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Military Sweetheart Jewelry

You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.

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World War II
Sweetheart Jewelry

Courtesy of Carolyn Sunday
Sunday and Sunday Fine Antique Jewelry

"My husband has been a collector of unusual militaria and an avid
historian for over 25 years. I would attend shows with him now and then,
and began to see and fall in love with ladies military sweetheart
jewelry. It was not only fun and unusual, but sentimental and patriotic
also. I purchased several collectors books on the subject and over the
next few years actively sought out and purchased it. When some of my
husbands militaria collecting buddies found out that I liked it, they
would save it for me and I would buy it.
The pieces are found in silver plate, sterling
silver, gold plate, gold filled, and very occasionally, solid gold. Many
wooden, plastic, celluloid and other non precious metal pieces were used
with conservation of these precious metals for the war effort in mind.
Pieces have a much greater value if they retain original store card,
boxes, tags or packaging. "In service" pins were very popular, featuring
a star for each family member serving in active duty. One star pins are
common, two a bit rarer, three stars or more, quite rare.
In addition to jewelry one can also find compacts,
cigarette cases, pillow cases, hankies, postcards, playing cards, flags,
banners and pennants. There are several books that I would recommend,
but my favorite is Antique Sweetheart Jewelry by Nicholas D. Snider- a
Schiffer Book for Collectors with Price Guide. These pieces in my
estimation are still quite affordable, and besides being a good monetary
investment, more importantly are an investment in our history, and a
step back toward a more sentimental and patriotic time."

STERLING and red, white and blue enamel "Husband
in Service" badge.

STERLING and red, white and blue enamel "Brother in Service"

STERLING filigree and glass Army Air Corps pilots wings pendant.

MARINE Corps hand painted wood globe and anchor

STERLING U.S. Navy bracelet.

14k GOLD PLATED and blue enamel "U.S. Navy" chatelaine pins on
original card.

LEATHER and wood Navy boy with painted details brooch.

CORO gold and silver tone large Academy style sword pin.

"BUDDIES" movable Army celluloid pin on it’s original paper card.

GOLD FILLED mother-of-pearl heart US Navy expansion
sweetheart bracelet.

US ARMY AIR CORPS sterling silver bow brooch with book locket.

STERLING silver, marcasite and mother-of-pearl

US Navy sweetheart pendant.

CLEAR rhinestones set in sterling US Navy brooch.

GOLD FILLED and sterling US Navy son-in-service brooch with blue and red

STERLING Army Air Corps sweetheart charm bracelet.

GOLD FILLED Army Artillery book locket brooch.

ARMY gold and silver tone with camphor glass and enamel pendant
and pin.

BRASS painted enamel Army hat three-dimensional locket pin.

ARMY mother-of-pearl and abalone compact

STERLING silver Army mascot charm bracelet.

14K yellow gold Navy lady’s ring.

BLACK bakelite Army Air Corps compact.