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TO PURCHASE: You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.
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   Coro, Cohen & Rosenberger began early in the 1900's in Providence, Rhode Island. As CORO they are familiar to all costume jewelry lovers. CORO made jewelry from about 1920 until the 1970's, and probably did it under more different names than any other maker.  Vendome (1944-1979) , Corocraft (1935-1980), and Duette are just three examples. The Coro mark was on the more modestly priced jewelry. Corocraft, Vendome and Francois were the better and higher priced lines. Adolph Katz was one of the best known of the designers, but there were many others responsible for the wonderful style of Coro jewelry.

   Vendome, probably best known for glittering faceted glass bead necklaces and earrings, also featured other wonderful jewelry such as the cabochon, enamel and rhinestone pieces pictured below.

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      VENDOME Georges Braque style 2-1/3" face brooch, gold tone with blue and red enamel, cabochons and clear rhinestones, circa 1960. See other pieces in this series in Carole Tanenbaum's "Fabulous Fakes" on page 172.   View   #C26093

     VENDOME Georges Braque style 2-1/3" bird brooch, gold tone with blue enamel, clear and red rhinestones, circa 1960. See other pieces in this series in Carole Tanenbaum's "Fabulous Fakes" on page 172. View   All Three   #C25316

  VENDOME Georges Braque style 2-1/3" brooch, gold tone with red cabochon, blue enamel and clear rhinestones, circa 1960. See other pieces in this series in Carole Tanenbaum's "Fabulous Fakes" on page 172.  View  #C25315


 VENDOME colorful pastel glass cabochons set in a gold tone collar necklace and matching bracelet, circa 1960.  (Seen in Christie Romero's "Warman's Jewelry, 3rd Ed, page 211.)     #C5382.

     VENDOME colorful pastel glass cabochons set in a gold tone collar necklace.   View    View   #C5382.

   VENDOME 4" by 2-1/4" brooch and 1-1/4" earrings of pink cabochons and aurora borealis. Both the center cab and the lower one dangle on a circle ring, circa 1960. (Seen in Christie Romero's "Warman's Jewelry, 3rd Ed, page 210.)  View   #C4755


VENDOME pastel glass cabochons brooch set in gold tone, lovely blue, pinks, yellow and white with aurora borealis rhinestones set in gold tone, marked on the back "Vendome", brooch 2-1/8", clip back earrings 1-1/3". These are wonderful reflective colors that will go with many things.   View   #C37354 

NECKLACE dragon's breath glass rhinestone cabochons necklace with clear rhinestone accents, the larger rhinestones are brilliant but the smaller ones at the top of the neck are graying, all set in gold tone, 14-15" wearable size and about 1-7/8" wide. This is made like necklaces I have had previously (see above) which were signed "Austria", "Vogue" (on a matching earrings) or "Vendome", but this one has no marks at all.   View   View   View   View   #Y37575

    VENDOME pink cabochons and aurora borealis dangle earrings set in gold tone metal, 1-1/2".  View   #C26002 


    VENDOME rose and pink rhinestone 3-dimensional flower pin and matching earrings set, large and showy but light and easy to wear.   #C5145

   VENDOME pink glass beads and buds brooch with rhinestone center, 2-1/2".   View   #C24920

       VENDOME brown, lavender, gray and aurora crystal bead 34" necklace and 1-1/4" earrings... great color combination!  View   View   #V20304



   VENDOME blue ridged with gold flecks teardrop glass stones with blue aurora accents 15" to 17" by 7/8" necklace, 6-1/3" by 1-1/4" bracelet and 1-1/4" earrings.   View   View   View   View   #C28666

  VENDOME faceted crystal beaded 15-17" necklace and 2" dangle earrings with pink and green accents.   View   #C26464   

   VENDOME candy-pink glass beads and pink and green seed beads 6-strand 18" necklace and 1" earrings.  View   #C28667


VENDOME  green aurora and brown faceted crystal bead necklace and coil bracelet.  View   View   #C20303

 VENDOME pastel green and aurora borealis brooch and earrings, both with pendant dangles, 3" pin and 2" earrings.  View   #C19678  

  VENDOME unfoiled blue cabochon and pink aurora rhinestone bracelet set in silver tone.  View    View    #C19096


VENDOME very unusual enamel blueberries and leaves brooch and clip back earrings, 3" pin and 1-1/4" earrings.  View   #C4688

VENDOME red foiled and unfoiled rhinestones with aurora borealis accents brooch. The stones in this wonderful brooch are very unusual and the shapes and the way they are mounted makes this a real eye catcher.   View   View  #C26793

 VENDOME large blue, yellow and white seed beads flower spokes pin, 3".   View   #C22013  


VENDOME necklace and earrings in pink, blue, green and clear aurora borealis rhinestones set in silver tone, necklace not signed but earrings are, circa 1960, necklace 15-17" wearable length, clip back earrings 1".  View   View   #C37530 

VENDOME pastel blue and clear rhinestones necklace and earrings set in silver tone, necklace 18" by 2", clip back earrings 1-1/4", signed on the necklace only .  View   View   #C36299

VENDOME pink, blue and white rhinestones dangle necklace and earrings set in silver tone, necklace 17-1/2" with a 1-3/4" front drop, clip back earrings 2". Lovely stones and lovely colors.  View   View   #C36710


VENDOME pink, blue and white givre and aurora borealis necklace and earrings, 15-18" necklace with 1-3/4" front drop. A givre (or paperweight) stone is a transparent colored rhinestone or bead with "ribbons" of opaque color swirling through it.  View   View   View   #C33482  VENDOME crystal beads, blue and purple aurora and green leaves earrings, 1".   View   #C10795 VENDOME pastel blue and white givre necklace and earrings in matte silver tone settings, 15-18" necklace with 2" front drop, 1-1/4" earrings. A givre (or paperweight) stone is a transparent colored rhinestone or bead with "ribbons" of opaque color swirling through it.   View   View   #C33481


 VENDOME bracelet with tan and gray rhinestones set in silver tone, safety chain, wearable length is 6-3/4" and it is 3/4" wide at the front.   View   View   #C36800      VENDOME blue-green aurora crystal bead three-strand 14-16" necklace and 2" dangle earrings.  View   #C26024 VENDOME caramel, gray and clear aurora borealis faceted glass beads bracelet with decorated clasp, signed on the hang tag, 8-1/4" by 1".   View   #C33479 


VENDOME green faceted beads and clear rhinestones brooch.   View   #C20472 VENDOME blue and aurora borealis rhinestones bracelet with safety chain.   View    View   #C20268 VENDOME pale and deep blue faceted aurora borealis brooch.   View   #C23513


VENDOME rose cabochons and aurora borealis set in silver tone 2-1/2" by 1-1/3".   View   View   #C29562   VENDOME purple-gray iris rhinestones and faceted glass beads with pink, green and aurora rhinestones 17-1/2" necklace with 2-1/2" front drop necklace and 2" dangling earrings.   View   View   #C29708  VENDOME blue and yellow rhinestones and aurora borealis 3' by 1-7/8" dangles brooch and 1-1/3"  earrings.  View   View   View   #C10880


VENDOME domed brooch in lavender, purple, pink and aurora borealis se tin antiqued silver tone, 2-1/8", I am told this was designed by Cis for Vendome.  View   View   #C36553

VENDOME earrings with 3 flowers of magenta, pink and green rhinestones and aurora borealis set in silver tone, I am told this was designed by Cis for Vendome, 1" clip back earrings.   View   #C36552 

  VENDOME pink and green aurora crystal beads brooch, 2".  View   #C26019


  VENDOME necklace with green glass flower beads, faceted aurora borealis beads and gray artificial pearls and gold tone seed bead spacers, wearable length is 14-16".   View   #C37470

VENDOME green aurora borealis necklace with rose and yellow flashes set in antiqued silver tone, wearable length 16-1/2". This is being sold "as is" with one of the dangles missing. We do not normally sell things with missing parts, but this is so lovely and so wearable anyway that I couldn't resist. You have to count to see anything is missing at all. I am including free of charge the one earring that came with.   View   View   View   View   #C37333

VENDOME blue and green aurora borealis faceted glass disks and beads two-strand necklace and earrings, necklace 16-1/2", clip back earrings 1", gold tone set.  View   #C36352


VENDOME necklace in green, topaz colored, blue and aurora borealis rhinestones set in silver tone, 17" by 1-1/3".   View   #C35312 VENDOME red and white two-strand glass beads necklace, wearable length 22". There are six kinds of beads in this wonderful necklace, two sizes of red faceted, a red aurora faceted, a red opaque and then red with white glass overlay. These are separated by clear rhinestone rondelles and white seed beads.    View   #C63575 VENDOME necklace in deep blue marquis shaped cabochons, pink rhinestones and aurora borealis all set in silver tone, 16-1/2" by 1".   #C35311


           VENDOME unfoiled clear rhinestones in a japanned setting. This is a truly dramatic HUGE 5" pin and 2" earrings set.  View   View   View  #C20334

  VENDOME two-tone green crystals brooch on gold tone filigree back, 2".  View   #C28135

VENDOME gray faceted crystal petals flower brooch and earrings with clear rhinestone centers set in silver tone, 2" brooch and 1" earrings.   View   #C29707


VENDOME Duette style aurora borealis set in brushed gold tone with clear rhinestones brooch/clips, 2-1/3".  View   View   #C25413

   VENDOME crystal, topaz and green flowers 2-1/2" brooch and 1-1/3" earrings.   View   #C25411

   VENDOME brilliant clear rhinestones set in gold tone flowers brooch and earrings.  View   #C9703  


    VENDOME large artificial jade pierced bird and foliage design set in gold tone brooch, 3".   View  #C28669       VENDOME pink ruffle with artificial pearl accents set in silver tone 2-1/2" brooch and 1-1/2" earrings.  View   View   #C29412     VENDOME green, purple, rose and yellow faceted glass aurora beads brooch with a clear rhinestone center, 1-3/4" . View   #C28668 


VENDOME brooch of rose montee, artificial pearls and clear rhinestones, 2-1/3".    #C61367 VENDOME molded glass gold and aurora borealis brooch in a gold tone setting, brilliant fiery stones, 2-3/4".   View   #C33480 VENDOME silver and gold tone metal face brooch marked on the back "Uranus Ruler of Aquarius, Vendome", 3-1/4". This is a very heavy and large brooch, not for the timid wearers.   View   View    #C35308


VENDOME brown and aurora borealis rhinestones and beads brooch set in gold tone.   #C10991 VENDOME blue and green rhinestone flower brooch in japanned setting.   View   View   #C19656 VENDOME aurora borealis beads and artificial pearls brooch.  View   #C20236


 VENDOME textured gold tone open blossom brooch, wonderfully three-dimensional, 2-1/2".     View   #C29281 VENDOME blue and green rhinestones set in silver tone brooch, 3".   View   #C29706  



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VENDOME bracelet with tan and gray rhinestones
VENDOME crystal and green flowers
VENDOME crystal and green flowers
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