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December 2023
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December 2023 NEWSLETTER

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DeRosa 1934-1950s ~ Deja 1939-1941 ~ Reja 1941-1953

Much to my surprise and delight, I recently found the signed Deja tulip flower fur clip that is shown at the top right here. It is just like the ones below it, which I had already owned. One of those is signed Deja, one DeRosa and the other has an illegible signature. What was the connection between DeRosa and Deja I wonder? I just wish I knew more. But what a treat to see and learn about something new! And since Fred Block made some of the DeRosa jewelry, could they have made Deja too?

While each flower is the same basic shape, they were all decorated in different ways by the different companies. They were all made in the 1940s, and while two are fur clips, one is a brooch.

Deja was only made for a few years between 1939 and 1941 and then, due to a trademark dispute with DuJay, the name was changed to Reja and jewelry under that name was made between 1941-1953.

Let me begin by confessing that I am just wild about DeRosa jewelry. It's been one of my top favorites for almost 30 years, so let me know if you have any for sale. I will always pay very fair prices for pieces that I like.

Ralph DeRosa jewelry is known for its intricate and layered designs, high quality components, and translucent enameling. It was designed by Elvira De Rosa, his wife, and manufactured by him with their two daughters also participating in the company, Teresa and Virginia. According the Deanna Cera's book "Amazing Gems" on page 142, Fred Block Inc manufactured some jewelry for DeRosa, too. She dates DeRosa from 1935-1955. DeRosa jewelry is not easy to find because not many pieces of each design were made, but is certainly more than worth the search. After years of collecting and selling this wonderful brand, I have found that the majority of their pieces were signed, so beware unsigned attributions where there is no reference material to substantiate it. This firm was at 404 Fourth Street in New York City and created jewelry from the mid-1930s until the 1950s.

As a serious collector, one of the best things about this company is that not a lot of it was made. Many of the pieces shown below are the only ones I have seen in all the 30 years I've been handling vintage jewelry. One exception is the cupid riding on a pearlized cloud brooch, which I see very often.

Hand painted illustrations from the De Rosa Jewelry Company seem to have been the first step in the design process. These miniature works of art are from a collection of over 250 similar illustrations that I am happy to own and use as a reference. Several are dated in the 1940's, and many have hand written notes about how each piece should be produced. Many jewelry designers never worked on paper first, but for those who did, these illustrations are illuminating as to the thought process and design sense that went into creating this amazing jewelry.

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Reinad 1922- 1950s

Reinad jewelry was made from the 1920s to the 1950s, and they were also based in New York City. They were known for copying the designs of other jewelry companies, as well as making jewelry for some of them. They made some jewelry for Eisenberg, Boucher and Carnegie as well as making jewelry with their own signature, as well as possibly some that were not signed.

The practice of copying from another jewelry company reminds me of the three flower clips shown at the right here. We have seen some of these flowers signed DeRosa, some signed Reinad and some that are not signed at all. While it is true that Reinad made copies of designs by other companies, I had not seen them copy many of the DeRosa pieces before.

How I wish there were still people alive who worked at some of these places and who could give us even more information about these wonderful companies, and about who was affiliated with who and how!

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