Victorian Jet Necklaces

Morning Glory Collects… things we love to buy, wear and share Victorian Jet Necklaces, Lockets, Watch chains, Crosses & Pendants During part of the Victorian period from about 1850 to 1890 black jewelry was the height of fashion and black was a stylish color, not just an ornament of mourning. Made of jet, vulcanite, bog … Continue reading “Victorian Jet Necklaces”

VICTORIAN jet cross hatch carved ring circa 1870

VICTORIAN jet cross hatch carved ring circa 1870, a larger ring at size 9, possibly a man’s ring, and 1/4″ wide. Jet is brittle and very difficult to carve so a ring like this would have been very challenging to make. It’s no wonder many of them didn’t survive until now.  View   #V37674   $238.00

VICTORIAN jet pendant with a hand painted Tyrolean boy

VICTORIAN jet pendant with a hand painted on porcelain Tyrolean or gypsy boy portrait.  It is set in jet with decorative hand made saw-tooth edges, 2-5/8″. It can be worn on a black ribbon or a chain, which is how it would have been worn when it was new, circa the 1880s.   View   #V29450   $225.00