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January 2023
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Valentine's Day 2023 NEWSLETTER

Welcome to Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry
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Valentine's Day is coming soon! It's said that Valentine's Day originated with the ancient Roman's festival called "Lupercalia" celebrating the beginning of Spring and it's fertility. A man called St. Valentines was executed in around 269 AD, and his name gives the holiday it's name, for reasons that don't seem to be entirely pinned down. Hand made cards were exchanged by the Middle Ages, and of course that continues today.

Those romantic Victorians enjoyed sterling and gold sweetheart pins, small treasures featuring a wide variety of designs on them, many hallmarked for the 1880-1910 eras. Charming and often worn in multiples, we have a nice selection of them for you this year.

Red is the color of this holiday and some of it's symbols are hearts, cherubs and cupids. It is fun to celebrated by the giving of jewelry, cards, candy and flowers.

We wish you the joy of the holiday, and we hope all of you are thriving.

HEART JEWELRY for sale can be seen by clicking HERE.

We have some wonderful LOCKETS for SALE HERE. They make the perfect sentimental gift all year around.

VICTORIAN SWEETHEART jewelry can be purchased HERE.

For what's new on Morning Glory on any day, please click HERE.

See the wonderful GALLERY of CHERUB and CUPID jewelry HERE.

And our HEART jewelry GALLERY is HERE.


The color RED has a wide variety of meanings, beginning with the fact that it is the color of blood, as well as symbolic of strength, passion and courage. RED can also be the color of the heart and of love.

I have read that red is the third color a new baby can see, coming after white and black. Roman brides wore a red shawl to symbolize fidelity and love. And in Chinese philosophy, red is associated with fire. It's a color that certainly draws attention, and it is fun to wear in clothing, accessories and jewelry.

Jewelry with RED in it is FOR SALE HERE.

More JEWELRY and Accessories are available to purchase HERE.

To feast your eyes on the the red jewelry we've had in the past, please look at our GALLERY HERE.

And cherub jewelry we had in the past can be enjoyed HERE.

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The MORNING GLORY web site has been active as usual this year and it continues as we add things every week. We also have a smaller selection of our things at ANTEEKS on MENAUL, an antique mall at 8908 Menaul NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is east of the Uptown area, so if you take I-40 to the Louisiana Ave exit, go north and then turn west on Menaul, you will find it on the south side of the street. Be sure to let us know when you are coming and we can make an appointment if you want to see us in person.
We continue to enjoy selling and buying on our web site as we have for almost 30 years and thank all of our wonderful customers and friends!

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