of beautiful glass beads
and golden chains. View
View #X35336
AMOURELLE Austro-Hungarian
revival style pendant with amazing aqua and white enamel encasing red, blue,
purple, green and topaz colored rhinestones all set in gold tone filigree.
View #X35352
AMOURELLE silver artificial
pearls necklace, hinged bangle bracelet and earrings circa 1960, necklace wearable
length 15", bracelet 7" by 1", dangle earrings 2". This
is an unusual design and more rare with the inclusion of the original price
View #X35367

AMOURELLE brooch in orange
and green glass beads and clear rhinestones nestled into gold tone
leaves, 2-1/4". View

and green glass beads set in gold tone brooch and earrings.
View #X23032

AMOURELLE brooch with green and
orange beads and cabochons set in gold tone flowers and leaves, 2".
View #X36031

AMOURELLE honey-colored
glass beads brooch set as a gold tone flower.
View #X21854

by Frank Hess very rare convertible necklace/brooch and
earrings set with glass pearls, clear rhinestones and gold tone chains, a
marvelous set of costume jewelry. It includes 4 pieces: a necklace 15-1/2",
a brooch 2" with a 5/8" loop that can attach it to the necklace, and 1" clip
back earrings. This set can be worn as a separate necklace and brooch, or as
a larger necklace by attaching the brooch to the bottom of the necklace with
the decorated loop included ( see the photos). The pendant/brooch and
earrings are beautifully layered with two different styles of leaves, a real
Frank Hess masterpiece in every way. This set was made circa 1960, after his
time as Miriam Haskell’s head designer. His jewelry is always a treat, and
there was only a small amount of Amourelle ever produced. This set is in
excellent condition in every way, absolutely glorious with shimmering gold
tone and brilliant rhinestones.




The same Amourelle set taken apart so that it can be worn as a
necklace, brooch and earrings.

AMOURELLE brooch of topaz-colored
glass cabochon and rhinestones set in gold tone petals on a filigree back, circa 1960, 1-7/8". Designed
by Frank Hess, the former head designer for Miriam Haskell, this has the
artistic sensibility and matte gold tone finish like his Haskell
jewelry. Made by Kramer in the early 1960’s, Amourelle jewelry looks like a
cousin… and sometimes a twin… to Miriam Haskell jewelry and that is
because it was designed by Frank Hess for both makers. View
AMOURELLE green glass bead
necklace and earrings with gorgeous swirled glass beads, knotted between
each, and tiny blue and clear rhinestones accented with artificial half
pearls, signed on earrings, necklace 24", clasp 1-1/4", earrings 1".
View #X35654

red rhinestones brooch in japanned setting, circa 1965, 2-3/4".
View #X26795

AMOURELLE brooch with orange
glass beads, green enameled leaves, gold tone textured beads and filigree,
3-1/2". The Amourelle line was made by Kramer and designed by Frank Hess, former
head designer for Miriam Haskell.
View #X35271

AMOURELLE brooch, with tiny
gold tone flowers centered with bright pink rhinestones in a cross motif,
lovely detail, 2-3/4". View

AMOURELLE Frank Hess designed
green, aqua and blue brooch and earrings set in gold tone, brooch 4-1/4"
earrings 1-1/3". The leaves are green glass seed beads and the flowers are
beads and rhinestones. View

pinecones motif topaz- and honey-colored glass beads and rhinestones 17"
necklace with 4" pendant.
View #X23033

View together

topaz-colored glass beads and rhinestones with gold tone chains 16"
necklace with pinecone motif clasp.
View #H22664

According to those who worked in the jewelry industry, the practice of designers using each other’s pieces as inspiration
was common, as was the "borrowing" of ideas for the use
and combinations of beads,
findings and designs. The sets shown directly above, one by Haskell and one
marked Amourelle, were designed by Frank Hess, but for
different companies at slightly different times.

AMOURELLE white and
yellow glass beads and green enameled leaves necklace and earrings.
View View
View #X20112
AMOURELLE earrings with
white glass pearls, yellow center and green enameled leaves.
View #X20091

black faceted glass beads necklace and earrings by
designer Frank Hess, who had been the head designer at Miriam Haskell.
The necklace wearable length is 15" with 5 strands and it is not marked
but matches the earrings perfectly. The 1-1/4" clip back earrings only
are marked "Amourelle". Circa 1960 and in excellent condition.