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Bracelets, unsigned Jewelry Information  
TO PURCHASE: You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.
Bracelets, unsigned Jewelry for sale can be seen by clicking here.


 VICTORIAN Scottish pebble bracelet, multi-colored geometric shapes of agate set in 9 carat yellow gold links, 6-1/2" by 3/4" with a 1-1/3" padlock.   View   View   View   #V32051 VICTORIAN sterling silver gilt bangle with rubies and pearls, applied delicate scallop and dots design, etched flowers set with rubies and pearls, safety chain, in original box, hallmarked for sterling 1882, 7" by 1".   View   View   View   View   View   #V31965  BOHEMIAN garnet star-shaped front hinged bangle bracelet, 7" by 1-1/2" front.   View   View   #Q29811


    14k floral engraved bangle with amethysts,  6-5/8" inside 7-16" wide. This weighs .94 ounces and it is engraved with lovely designs all the way around the bangle.  View   View    #V23355

   VICTORIAN 7"  by 1" agate bracelet with an engraved plaque that says, "AR Clothier. 111 London. Rd. Chippenham. WRCD 47/2". An unusual advertising piece, 7-1/4" by 1".  View   View   View   View   #23382 

   14 and 18 KARAT gold BANGLES with diamonds, rubies, amethysts, sapphires and garnets circa 1890-1910 The top bangle is .45 ounces and the second one down is 15k and has a "15K' mark and an anchor, as well as engraving on the inside that reads, "WLT to MLA 12-25-13". What a lovely Christmas gift that was!



  VICTORIAN 14k yellow gold decorated links bracelet with diamond and aqua enameling center and a chain slide-style safety, circa 1895, 7" by 3/4" at front, 1/3" band.   #V20328 

VICTORIAN 14 karat yellow gold and emeralds buckle bangle, etched design, 6-1/2" by 3/4". Emeralds are the symbol of Spring and renewal.  View   View   #V32117

VICTORIAN coral carved segments bracelet with square rosette and carved bar stations, yellow gold fittings, 7-1/3" by 7/16". In the Victorian era, wearing coral was thought to promote good health.  View   #V32107


VICTORIAN Scottish silver with royal blue enameling buckle bangle, patterned all round and hinged in four places, solid silver and very heavy with safety chain, 7" by 3/4", buckle front 1". See a similar piece, a brooch, in Davidov & Dawes "Victorian Jewelry" page 33.  View   View   View   View   View   #V31967  

VICTORIAN silver hinged bangle with blue, white and green enameled flowers and leaves on the front, marked and dated "Registered J.C., May 14, 1881" inside at hinge, 6-7/8" by 1-1/2".   View   View   View   View   #V32116

  VICTORIAN Scottish silver and agate pebbles buckle bracelet, 6-3/4" by 1-1/4" front and 7/8" back. See similar bracelets in Davidov & Dawes "Victorian Jewelry" book, page 83.  View   View   View   View   #V32115


  VICTORIAN agate and sterling silver buckle bracelet, total length 10-1/2" by 1" wide, wearable by a 7-1/2" to 9" wrist.   View   View   View   View   View   View   View   View   View   #V31562 VICTORIAN etched silver and agate links bracelet, adjustable to three sizes: 7-1/8" 7-3/4" 8-1/2", each link 3/4" wide.   View   View   View   View   #V31347 VICTORIAN agate links bracelet, silver etched spacer stations, 7" by 7/8" with a 1-1/4" padlock closure with agate on one side and an etched design on the other.  View   View   View   View   View   View   #V31563   


VICTORIAN Scottish agate and sardonyx silver bracelet with padlock, 6-3/4" by 3/4".   View   View   View   #V31535

VICTORIAN agate and sterling bracelets.
VICTORIAN link bracelets with padlock closures.

 BRACELET made of Victorian turn-of-the-century cuff link covers, some with agate, some enameled, some with etched designs, and some mother-of-pearl, 6-7/8" by 5/8". The link that is the catch is cleverly an etched padlock design.   View    View    View   #V18690


   EDWARDIAN  14k white gold filigree bracelet with diamond and sapphires, carved crystal panels, 6-1/2" by 5/8".   View   View   View   View   #Q23420

  SLIDE bracelet in 14k yellow gold with enameled, seed pearl and diamond links all set into 14k yellow gold, 7" by 1/2".    View   View   View   View   #G24928

     GOLD TONE hinged bangle with embossed flowers on front, 7" by 1/3".   #Q25958



VICTORIAN French gold knot bracelet, 6-3/4", 7", 7-1/4" by 1-1/2" wide at front.   View   View   #V31543

VICTORIAN lapis bracelet with blue velvet and ornate stamped gold tone band, 6-1/4" by 3/4".   View   View   View   View   View   View   View   #V31409



VICTORIAN Etruscan revival baby bracelet in gold tone and garnet, circa 1885, 5-1/4". See the 1887 E.V. Roddin Catalogue page with bracelets like this, and also Bell's "Collecting Victorian Jewelry" page 133.    View   View   #V32310

RODDIN 1888 Catalogue
Fine solid gold bracelets, polished stiffened wire, polished square stiffened wire, Roman flower bracelets.

EDWARDIAN 9 karat yellow gold hinged bangle with gypsy set garnets and diamonds, hallmarked behind front for Chester England 1907, safety chain, 6-1/2" by 1/2"  View   View   #Q32432


    DECO crystal faceted circles, blue cabochons and clear rhinestone set in silver tone links bracelet, invisible slide-in catch, circa 1930, marked on the back only with the number "47", size 8" by 5/8".  View    View   #Q20947

 RIBBED CRYSTAL half-barrel shapes accented with clear rhinestone set in silver tone bracelet, safety chain, circa 1930, 7" by 5/8". Some gray stones and slight wear to back finish.   View    View   #Q20198

   BRACELET Deco pot metal and rhinestones bracelet with glass half balls, circa 1930, 6-1/2" by 5/8".    View   View   #Y22143


  DECO style clear rhinestones bangle bracelet.   #Q24315   

   DECO buckle style hinged bangle with aqua and clear rhinestones, circa 1930, 7-1/4" by 1/4".  #Q24741

    DECO green rhinestone hinged bangle, circa 1930, 6-7/8" by 3/8".   #Q24742  


     FLORAL motif clear rhinestones set in pot metal and stitched onto a black fabric band. The band is lined with metal, making the bracelet bendable and adjustable.   View   #Q20195

   DECO sterling filigree bracelet with red glass and rhinestones, circa 1920.  View   View  #Q18636

   VICTORIAN silver hinged bangle bracelet with oak leaf, acorn and stag's teeth motif, circa 1900. Teeth were used in a sentimental way in jewelry during the Victorian era, too. Queen Victorian's earrings, made of her children's baby teeth, can be seen on page 38 of the book "Queen Victoria: a Life in Jewellery" by Gere and Rudoe. And on page 42 her circa 1851 holly, tartan and stag's teeth brooch can be seen   View   View   View   #V18689


   SNAKE silver tone and clear rhinestones snake wrap bracelet, marked "Patented" and approx 7-1/2" but is adjustable.  #Y24892 DECO pot metal and rhinestone hinged buckle bangle with clear and blue rhinestones, so typical of it's era circa 1930.   View   #Q8667            "WW" silver tone filigree bangle with a clip-open front covered in rhinestones, 7" around and 5/8" wide.  View   #Y22950     


    DECO four-strand artificial pearl bracelet with rhinestone and apple juice clasp, circa 1930, 7" by 1".  View   View   #Q19447

   DECO embossed sterling and carnelian-colored glass "O's" bracelet, 8" long and each "O" is 1", circa 1930.   View #  Q24797

AMERIKANER rolled gold bracelet with delicate design, circa 1940's.    #Y29907       


VICTORIAN gilt hinged bangle with tiny beaded and rippled front trim, a heavy well-made bracelet, 6-3/4" by 1".   View   View   #V29874

VICTORIAN silver tone 18-strand bracelet with embossed gilt clasp with milk glass and red rhinestone décor, 7" by 1-1/2".   View   View   #V29924

GERMAN Baden rolled gold bracelet, adjustable in size and fluid and easy to wear, 1940's.    View   View   #Y29906


      FILIGREE silver tone filigree hinged bangle with deep aqua center rhinestone and black and yellow enameling, 7-1/4" by 5/8".   View   #Q24438

     FILIGREE bangle with pale topaz rhinestone center, 7" by 5/8".   #Q26750

FILIGREE silver tone heavily filigreed hinged bangle with melon molded cranberry center stone, clear rhinestones, 7" by 5/8" by 1/3".   View    View   #Q25401 


   SAMSON gold tone hinged bangle with pink rhinestone center, includes original tag, circa 1930.  View   #X16492    J.J. WHITE (designer E.L. Weed, W in triangle mark) filigree buckle motif bangle with aqua unfoiled rhinestone, patn #1933576, circa 1933, 7" by 1/2".   View   #Q27347    FILIGREE hinged bangle bracelet with emerald-green ribbed glass center stone and marcasites, circa 1920.  View  #Q16259


    STERLING and enameled bluebells hinged bangle, circa 1900.   View  #Q17484   

   DOVERCRAFT gold tone mesh bracelet with purple rhinestone center, .  View   View   #X24207

   EIF Co gold tone engraved bangle, flower garden motif, 7" by 1/2".  View   #X26774 


  GOLD filled hinged bangle with black fine taille d'epergne enameling, a smaller size at 6-2/3" around the inside by 5/8" wide. A similar bracelet can be seen in the 1889 SFM & Co. Catalogue but I have had these from as late as the 40s as well.    View   View   #Y18639

VICTORIAN 14k yellow gold tone hinged bangle with etched fruit, leaves and flowers on front, circa 1890, 6" by 5/8". View #V25958

  WINARD gold tone etched bangle marked inside 1/20-12k, circa 1930, 6-7/8" by 1/2" wide. View   #Y14544 


     DeLUXE marked "DeLuxe, Made in USA, The D.F.B. Co, Carmen" gold tone expansion bracelet 5-1/2" to 6-1/2" with forget-me-not etched and embossed 7/8" heart front.   #Q27362

  GOLD FILLED etched bangle marked "1-2010k gf"  and engraved inside "from Elsie & Joe to Margaret 1937", measures 6-7/8" by 3/4".   View   View   #Y18670

      EDWARDIAN gold tone expansion bracelet, 6-7" with 3/4" flower etched front.  #Q27363


SILVER "Jane" hinged bangle name bracelet, silver on black enamel, 7" by 5/8" wide.   #Q33874  HAYWARD 1/20-12K yellow gold filled buckle bangle with etched roses and leaves design on textured background, engraved on slide "AR to FS", adjustable 6-7" by 1/2".   View   View   #X51001   


ENAMELED pansies bracelet with rose colored glass cabochons and purple, green and yellow enameling, wonderful detail, 7" by 1".   View   View   #Y19269 PINK and clear rhinestones bracelet with leaves and four strand gold tone chains, 6-7/8" by 1-1/4".  View   #Y32396 RED, green and blue unfoiled rhinestones bracelet, 7" by 2".   View   View   View   #Y31879


STERLING filigree and soft aqua marbled oval cabochons (which test as a member of the quartz family) accented with marcasites bracelet, circa 1930, 7-1/2" by 7/8".   View   #Q29832

   Arts & Crafts enameled hammered silver bracelet which seems to be a hand crafted piece.  View   View   #Q13359

 GOLD TONE bracelet with coral colored beads and cabochons.   View   View   #Y22160  


    ETCHED gold tone hinged bangle with engraving inside "LSM to LMG", child's size at 5-1/2" by 1/2".   View   View   #V27839 

   SILVER TONE expansion bracelet with multiple stacked art glass beads and seed beads, about 2" wide.   View   #Y60182     

   HINGED gold tone bangle bracelet with clear rhinestone pave leaves.  #Y19796    


   W&SS Co gold tone hinged bangle with pink unfoiled rhinestone, 7-1/2" with 1-1/4" front, circa 1900. See Christie Romero's "Warman's Jewelry" 2nd edition page 210 for similar bangle.   View    View  #Y26439

  PURPLE gold tone double hinged bracelet with purple and clear rhinestones and matching earrings.    View   View   View   View  #Y26398

     HINGED gold tone bracelet with purple rhinestones, 7-1/2" with 1-1/3" front, circa 1900. See Christie Romero's "Warman's Jewelry" 2nd edition page 210 and 3rd Edition page 110 for similar bangles.   View   #Y26377



  ANTIQUED gold tone heavily embossed floral motif hinged bangle, 6-7/8" with 1-5/8" front and 5/8" embossed back.   View   #Y26838

     VICTORIAN REVIVAL gold tone hinged bangle with blue oval rhinestone surrounded by artificial seed pearls and a floral embossed back,  6-7/8" by 1".   View   View   View   #Y26840

      GOLD TONE heavily embossed grapes motif hinged bangle, circa 1960, 7" by 1-1/4" wide.   View   View   #Y26839


      HONEY gold tone hinged 7-1/4" by 1" bangle and 1-1/3" earrings with honey gold cabochons and rhinestones.   View   #Y27621          SIMMONS gold tone hinged bangle with intaglio "cameo" intaglio and carnelian colored glass cabochons, 6-3/4" by 5/8".   #X25953        PURPLE cabochons set in gold tone links bracelet, 7-1/2" by 7/8".   View   #Y27620


   SILVER hinged bangle bracelet, 7-1/4" with 1-1/3" front and 3/4" back.   View    #Y17387 

    BLACK enameled bangle with green and clear rhinestones Deco motif front, circa 1940.   View  #Q23053

    BRACELET silver belt-style bangle, 7" by 3/4". Marked, but it is illegible.   View   View   View   #Y24798    




         "JHP" silver filigree 7" by 7-16" bracelet with rhinestone buckle motif.   View   View   View   #X23430

    PAYCO sterling "patented 3-16-26" buckle bracelet . #Q24886 

     TKF Trifari Deco clear rhinestone bracelet with original tag, 7" by 3/4".  View   View   #T18961


 TKF Trifari Deco clear rhinestone bracelet, 7' by 1-1/8".   View  #T15658

   BRACELET dazzling clear baguette rhinestones in a wonderful retro design,  7-1/8" by 1".    View   View  #Y22030

  TKF Trifari Deco style clear and green rhinestones bracelet, 7-1/4".   View    View   #T19118  


   DECO red carved glass center and clear rhinestone pave bracelet, 7-1/2" by 1-1/4".   View   View   #Y21891

        DECO fabulous rhinestone 7-1/2" by 1-1/2"  bracelet. About half the stones in this are slightly graying, but it truly does not detract from this stupendous design.    View   View    #Y21208

      DRAMATIC red and clear rhinestones Deco style bracelet, 7" by 3/4".  View   View   View   #Y21948




TRIFARI  TKF Deco red and clear rhinestones bracelet, 7" by 3/4".The stones are evenly grayed, circa 1940.   View   #T34328

DECO red and clear rhinestones bracelet, 7" by 1". The red stones are unfoiled and some of the clear are grayed as is often the case with age, circa 1940.   View   View   #Y34329



HASKELL early unsigned coil bracelet circa 1940. Baby blue glass beads and artificial pearls backed by gold tone textured leaves.   View    View   #H19193

HASKELL early unsigned coil bracelet circa 1940. Pastel green glass beads, artificial pearls and three-dimensional gold tone flowers and leaves. This was purchased directly from Haskell.  View   #H19581

HASKELL early unsigned coil bracelet circa 1940. Pastel pink and purple glass flowers, artificial pearlized leaves and rhinestones. This was purchased directly from Haskell.   View   #H19583


Bracelet A combination of aqua beads with pot metal and rhinestone leaves give this bracelet a lush look.   View   View   View    View     #H19185

   Bracelet of orange glass beads and rhinestone leaves.   View    View    View    #H19183

   COIL bracelet of  gray glass beads and faux pearls with a corsage of rhinestones at the front.   #Y23152  


     HASKELL early Hess wooden beads and glass seed beads coil bracelet.    #H22088

   CZECH wood bead bracelet, red, blue gold cream and green, 7 by 1-1/4".   #W22174

  HASKELL early unsigned bracelet. #H19820


  McClelland Barclay sterling birds bracelet, circa 1940, 7" by 7/8".   View    View   #X21280 

  McClelland Barclay sterling swans bracelet, 7" by 3/4". The bracelet has alternating links of mother with baby swans and rushes/cattails, circa 1940View  View   View    #X21456

   McClelland Barclay sterling bracelet with abstract design, circa 1940.  View   View    #X2202


   HOBE bracelet circa 1940.   View    View    View    View    View    #O13766

    HOBE style but unsigned bracelet of aquamarines and rubies, circa 1940.   View   View    View   View    #H8773

    HOBE  red, clear and blue rhinestone bracelet, circa 1940.  View    View    #H14969




           GREEN multi-shaped cabochons and blue rhinestones bracelet all set in gold-toned metal, 7-1/8" by 1-1/2".  View   View   View     #Y23391

    GREEN art glass cabochons and rhinestones 7-1/2" by 1-1/4" bracelet, very chunky and fun.  View   View   #Y23385

   DECO style green and clear rhinestones bracelet, 7 inches long and 1/2 inch wide.   View   View   #Y21592  


  COIL bracelet of soft peach-colored faux pearls with clear rhinestone florets.  View    #Y23994   

   CAVINESS  rhinestone, glass leaves and artificial pearls hinged bangle, 6-3/4" inside size and 2" across front face.  View   View   #C23985

  HINGED gold tone bangle bracelet with white opaque glass elements and topaz and green rhinestones.  View  #Y20335 


   JULIANA style  gold tone hinged bangle with watermelon and green and topaz rhinestones and aurora borealis, 6-3/4" with 2" front, circa 1960.   #J24586

  HOLLYCRAFT aurora borealis double hinged bracelet dated 1958, 1-1/3" and adjustable circumference.    View   #L11694  

   JULIANA style gold tone hinged bangle with deep red rhinestones, 6-3/4" with 2" front, circa 1955.   #J24585 


 GOLD TONE link style bracelet with red rhinestones, aqua beads and artificial pearls, 7-1/8" by 1".  View   View   View   #Y28958

    DECO green and clear unfoiled rhinestones 7" by 1" bracelet. View View #Q25050

   RED and purple rhinestone set in gold tone bracelet with purple and green "watermelon" large center stones, 7" by 1-1/2".   View   #Y28653  



  URN-SHAPED links decorated with colorful art glass cabochons 7" by 1-1/2" bracelet and 1-1/8" earrings.  View   View   #Y22708   

   SPECTACULAR gold tone hinged bangle with pink, green and blue striped rhinestones (called Iris stones), one with an inset rhinestone, several with multiple decorative prongs,  6-3/4" by 1-3/4" front.  View   View   #J28245

   PASTEL enameled flowers and rhinestones bracelet.   View   View   #Y23767


  EXPANSION bracelet with lots of blue and green aurora faceted crystal beads.   #Y5508

EXPANSION bracelet with lots of shocking pink and chartreuse aurora faceted crystal beads.   #Y12167

EXPANSION bracelet with lots of blue aurora faceted crystal beads.   #Y7132


BLUE blue-lavender rhinestones bracelet, 6-3/4" by 1-1/2". View #Y24940 

  REGENCY aqua art glass cabochons and rhinestones bracelet, 7" by 1".  View   View   #R24433   

   YELLOW and caramel brilliant rhinestones bracelet set in gold tone, 6-3/4" by 1-1/2", heavy and extremely well made. View View #Y24746
YELLOW and topaz rhinestone earrings, 1-1/2". View #Y26036   


    BRACELET antiqued gold tone 7" by 1" bracelet with green cabochons, aurora borealis and artificial pearls.   View   View   #Y24574

    DEROSA attributed unsigned bracelet gold tone flowers bracelet with red glass beads, blue and clear rhinestones and green enameling, circa 1940, 6-3/4" by 1-1/8" .   View   View   #d26073   

   BRACELET ornate gold tone 7" by 1" bracelet with rose and purple aurora borealis and faux pearl.   View   View  #Y21950


     NAPIER dazzling  6-1/4" by 1-1/2" bracelet with gold tone leaves entwining clear brilliant rhinestones... fabulous! Words fail me here... this is showy, three dimensional, and brilliant.    View    View    #X19158   NORWAY sterling enameled flowers bracelet, circa 1950, 6-1/2" by 7/8".  View   View   View   View   View   #N26170    PAM oriental face 7-1/4" bracelet set in silver tone.  View   View   #X23933



BRACELET of clear rhinestones, 7" by 11/16". This is very Eisenberg looking, but has no signature, circa 1940View   View   #Y25051

   CUT STEEL buckle is used as the center for a peyote stitch bracelet, which is fastened by an antique button.   View   View   View   View   View  This lovely bracelet was made by Janet S.

   EISENBERG unsigned clear and the palest blue unfoiled and foiled rhinestone bracelet set in sterling, circa 1945, 7" by 11/16".  View   View   #Y25393




    BLACK enameled basket with molded glass leaves and rhinestones on a gold tone mesh bracelet.   View   View  #Y20336

 SILVER tone hinged butterfly wing bracelet ,maker marked "R" in square and "patn 1994826" dated 1934, 7" by 5/8".   View   #Y26179  

  SILVER TONE bracelet with multi-colored rhinestones and cabochons.   View   View   #Y23386 



 NEW MEXICO domed tapered brass bracelet, "A with arrow" maker's mark and "hand wrought New Mexico, solid brass" inside bracelet, adjustable 6-7" wrist, 1-7/8" wide at front.   View   #N51061 GONE TONE hinged bangle with pierced and etched floral design front, 7" with 1" front and 5/8" back.    View    View   #V29632       


RED, gray, topaz and yellow marbled glass cabochons set in antique gold tone bracelet, 7-1/3" by 1-1/8".   View   View   #Y51096   STERLING hinged abundance bangle with twelve panels, each embossed with different designs: ears of corn, roses, flower baskets, grapes and leaves and fruit, marked "sterling" on the clasp, safety chain, 7" by 3/4".   View   #V31494    GOLDEN Hollycraft style unsigned gold tone double hinged bangle with honey rhinestone and aurora borealis, 7/8" wide with 1-3/4" dangles earrings.  View   View   #Y28968


OBSIDIAN rutilated quartz (quartz crystals with inclusions made up of rutile crystals which resemble fine reddish-brown, red, and sometimes golden "hairs"  imbedded in the quartz, also known as "flèches d'amour" or "Venus hairstone"), cabochons set in sterling bracelet, 8" by 7/8".   View   View   #X60457

TIGER eye, Biwa pearls, carnelian and sardonyx set in sterling bracelet, 8" by 1".   View   View   #Y60481

OBSIDIAN amethyst, turquoise, quartz and moonstone cabochons in sterling silver bracelet, 7-1/2".   View   View   View   #X60458


DWECK Stephen Dweck "O.A.K" (one of a kind) bracelet, Indian star ruby cabochon center, jasper, faceted rock crystal and chalcedony set in bronze (an alloy of copper and tin or other metals) with the Dweck one-of-a-kind iconic beetle, Adam. This bracelet is  7" by 1-3/16" at front and 1/3" bead at back, dated 2004, 19424, 19.   View   View   View   View   View   View   #X32232 OBSIDIAN sterling and semi-precious cabochons bracelet, 7-1/2" by 1".  View   View   #X60366  DWECK Stephen Dweck coral, red agate, bone and bronze bracelet, 8" by about 2-1/2", circa 2004.    View   View   #X32241


ARTIST MADE gem stones tiger eye, goldstone, carved bead, amethyst bracelet with glass and ceramic beads, 7-1/2" by 1/2".   View   View   #Y60408

DECO 8 ct. white gold and citrine bracelet, circa 1920, hallmark illegible, 7" by 3/8".   View   View   #G31373

ARTIST MADE gem stones turquoise, goldstone, jade, amethyst bracelet with glass and ceramic beads, 7-1/2" by 3/4".   View   View   #Y60409


   ART GLASS cabochons, topaz colored and brown rhinestones set in gold tone bracelet. The back is an interesting shamrock design.   View   #Y32347

YOSCA c-bangle with aurora and watermelon rhinestone front and hammered effect silver tone bangle, 7" by 2" wide.   View   #X32297

CHINESE gold washed silver filigree bracelet with lovely agate cabochons, 6-3/4" by 7/8".   View   View   View   #Y32250



SCARABS bracelet with glass scarabs of aqua, cobalt blue and carnelian set in gold tone, 7" by 1-1/8".   View   View   #Y34018 GREEN glass pools of light style pendant, bracelet and earrings, glass and not crystal but lovely nonetheless, pendant 1-1/3" chain 23", bracelet 6-3/4", earrings with sterling screw backs 1-1/3".    View   #Y62198

SILVER oak leaves and acorns hinged silver tone bangle bracelet, 6-5/8" by 1-1/2" at the front.   View   #Y61943     


GOLD tone hinged bangle with artificial seed pearls set in gold tone, circa 1960, 6-5/8" by 7/16".   #Y34183 PEACH art glass cabochons bracelet with green rhinestone accents all set in gold tone, 7" by 1".    View   View   #Y35310 AURORA purple and aqua aurora borealis hinged bangle, 7-1/4" by 1-1/4" at the front and 5/8" at the back.    View   #Y35029


BRACELET dainty hinged bangle with rainbow lavender oval faceted center, flowers side, set in gold tone, inside 7-1/2" front 5/8".   #Y35345 PURPLE glass intaglio bracelet and earrings with green rhinestones and artificial pearls, gold tone mesh bracelet is adjustable, earrings 1-1/4". The bracelet closes with a nice hidden clip behind the center element.   #Y62353  BRACELET dainty hinged bangle with rainbow aqua unfoiled faceted center, flowers and shells side, set in gold tone, inside 7-1/2" front 5/8".   #Y35346


 SHOWY unsigned bracelet with speckled aqua glass stones, lavender rhinestones and imitation pearls, all set in gold tone and with a safety chain, 7-1/2" by 2".   View   View  #Y36335    PURPLE lavender striped glass cabochons bracelet with artificial pearls, set in heavy gold tone, 7-1/2" by 1-1/3".   View   #Y35733  



  Some Bracelets, unsigned you may be interested in or Click here to view all Bracelets, unsigned Jewelry for sale  
CZECH wooden seed bead coil bracelet, 1930
CZECH wooden seed bead coil bracelet, 1930
BOHEMIAN garnet links bracelet
BOHEMIAN garnet links bracelet
ETCHED gold child's hinged bangle with engraving
ETCHED gold child's hinged bangle with engraving
STERLING Deco O's bracelet with green links
STERLING Deco O's bracelet with green links
BRACELET of round aurora borealis rhinestones
BRACELET of round aurora borealis rhinestones
DECO pot metal & rhinestone buckle bangle, 1930
DECO pot metal & rhinestone buckle bangle, 1930
CHINA or Asian specimen stones bracelet
CHINA or Asian specimen stones bracelet
BLACK bracelet with colored centers, mark LBMDJ
BLACK bracelet with colored centers, mark LBMDJ
BRACELET silver tone filigree bracelet set with sea shells
BRACELET silver tone filigree bracelet set with sea shells
PURPLE lavender striped glass cabochons bracelet
PURPLE lavender striped glass cabochons bracelet
RED rhinestone with pink hinged bangle
RED rhinestone with pink hinged bangle
JULIANA D&E pale yellow marquis bracelet & earrings
JULIANA D&E pale yellow marquis bracelet & earrings
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