FLOWER rosy pink plastic flower brooch

FLOWER rosy pink plastic flower brooch in, 3″ by 2-3/4″.  This is priced as-is because it does have one glued petal, visible only from the back.  I think this is a plastic called cellulose acetate, circa 1950.  View   View   #Y38827   $38.00

Plastic Jewelry

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PLASTIC lavender clamper bracelet & earrings with blue rhinestones

PLASTIC lavender plastic clamper bracelet and earrings with blue rhinestones, circa 1950. The bracelet is 6-2/3″ by 5/8″ and the clip back earrings are 1″. This set is in excellent condition and the colors combined with the pearlized look is just lovely. The clampers are great for the smaller wrist.   View   #B39669   $110.00