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Lorgnettes & Chatelaines Jewelry Information  
TO PURCHASE: You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.
Lorgnettes & Chatelaines Jewelry for sale can be seen by clicking here.

 This stylish lady holds a tortoise shell lorgnette.

 Her long chain probably held a lorgnette at the end. 

  Corset stays made this wasp-waisted dress possible, and the draping watch chain highlights her small waist.

Well-dressed ladies wore "long chains", sometimes looped and caught on the bodice with a brooch, sometimes worn full length, and often draped across the entire front of a dress and caught at the belt to be the main ornament. Chains were made in both precious and non-precious metals, and could be extremely simple or ornamented with stones and seed pearls. Some had slides, which have become collectible in their own right. From these chains were suspended watches or lorgnettes, as well as lockets and other useful implements.

Lorgnettes were made in a wide variety of materials: sterling, karat gold, gold wash, tortoise, ivory, mother-of-pearl and lovely enameling and gem stones. Those with a strong design sense (for example Art Nouveau or Arts & Crafts) are most desirable. Some collectors have their own prescription mounted into an old lorgnette so that they are actually useable.



 VICTORIAN 14K gold lorgnette with engraved initials "SRT" and fleur-de-lis and dot motif, 5-5/8"  View   View   View   View   #a27895 

      LORGNETTE of gold washed silver with enameling, citrines, emeralds and pearls, 5-1/2" by 1-1/4". Tiny mark "800" on the glasses hinge. Circa 1890.  See Christie Romero's "Warman's Jewelry, 3rd Ed, page 116.  It also was featured in Southeastern Antiquing & Collecting Magazine, August 2003.    View    View    View    #L13478

    LORGNETTE 10k yellow gold lorgnette, engraved with initials "BHS", 4" by 1-1/4".   View   View   #Q28586 


    VICTORIAN matte finished gold tone lorgnette with thistle design, loop on the end for hanging, 5" by 1-1/4".   View   View   #Q28888 KREMENTZ sterling floral lorgnette, slight dings, engraved with initials "TFV", spring does not open automatically, circa 1900.   View   View   View   View   #Q28890    LORGNETTE Victorian sterling lorgnette with scroll design, initial "B" engraved on one side, 5".   View   View   View   #a27837


     ARTS & CRAFTS silver lorgnette. It tests sterling, but is marked "800" on the loop. It is 6" by 1-1/4", circa 1910.  (Seen in Christie Romero's "Warman's Jewelry, 3rd Ed, page 102.)     View   View   #V17643     LORGNETTE sterling 3-3/4" lorgnette with anchor mark, 38" black ribbon.   View   #V24986 UNGER BROTHERS sterling Art Nouveau Iris motif lorgnette, circa 1900, 5" by 1-1/4". Marked inside under the Iris. Will not open without a bit of help, as the spring is broken. See "Jewelry & Metalwork in the Arts & Crafts Tradition" by Karlin, page 166. View   View  #V20909


PORTRAIT of a lady with her lorgnette hand painted on ivory circa 1870.  View   View   View   View   View  #a31889


VICTORIAN gold filled lorgnette with etched and beaded design and faceted edges, 4" closed with original box. It opens with a gentle pull on the little ball towards the bottom.  View   View   View   View   #V33609


   NIELLO silver lorgnette in the lovely checked design, 5-5/8" by 1-1/4".   View   View   View   View   #a28948

     NIELLO sterling finger chatelaine, 4-1/2" chain with 2-1/2" pencil, 2-1/3" knife & glove hook, 1-5/8" notepad with paper, 1-1/2" compact, hooks marked 800S.    #a28041

    STERLING and coral cameo lorgnette, ornately embossed floral motif with a poppy on the reverse, shallow dent on handle, glasses have one break in frame, 5-1/3" by 1-1/3".   View   View   View   View   #A28049


LORGNETTE sterling lorgnette initialed "MH", 5-3/4".   View   View   View  #V25873

UNGER sterling lady face lorgnette, circa 1900, 4-3/4" by 1-1/2". (Seen in Christie Romero's "Warman's Jewelry, 3rd Ed, page 112.)   View    View    #V14745   

     VICTORIAN sterling lorgnette with embossed wild roses and leaves, 5".   View   View   #Q28019



 VICTORIAN sterling lorgnette with spring flowers motif, engraved initials "AGB", 5".  View   #Q28705 

STERLING silver lorgnettes.
Ben Allen Catalogue, 1899

 VICTORIAN pierced scrolls and fleur-de-lis design 5" lorgnette.    View   #Q28840 


 LORGNETTE sterling with flower motif, circa 1900, 5-1/3" by 1-1/4".  (Seen in Christie Romero's "Warman's Jewelry, 3rd Ed, page 112.)   View   View    #V4619   Heart pins, sterling silver initials, lorgnette. Priced in the catalogue from $ .25 to $5.00 each.
Daniel Low Catalogue, 1901
LORGNETTE H. A. Kirby Company, Providence Rhode Island sterling lorgnette, 5" by 1-1/4" with 54" chain, marked inside.   View   View   #Q32418  


LORGNETTE sterling lorgnette with deep scroll designs, 4-3/4" extra heavy quality weight.   View   View   #V34386

UNGER Brothers sterling Art Nouveau lorgnette with embossed violets and leaves design, engraved on the back "MFS" or "L", 5" long.   View   View   View   View   #V34227  

VICTORIAN gun metal lorgnette chain with unfoiled clear paste (rhinestone) stations, circa 1880, 58" a great length because it can be worn long or doubled.  View  #V36420 


   LORGNETTE sterling lorgnette with corn leaf motif, engraved "MVS", 5" long, circa 1900.   View   View   View   #Q28110 

  LORGNETTE sterling with rose at the top of the handle.   View    View   #V21452  

  LORGNETTE Art Nouveau sterling lorgnette, one small shallow dimple on one side, circa 1910, 5".   #V51007    


CHATELAINE foliate purse holder to be worn over a belt, ivory or bone with red and aqua cabochons in a gold tone setting, 1-1/4" by 2-1/4"   View   #Q33135

VICTORIAN cabinet card of a lady wearing a lorgnette on a chain, a small pearls strung on white horsehair brooch and a bracelet with a heart lock, 4-1/4" by 6-1/2".    #Vnph1

VICTORIAN yellow gold filled watch slide chain with three tiny opals, circa 1900, marked inside hook, 50". Slide chains like this can be seen in this Daniel Low & Co. Catalogue, 1901. Here is a vintage photo illustrating one way this could be worn, and here is another way to wear it, and another. No wonder these versatile chains are so popular.    View   View   #V33250


VICTORIAN 9 carat yellow gold lorgnette or long chain with lovely design figure-8 links and filigree stations, 56" length, weight about .96 oz or 22.70 grams.   View   #V35765

VICTORIAN 14k yellow gold long chain or lorgnette chain, tests 14K but has no marks, length 32", weight approximately 12.659 grams. This has been shortened at some time and you can only feel the joint with your fingers.   #V34441

VICTORIAN 9 carat yellow gold English lorgnette chain with beautifully faceted links, marked "9ct"on clip on chain end link, 60" long and about 27.448 grams   View   #V35766



DECO gold tone slide and chain with Scottish style plaid design in blue, green, burgundy and white enamel and an opal center, chain is 48" and the slide is 5/8", hook marked "1/20 12k" for gold filled.   View   View   #Q37710

VICTORIAN 10 karat yellow gold muff or lorgnette chain, marked 10ct on the chain and 9ct on the hook,  a nice long 64" and about 3/16" wide. Each link is a faceted and interlocked figure-8 design and every few inches the design changes to a lacy faceted ball-like link, approximately 1.25 ounces.   View   #V35243



VICTORIAN tortoise shell lorgnette, pierced design on handle, 9" with case, circa 1890. See lorgnettes similar to this in the 1899 Benjamin Allen Catalogue.   View   View   #V32320 VICTORIAN tortoise shell lorgnette, simple with silver band, circa 1890, 10". See lorgnettes similar to this in the 1899 Benjamin Allen Catalogue.   View   #V32319 VICTORIAN tortoise shell lorgnette, 8".   View   #Q31144



 LORGNETTE tortoise ornate pierced 6" lorgnette with inlaid metal dots, edge break on one end of glasses portion.  View   View   View   #V23679

IMITATION tortoise shell lorgnettes.
Ben Allen Catalogue, 1899  

 LORGNETTE tortoise-colored lorgnette with a dragon motif, 7" long.    View    #V12908



   LORGNETTE silver spring loaded 5" lorgnette in original leather case .   View   View   #a27846

CHATELAINE sterling "lion-e" hallmarked 6" eyeglasses case on chatelaine hook with a 5" chain, circa 1890.  See Romero's "Warman's Jewelry, Ed. 2" page 59.  View View View View View #Q24987    

VICTORIAN tortoise lorgnette with inlaid gold colored plaque, 6".   View   #a17184 


VICTORIAN sterling spectacles chatelaine, engraved "MJF"?, hallmarked Levi & Salaman, Birmingham 1910, case 6-1/3" by 1-1/2", chains 3-3/4", clip 2-1/3".   View   View   View   View   View   #V31736 VICTORIAN sterling overlaid over leather spectacles chatelaine, hallmarked Samuel Jacobs, Birmingham 1897, case 6-1/2" by 1-1/2", chains 3-1/3", clip 2-3/4". Embossed and pierced with an unusual design of daffodils, berries and roses  View   View   View   View   #V31737 CHATELAINE glasses case with sterling fittings, case leather lined with velvet, 6-1/4" by 1-1/2", chatelaine pin 1-5/8", chains 3". Marked on the back of the pin, "sterling, 927" and illegible hallmark.  View   View   View   View   #V31458


VICTORIAN gold colored flip-out lorgnette with hand etched scrolls and floral decorative ball, finger pull to open, brown leather case "Schulen & Boby, watchmakers & jewelers, Ipswich", 3-1/2" closed, open 5-1/8".   View   View   View   #V31739 EDWARDIAN wire rimmed granny spectacles, gold tone, 4-1/4" from side to side, 5-1/4" sides with small loops behind the ears.  #V31742 SPECS "Shor-On" 1/10th 12k" yellow gold gold glasses, 4-1/2" side-to-side, with case "C. Davis, 47, Wigmore Street, W.1."  View   #a31807


STERLING silver lorgnette with embossed Art Nouveau iris floral and leaves design, engraved initials on one side "DWC", circa 1910, 5-1/8". Gracefully designed and elegant.     View   View   #Q28432    

FRENCH sterling and marcasites lorgnette pendant, hallmarked and "RKE,12530", green leather case lined with velvet, pushing top unhooks glasses so they spring out, closed 2-1/2", open 5-1/2".   View   View   View   #V31738  

LORGNETTE marked "T&P sterling", filigree, 3-1/2" closed, 5-1/2" open.  View   #V23429     


    VICTORIAN mother-of-pearl lorgnette marked "MR 25" 4-3/4".   View   #V28794      VICTORIAN lorgnette gold washed sterling chain, 60".  #Q28839 LORGNETTE mother-of-pearl lorgnette with chain attached to hair pin, circa 1920. The hair pin would have secure the "specs" so that they would not fall off.   View   View   View


LORGNETTE long chain, F&C Co gold 48" chain with 1/3" seed pearl slide.   View   #Q25386

VICTORIAN carte de visite of a lady wearing delicate earrings, a bull's eye brooch, bog oak beads, a long chain and a ring.  Marked on the front, "G.&R. Lavis, 135 Regent Street W.", 2-1/2" by 4".  View   #Vkph40

14K YELLOW GOLD lorgnette chain, 18" with 2-3/4" Y, marked 14k inside hook, circa 1900.   View   #Q28145


PINCE NEZ eye glasses on a black string tied and worn like a slide chain, 3-1/4" by 4-1/3" oval. .   View EDWARDIAN yellow gold filled watch long chain with slide, marked "10k" inside hook, 49" long with a 1/3" slide with tiny pearl center.   View   View   #Q32828  LORGNETTE chain with stations of clear unfoiled rhinestones, total 50".   View   #Q17092  


 VICTORIAN 14k yellow gold shortened long chain, tests 14K no marks, length 32", wt .44oz.      #V34441

EDWARDIAN slide chain in 14k yellow gold with diamond heart slide with prong set diamond, extra long at 49".    View   #Q62727

VICTORIAN JFSS opal and seed pearl slide chain, gold filled, 30".   View   #V34717


    LORGNETTE gold tone flower and leave motif lorgnette with very unusual tinted lens, circa 1930,   View   View   #L26842

EDWARDIAN BAB & Co Inc. yellow gold filled fine weight lorgnette chain with clasp, 27" with a 4" drop. "Keystone 1919" page 12 shows this mark as B.A. Ballou & Co., 61 Peck St, Providence, specialized in eye glass chains, founded 1868-present.   View   View   #V33786      

     LORGNETTE flip-open marked "Lugene FK" with a golden flower motif, 2-5/8".    View   View   View    #V13384  


       LORGNETTE  folding clip style with marcasites, flower motif, 2-1/2" clip.   View   View   #V5163

  LORGNETTE silver flip out clip with marcasites, 2-1/4".  View   View   #A26175 

     LORGNETTE folding clip style with marcasites in a basket design, 2-1/8" clip with no glass lens.   View    View    #V5160


VICTORIAN silver morning glory decorated aide memoire with the initial  letter "L" engraved on the back,, 4" by 1-1/2" not including hook. This tests as having some sterling content, but I cannot say for sure that it is 925/1000.    View   View   View   #V37914 LORGNETTE marcasite lorgnette fold out eye glasses set in silver tone, closed size 2-1/3" by 1", extended size 6-1/3".  View   View   View   #V37393   


LORGNETTE tortoise-colored lorgnette with gold inlaid plaque engraved with the initials "CPH", 3 inches long.    View   #V10130

Lorgnette ad  

PINCE NEZ gold filled pince nez marked "patn '17", 4" long. #G25844 


LORGNETTE fold out lorgnette with tortoise colored handle, 5" long with a 1-1/2" lens. This would have been hung on a chain or ribbon around the neck.  View  #Q35962   LORGNETTE gold tone quizzing glass, 4-1/2" and 1-1/2" circle. This would have been hung on a chain or ribbon around the neck.   View   #a35960  LORGNETTE gold tone lorgnette, 4-1/4" by 1-1/2". This would have been hung on a chain or ribbon around the neck.  View   #a35963


STERLING European hallmarked necklace for a lorgnette with a silver tone lady profile fob, necklace 24" with 1" Y, lady 1-1/4".   View   View   View   #N33807

VICTORIAN F&B sterling lorgnette with clear rhinestones, signed on the nose piece, 3-1/2". F&B or Foster & Bailey was a Providence, Rhode Island, company circa 1878-1898.   View   View   #V33998

LORGNETTE gold tone quizzing glass with lovely flowers and scroll designs, 2-5/8" and 1-1/4".  View   #a35961


History of Eyeglasses
Benjamin Allen Catalogue, 1899
Daniel Low Catalogue, 1901



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VICTORIAN silver morning glory aide memoire
VICTORIAN cut steel chatelaine purse
VICTORIAN cut steel chatelaine purse
VICTORIAN 1800s cut steel sewing chatelaine
VICTORIAN 1800s cut steel sewing chatelaine
GORHAM sterling aide memoire with embossed doves
GORHAM sterling aide memoire with embossed doves
VICTORIAN 1850 cut steel sewing chatelaine with 7 implements
VICTORIAN 1850 cut steel sewing chatelaine with 7 implements
CHATELAINE with blue, black and white enameled hook
CHATELAINE with blue, black and white enameled hook
CHATELAINE in silver tone with 4 chains
CHATELAINE in silver tone with 4 chains
VICTORIAN silver chatelaine clip with crown, flowers
VICTORIAN silver chatelaine clip with crown, flowers
VICTORIAN F&B sterling lorgnette with clear rhinestones
VICTORIAN F&B sterling lorgnette with clear rhinestones
VICTORIAN sterling silver chatelaine, 1900
VICTORIAN sterling silver chatelaine, 1900
VICTORIAN  steel sewing chatelaine
VICTORIAN steel sewing chatelaine
VICTORIAN cut steel housekeeper's chatelaine with  8 implements
VICTORIAN cut steel housekeeper's chatelaine with 8 implements
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